How to write an essay on "My City": tips and tricks

The composition on the topic "My City" can be writtenany student. This work is simple in nature. Before the student is the task to talk about his city. Only thoughts need to be stated in a certain form and on paper. However, looking at a few examples, you will understand everything.


This is the first part of any work.The composition on the theme "My City" is not an exception. The introduction should be small in size, but after reading it everyone must understand what will be discussed later. You can write something like this: "Each of us has his own hometown, this is the place where man was born and spent his childhood, and let many people then go to other cities to seek their place under the sun, but here they are always they will be happy to come back, because here their house, memories and, of course, painfully familiar streets. "For me, this is my native city N".

composition on the theme of my city

Such an introduction makes it clear that further in the textthe author will tell you where he was born, and also share his feelings and emotions with the reader. This will be enough, since the main theme will be revealed in the main part.


The composition on the topic "My city" can be written inany key. This direction for the essay gives the author complete freedom of creativity. As an option - the composition "Autumn in my city." It may look like this: "I love my city, it's always beautiful, but in a very special way this place looks like in the autumn." We have many parks, comfortably located between the whole alleys of trees. "In October and November there is a real fairy tale. Golden, crimson, brown, brown and scarlet leaves begin to fall, falling asleep all around, they are very pleasantly rustling under your feet.Sitting on the bench, you can see how through the trees still not fallen from the trees the autumn sun shines through.I come here often in October Observing the such landscapes, I understand why the poets sang autumn. "

 essay is my favorite city

In the same spirit, you can describe winter, spring or summer. It already remains to the author's discretion. The main thing is that the topic was eventually solved.


Many schoolchildren have a question:but how to finish the composition on the theme "My City"? Well, some people have difficulties with the beginning of the essay, while others worry about the end. In fact, everything is simple. It is necessary only to sum up all the above. The main thing is to do it so that the reader does not have a feeling of incompleteness of the text.

The paragraph written in this spirit will be excellentthe end of the essay: "Almost every person loves and appreciates his hometown, although many people do not understand this in their youth, but then they return to their native land, they become aware of it, the soul becomes warm, the pictures of the past, childhood, youth When you see a certain place, you involuntarily recall what was connected with it, and I am almost sure that if I have to leave, I will experience the same thing when I return here to my native and beloved city. "

composition autumn in my city

So it is possible to complete the essay. The composition on the topic "My City" many end in different ways, and this is one of the good options.


Finally, it is worth giving a couple of tips onwriting an essay. The composition "My favorite city" will be easier to compose, if you pre-sketch a short plan with the keywords. For each conceived paragraph - on the line. Looking at this plan, you can remember what else I wanted to say in the composition. And any important thought will not be missed.

Do not forget to useartistic means of expressiveness. Of course, overdoing with them, too, is not necessary. Otherwise, the text will turn out to be overloaded, and this is very difficult to read. But there should not be a "dry" essay either. In general, if you remember these basic rules, then you will be able to cope with work much faster.

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