"Conscience" - an essay on a complex topic

We all wrote essays. Someone managed to do this easily, but someone started the task with difficulty. But why is it for some to write it - a simple task, and for others - hard work?


A few rules

To write an interesting essay, you must follow the following rules:

  • The text should consist of three parts: introductory, basic and final.
  • When writing a composition, it is important to stay within the topic and not to leave it. For example, if you write a text on "Conscience", the essay should include thoughts and reasoning in this direction.
  • Observe the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Observing several of these rules and having the skill of presenting your thoughts on paper, you will be able to write a correct and interesting work. And now let's proceed to a detailed analysis of the work.

How to start an essay?

You can begin the work "Debt and conscience" in different ways. But before proceeding with the presentation of thoughts, it is necessary to make sketches on the draft.

the writing of duty and conscience

If the student first encounters writingessays, then in his work he will be helped to draw up a plan, or cluster. It is quite easy to do this. For example, we will take the direction "Conscience". The writing on this topic can be in the style of reasoning, the presentation of the student's thoughts. But for this to the central theme written in the center, we will tie subtopics.

What associations do you call the concept of "conscience"? Maybe it is associated with such words as "dignity", "honor", "self-criticism", "respect"? Write these words on top of the main topic.

Now we should write negative associations. Egoism, meanness, cowardice, lies - a small list of words that can be written from below the main topic. All these words are the skeleton of the future work. Try to connect them with each other and start with the question "What is conscience?". Composition-reasoning can also begin with a writer's statement or quote from a book that is appropriate in meaning.

Main part

what is the conscience of writing reasoning

It is in this part that the above concepts should be linked together. There are several options for this:

  • A student can answer the question in the essay thatis the conscience (the essay should contain the pupil's own thoughts) why is it necessary for a person, and is it possible to live without it? For example: "Conscience is the totality of a person's moral standards and the ability to reasonably evaluate one's actions. Without it, a person can not live a decent life."
  • In the discussion, one can consider how theconcept of conscience with time. "Few centuries ago, dueling and fights could be fought for honor and conscience." In the last century, conscience was considered the highest value, and in our days it has lost much of its importance. "
  • You can take a personal example from life related to this topic, tell it in the main part.
  • Using in the introduction a quotation, the student will set forth his reasoning and understanding of this statement.

There are a lot of options for presenting the main part, but for those who are just learning to write an essay, it is better to use the proposed options.


The conclusion summarizes everything written.

  1. The last sentence in the essay should becompleted in meaning, so as not to leave a sense of incompleteness. For example: "In spite of the fact that for many people the conscience has lost its significance, most people still live by their conscience, and they can rightfully be considered really worthy personalities."
  2. The conclusion should be approximately equal in size with the entry.
  3. If you asked questions in the introduction and the central part, you should give answers to them at the end of the reasoning.
  4. Also, you may not give an exact answer, butIt is necessary to express your opinion on the given topic "Conscience". The writing should contain a personal opinion, even if it differs from the majority opinion. "I believe that the question of conscience and honor is strictly individual, and everyone must decide whether to listen to his conscience or not."
  5. You can complete the work with a quote, but do not overdo it - if you already used statements in the introduction and the main part, then you can not bring them to conclusion.

And most importantly - make all the sketches ondraft and bring them to perfection, then you can precisely answer the question what is conscience. Composition-reasoning can be copied into a clean copy.

conscience and honor

Do not forget that "Conscience and Honor" is an essayon a topic that is not limited to any precise terms and does not require special knowledge. Properly outlining your thoughts, you will write an interesting and cognitive reasoning.

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