Argotisms are an interesting layer of vocabulary. Features and purpose

Among the layers of the vocabulary of the great Russian languagea special place is occupied by argotisms. This, in other words, the words used in the speech of professionals, representatives of a certain profession, which are often incomprehensible to other speakers of the language. Let's consider, in what a feature of this lexical phenomenon.


Argotism is a certain group of words thatis used only by a limited number of people, who have emotional coloring and expression. It is these signs that this vocabulary differs from neutral professionalism in its essence. In this case, this layer refers to those concepts and phenomena that have a neutral name in Russian. Thus, argotisms are synonyms of common words inherent in the speech of a narrowly restricted category of people.

argotism is

Specific features

Learn this lexical layer will help the following features:

  • The presence of the common word-synonym.
  • The presence of vivid emotionality and expression.
  • Use in the speech of a narrow circle of persons united by professional activity.

Many words from this lexical layer are alreadywent into the category of common, inherent in colloquial speech. So, "steering wheel" in the meaning of "steering wheel" left the professional speech of drivers and is used everywhere. Other words to the native speakers may not be entirely understandable, although they sound the same as the language of the nationwide vocabulary. Here are examples of professionalism-argotisms:

  • A fake is called a linden.
  • The drummer is the male partridge during the takings. The word is used in the speech of hunters.
  • A dog or a fish - so professional journalists call the text of a future article.
  • In the speech of the pilots you can hear the expression "give a goat", which has a bright negative color. So they say, if the landing process was unsuccessful.

These words refer to the commonly used words, but in the speech of representatives of a certain profession they acquire a completely different meaning.

professionalism of argotism

Role and meaning

Argotisms - this is a special layer of vocabulary, carrying inimagine a certain meaning. First of all, their role is to facilitate understanding among people belonging to the same field of activity. So, one banker will understand another, replacing the word "car loan" in the speech with a shortened version of "autocred". This allows you to emphasize your involvement in the profession and the knowledge of its subtleties.


At the rigs the word "booty" with an emphasis on the second syllable will cause a grin, but if you say, singing out the letter "o", you can earn respect as a professional.

So, argotisms are an interesting linguistic phenomenon aimed at rallying professional groups.

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