"Infinity" sign: tattoo and its meaning

A tattoo with the sign of infinity is considered one of themost significant. After all, on the one hand, it's just a mathematical number, and on the other, a magic symbol. It shows that there is no beginning to anything and there will never be an end. Everything in this world grows and expands, which means it can not simply stop. So let's take it all in order. The origin of the symbol is known to very few people. After all, he appeared long before mathematics was born. Even ancient Tibetan drawings show us the sign of infinity in the form of a viper biting its tail. About him is a legend, according to which the god of the serpent tried to eat himself, but invariably grew, and so it went on forever. Thus, he seemed to give life to the beginning and at the same time he tried to destroy it. Therefore, this symbol designates the beginning and the end, the change of cycles that will always take place in the world.

infinity tattoo

Tattoo with the sign of infinity: symbolism

For lovers who decided to make themselves a tattoo"Infinity", it means eternal love and devotion to each other. At the same time, it seems to show their desire to be together forever. In addition, the tattoo "Infinity sign", a photo of which can be seen on the pages of fashion magazines, is considered a symbol of the desire to live without borders, free of everything and everything. After all, this symbol was originally interpreted as something unlimited, which can not be stopped.

tattoo infinity sign photo
Often you can meet a guy or a girl, onwhose wrist infinity (tattoo) is small and inconspicuous. This can be a reminder of the past or a sign of loneliness, or maybe it symbolizes that it's time to think about the future. After all, nothing in this world is eternal. But for each it means its own, only to it an understandable action.

"Infinity" - tattoo and magic

It would seem that the special in this smallsign. Well, think about it, the eight lying on its side. But it's not so simple. All religions claim that God has always been and will be forever. And to understand his actions is impossible. Thus, the symbol of infinity symbolizes the desire to understand or at least come to understand the world. People who depict infinity (tatu) on their bodies, strive for perfection in everything. And at the same time they show that it is impossible to understand everything. After all, we are always striving for something new. Thus, "infinity" is a tattoo, which it is difficult to call ordinary. After all, it has also a religious and philosophical background. And where there is a place for faith, there is always a place for magic.

infinity tattoo

It is believed that lovers who have made the samethe tattoo of the sign of infinity, will never part. And if there is even such a life that they will not be able to meet more, then none of them will ever find a couple and will always look for their beloved or loved one. Maybe it's just a beautiful legend, but I want to believe in it so much. Or another story, according to which the guy was very fond of his girlfriend, and she was mortally sick. When the girl was gone, he made an incision in his hand in the form of a figure-eight so that no one except him knew about the little secret. And every time he felt sad, he looked at this little icon and remembered it - funny and beautiful, which, even when dying, could smile. He was forever alone, and at the same time his beloved always was with him.

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