Institute of International Economic Relations. Institute of International Economic Relations, Moscow

Each student who graduates from the schoolinstitution, there are dreams. For example, some plan to achieve something more in their lives and enter a prestigious profession that can be competed in the Russian or international labor market. To fulfill such a dream, it is important to determine the educational institution. When choosing students face a variety of options. One of them is the Institute of International Economic Relations.

What is this educational institution?

The Institute is a non-profit autonomousorganization of higher education. There was an educational institution in 1995 in Moscow. It was created with one main goal - to provide high-quality training for higher education programs, to give people the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree and a specialty for further work in the field of foreign economic activity.

Since the foundation of the university a little more than 2decades. During this period, the Institute of International Economic Relations in Moscow has proved its effectiveness. From its walls came more than 2 thousand graduates who have a profound knowledge in their chosen field and who know foreign languages. After graduation, people find a suitable job. Many of the graduates decide to continue their studies at the magistracy. Unfortunately, it is not in the university. However, the institute offers to study in educational institutions that are partners:

  • in the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade;
  • The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation;
  • Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Institute of International Economic Relations

Directions of training and cost of study

The Institute for International Economic Relations offers two opportunities for entrants to study at the first stage of higher education:

  • "Management".
  • "Economy".

Areas focused on trainingspecialists of the international level, therefore profiles are offered appropriate. When choosing an economic direction, students will have to study on the "World Economy", and when choosing "Management" - on "International Management". To enter the budget in the IMEC is impossible, because the university is non-governmental and does not have free places. On the day-time department the year of study costs 180 thousand rubles, on the part-time basis - 70 thousand rubles, on correspondence - 42 thousand rubles.

Institute of International Economic Relations

Entrance tests

On the proposed training directionsestablished for 3 exams. Those entering the Institute for "Management" need to pass mathematics, Russian and a foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish), and on "Economics" - mathematics, Russian language and social studies. Exams are held either in the form of USE, or in the form of introductory tests. The form of delivery is determined by the rules of admission.

The results of the USE should be provided by persons who havesecondary general education. Entrance examinations (the form of which is testing) in the walls of the institution are applicants with secondary vocational education, as well as those who are disabled, foreign citizens or have limited health opportunities.

The minimum passing grade in the IMEC

The documents can be submitted only to those persons,who overcame the minimum threshold of exam results. It is determined in points. For mathematics, in both directions of preparation, the minimum score is set at 27, for the Russian language - 36. To enter the "Management" a foreign language is required to pass at least 22 points, but to enter the "Economics" you must pass social studies at least 42 points.

It is not difficult to pass exams for such results.The minimum value corresponds to the "troika". If the level of knowledge is very low, then it is recommended to devote time to preparation. The Institute of International Economic Relations does not hold special courses. For preparation you can choose any other educational institution or find a tutor in the necessary subjects.

passing mark

Studying at the university

Studying of students in this institute practicallydoes not differ from the study of students in other higher educational institutions. Classes begin at 9: 30-10: 00. Students listen and outline lectures, participate in discussions, write test papers, etc. The school day ends at 16: 00-17: 00.

To consolidate the theoretical knowledge obtainedin high school, students undergo practical training: educational, industrial and pre-diploma. On all questions the students apply to the dean's office. The staff of the Institute offers students certain places to practice. Among them are the following:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia;
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;
  • banks Tatfondbank and Otkrytie;
  • International Internet newspaper "".

Other places forpractice, because the Institute of International Economic Relations is always in search of partners who can provide assistance (to provide places for practical training) in the training of highly qualified specialists.

imes budget

Extra-curricular time for students

The institute not only provides a qualityeducation, but also provides an opportunity to interesting and fun to spend time free from school. In the educational institution there is a club of travelers. His team is students who want to learn more about their native country. The students organize excursions for themselves. They visited several Russian cities, got acquainted with interesting historical and natural sights.

Interesting events are held for studentswithin the walls of the university. For example, in 2016, studies began with an initiation into students. In the solemn atmosphere of September 1, students were given student cards, test books. Senior students showed jokes to first-year students. Entertaining events were invented and for the New Year. Not only senior students but also freshmen participated in this celebration. The New Year's event was decorated with the delivery of gifts and souvenirs.

Institute of International Economic Relations

Thus, at the Institute of International Studieseconomic relations (IMEC), you can get a high-quality education, prove yourself in prestigious organizations, where the university offers to pass the practice, develop their creative abilities, find employment by interests. At this non-state educational institution should pay attention to applicants.

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