The meaning of the tattoo "Skull": a historical reference and our days

Images of skulls like not everyone likesHow these characters look too ominous and scary. Most owners of tattoos with such drawings are either gloomy people connected in some way with mysticism, or representatives of subcultures - goths, punks, bikers. And yet the question: "What is the significance of the" Skull "tattoo?" - is becoming more relevant, as such tattoos are encountered more often.

Culture of different countries

Meaning of a Skull Tattoos
For most people, the first associations withthe image of the skull is danger, aggression, destruction and death. Let's recollect at least pirate vessels, which went out to sail under the flags with the image of crossed bones. And yet, not for all cultures, this sign is so unpleasant, some people consider it the emblem of magical powers. Accordingly, the value of the "Skull" tattoo in this case is exceptionally positive. Alternative interpretation is change, volatility. Many people believe that the skull should be filled with a person in anticipation of some events that can turn his life around. Help such a tattoo and consolidate the changes - to fix the success or protect from trouble in the future. But in Latin America, the skulls do not like, the local culture interprets this picture unequivocally: "Do not forget, death will come for you."

The meaning of the tattoo "Skull" is a version of religion

In Christianity, skulls are often depictedhermits, and sometimes also apostles, saints. This sign is used to emphasize thinking about death and its inevitability. Take a closer look - many icons show skulls and bones located at the foot of the crucifixion. An interesting fact is that Catholic traditions do not pay much attention to death and its graphic images. The meaning of the tattoo of the skull in Orthodoxy is treated quite differently. Do not forget that this religion involves a serious and gradual preparation for death, with the observance of many rituals and special rules. Use the skull and in some occult sciences, like a magical artifact, a protective object. It is believed that a properly prepared subject can be used to contact the world of the deceased. An interesting fact is that skulls were also used in the symbolism of the Third Reich. It was believed that this sign will protect the soldiers, as well as give them courage in battle.

Modern interpretation

Skull Tattoos with Roses
The easiest way to find out what it meanstattoo - ask about it directly to its owner. Do not forget that the art of tattooing involves self-expression and individuality. Accordingly, all the interpretations of specific drawings can be considered subjective. Even the skull tattoo on the arm today can be seen not only in brutal men, but also in quite nice young girls. It is unlikely that such individuals will do a tattoo, wanting to become brave and aggressive. Folks definitely should not be afraid of images of skulls and prejudiced against those who chose this drawing for themselves.

What does "Skull with roses" tattoo mean?

Skull Tattoos on the Hand
Often skulls or skeletonswrapped in curly roses. Such a symbol can speak of some serious loss. Often it is a sign of the death of someone close to them or parting forever with someone dear. Often such drawings are supplemented by names or initials. The skull with the rose in the teeth can have a completely different meaning. Most often this image of young, prone to adventures and an easy way of life. If such a skull is supplemented with wings, a halo or other decorative elements, one does not need to interpret them separately. Most likely, we are talking about exclusively artistic images that do not make much sense. Especially noteworthy are prison tattoos depicting the skull and roses. But one can only interpret such drawings by studying in detail the meanings of the culture of the tattoo in prison.

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