Johnson Duane: "Tattoos on my body have a sacred meaning"

Johnson Dwayne is known to the whole world asa talented actor and professional athlete. Already today, many film critics compare him with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. Two-meter Johnson is often called Scala, but, according to colleagues and friends, in his life he is a man quite peaceful, intelligent and his nickname is not very fond of. Even more colorful appearance of this actor make tattoos that draw attention to the relief body. Johnson Duane himself likes tattoos and talks about them with pleasure.

Tattooing is not only a decoration

Johnson Dwayne Tattoo
Big drawing on the hand, chest and back of Duaneis made in the traditional Polynesian style. Such images on the body are applied not for decorative purposes, but as a guard. A knowledgeable person is able to learn a lot about this past part of the carrier's life and understand what he dreams about and what he seeks in the future. What is noteworthy, the application of such tattoos is a separate ritual. Johnson Duane tattoo shows and mysteriously reports that it took 3 sessions of about 20 hours each to apply it. The actor does not mention the name of the master, but confirms that the drawing really has a deep meaning and meaning.

Decipher the Polynesian ornament

Dwayne Johnson Tattoo Sketch
Sacral native images aregraphic representation of fate and plans for the future of man. A vivid example of this is Duane Johnson's tattoo. The sketch is usually developed together with the master during unhurried conversations. Tell the client about himself and continues during the ritual of drawing a tattoo. Each symbol, pattern and even the smallest dash narrate about a certain event or thought of a person. Dwayne can see the sacred stones that give the owner self-confidence and strengthen self-esteem. Near the tortoise shell is like a shield from evil spirits. There are in this complex ornament and the eyes of the ancestors, showing attachment to the roots, and one big eye, allowing to defeat the enemies. Johnson Duane Tattoo chose in the historical Polynesian tradition. It depicted on it and his family, and times of life, as well as all sorts of protective symbols and lucky signs.

The second tattoo of Johnson Dwayne

Dwayne Johnson Tattoo Sketch
On the second hand of the actor, as if in oppositionPolynesian ornament, is depicted in a small size head of a bull. A small drawing, made with black paint, also has a special meaning. This is the image of the sign under which Duane was born. Zodiac tattoos strengthen the connection of man with the cosmos and allow the possessor to reveal the inner potential. Johnson Dwayne tattoo loves and takes pride in the images already present on his body. To the provocative question of journalists: "Do you plan to decorate your body further?" - the actor usually does not say anything concrete. And this is another reason to closely follow Johnson Dwayne's career and try not to miss new films with his participation.

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