Statuses with meaning are funny: we are saved from the winter melancholy

Statuses with meaning funny began to appear less oftenin news feeds of users of social networks. There are many explanations for this: the crisis period in the country, the grayness outside the window, colds and so on. Let the next collection of statuses be at least small, but salvation from oppressive states.

Statuses with meaning funny

  • "Rest is a terrible thing, you can not quit it and go to rest."
  • "When all the ways to pass the exam do not help, it only remains to ask the ash."
  • "I'm so tired that I want only one thing: to go with Matrokin to Prostokvashino."
  • "You love animals - love and wake up at 4 am".
  • "There was a time when I played tennis, football, hockey and went fishing, but then my son broke the computer."
  • "There is such a myth as to go to bed early."
  • "When I'm too lazy to explain something, I just say that I do not know."
  • "We must set ourselves unrealistic goals, did not achieve it? Well, all right, they are unrealistic."
  • "The answer is I" opens all the doors. "

statuses with meaning funny

Statuses are fun with the meaning of life

  • "The habit comes from childhood: when the lights are turned off in the apartment, the first thing you need to look out the window and make sure that it's not only you."
  • "When they tell me that it's bad for me to smoke, I say that I too must live." From there, no one ever returned alive. "
  • "If you imagine life in the form of a book, someone will have a novel, someone has a collection of poems, and only I have a comic book."
  • "Break the stereotypes, start a new life from Friday!"
  • "According to statistics, those who live closest to school, come there last."
  • "When you were a kid, you did not understand how the Dragonfly managed to miss the fable all summer, and laughed? Now it's not so funny ..."
  • "Childhood does not end until you fit on a swing."
  • "The most terrible words in life are a question from my mother:" What's new in school? "

Statuses with a sense of fun can be sent to an expensive person, so that he felt involved and at least a little uplifted in spirit.

cheerful status with meaning

Funny statuses about love

Funny statuses with the meaning of love can raise the mood of those who in this regard now is not the most pleasant period. And maybe, and breathe new emotions into the relationship with the help of ridiculous statements.

  • "How to prove a man who says about his love, that in fact he does not love you?"
  • "It's better to be jealous." "Not jealous - it means not knowing everything."
  • "Why waste time arguing with your loved one if you can immediately cry?"
  • "Love tightens like seeds."
  • "Fairy tales usually begin not with the words" in a certain kingdom ", but with" we are only friends! ".
  • "Layfhak for guys: when a girl asks if he notices changes in her appearance, you need to answer:" Honey, you are so thin! "
  • "I wanted to see a sad film and cry, remembering you, but my mother brought a chocolate bar." Sorry, today is not up to you. "
  • "There is a special quest for men - to guess the answer to the question what he wants for dinner."
  • "First, a man threatens to leave, and then he does not understand: to potatoes before or after cooking and where, in general, socks have disappeared ?!"

status fun with the meaning of life

Statuses with a sense of cheerful sometimes the best cure for seasonal spleen and despondency. They remind us that life loves smiling and optimistic. Laugh with problems to spite!

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