The meaning of the word "communicative" and other cliches in the summary

No, probably, more topical definition,than "sociable". We understand the meaning of the word today. Yes, there were no CVs in the USSR, but they are still popular with us. Although, of course, every adult in the country knows that the main thing is acquaintances. But let's get down to business, and in passing we'll talk about language cliches.

Meaning of the word

meaning of the word communicative

Although the word has recently entered our language,its meaning is fixed in the explanatory dictionary. Therefore, there is nothing easier than to open and read the interpretation of the object of research: "One that is easy to deal with, communicate and establish contacts."

We use it for clarity. Imagine that one person has the keys and can open any door. That's it, he will be sociable. The meaning of a word is not so difficult to grasp. Now, when almost every profession involves interaction with people, sociability is necessary. This is what creates certain problems.

Stamps in the summary: "communication skills", "creativity", "stress resistance" and "ability to learn fast"

lexical meaning of the word communicative

If the reader has already wandered around the city in search ofwork, the nouns placed in the title are well known to him. The technological world partly turns people into machines, so the four personality qualities mentioned are "minimal equipment" for every person. At least, so it turns out, if you read the summary taken at random. Perhaps even a watchman at the cemetery, if he is relatively young, not only has an idea of ​​the meaning of the word "communicative", but also perfectly entered it into his personal personal dossier in his time. But this is so, a joke, for the guards do not need a track record.

What is better to write in the resume?It is most effective to communicate the truth. First, it is impossible to get lost in it. Secondly, if the employer is sane, he will assess the honesty of the employee. The winner will be the person who writes in the summary of specific skills, rather than abstract, meaningless nouns. Yes, you understood correctly, the object of research is also prohibited. What's the point of writing something that no one will believe?

True, the truth, and nothing but the truth - thisthere must be a principle. But if you digress from the harsh reality, then this characteristic is good. When a person is sociable, then it is easy and free, and difficult to upgrade introverts are of little interest to anyone. And yes, the reader no longer needs to search in the dictionary for the lexical meaning of the word "communicative", for to him it is already granted a little higher.

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