What does wrist tattoo mean "infinity"?

Each tattoo has its own meaning, andit can not be neglected. You can often see a variety of drawings on the body of a passing person, but what they mean, not everyone knows. And why is it for those who are not fond of tattoos? In fact, sometimes it is useful to know this information, since it can tell a lot about a person. One of the most common is a tattoo on the wrist "infinity". The symbol in itself means eternity, uncountability and has a rather profound meaning. People who make themselves such a tattoo, try to express their desire to be perfect and strive for everything ideal. We all know the sign of infinity from the lessons of mathematics in school. But scientists give him a magical, even mysterious meaning. The symbol was used in rock engravings, it was painted in the form of snakes, which bite themselves by the tail. According to the legend, the reptilian always tried to eat himself, but as a result, it just grew, and nothing happened to him. This process lasted forever.

tattoo on the wrist infinity

Nowadays, the wrist tattoo is "infinity"symbolizes growth, constant movement and development of personality. In addition, this is a clearly expressed desire of a person to live freely, without any restrictions and prohibitions. The symbol itself hints at the absence of any boundaries. In philosophy, this sign was interpreted as immeasurability or inability to understand, to know space and time.

Most often the tattoo on the wrist is "infinity"make yourself a girl. It means eternal love or a reminder of the past and an occasion to reflect on the present. It happens that female representatives use a tattoo as a wedding. Typically, the picture is done in black, but if desired, you can order a beautiful blue tint. Wrist tattoo "infinity" can be combined with flowers, leaves, stars, numbers, patterns or names of close people. The two most popular places of accommodation are the neck and the inner part of the wrist.

tattoo infinity on the wrist

Aristotle considered the sign of infinity assomething eternal, proving by its existence that for every number there is always more. In other words, for any innovation there is always an even more perfect creation. Tattoo infinity on the wrist is considered one of the most simple and original. If we consider the drawing from the ancient philosophy, namely, Ancient Greece, it meant something unfinished, unformed and close to chaos. Therefore, many were negative about this sign. For example, Democritus believed that the symbol means an infinite number of worlds in the universe, an unlimited number of atoms that are in a closed space.

tattoo infinity value

Do you want to make the tattoo infinity? Its meaning should be clearly understood. If you do not take into account Ancient Greece, the sign still has a positive meaning and symbolizes the qualities that each person needs to have. It is genius in its structure and has a profound meaning. The tattoo is tidy, small and does not attract much attention from the public. But at the same time it is very elegant, capable of telling many stories about the rich inner world.

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