What does a bear tattoo mean?

Tattoos have long ceased to be primordially masculineadornment of the body, an increasing number of girls in this way emphasizes their individuality. Each of the drawings has a certain value, so you need to thoroughly study it before applying the image to the body. Particularly popular is the bear tattoo. What does it mean? Let's find out.

bear tattoo
Representatives of ancient cultures respected thisanimal for strength. His image was personified with soldiers, their courage. Sometimes there is an opinion that the bear's tattoo is of magical significance, indicating a connection with the other world. Perhaps the roots of such an association are in the times of paganism, when the population of the northern territories considered the animal a mighty and powerful deity.

A few decades ago, bear tattoos wereaccessible only to elected and recognized criminal authorities. Such a figure meant the status and power of his master, speaking about it without words. He had the right to wear only professional "bear cubs", that is experts in hacking safes. If such a tattoo was made by a person who did not have the slightest relation to this, he could be severely punished, even to death.

polar bear tattoo
In our time, such drawings are foundquite often they do not connect anything with crime. Bear tattoo represents justice, denotes a gentle and kind animal, which instantly can become an evil and treacherous predator. Another image implies power, the beginning of a new life, courage and confidence. If a girl makes herself a tattoo with a picture of a female bear, then this is considered a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Usually the drawings on the body have the propertytell about his master more than any words can do. Select them must be extremely cautious, given all the subtleties and nuances. How can you characterize a person who has a polar bear on his body? Tatu speaks of a strong-willed, fearless and taciturn personality striving to find strong family ties. Therefore, if you are not ready for such a life, it is worth choosing one more tattoo.

When selecting a picture, you should also take into accountcertain aspects. For example, you can put an image of the whole animal or just his head - then the choice is entirely yours. There are many suitable places for such tattoos: a bear on the shoulder, leg, back or chest will look spectacular. There are many options, so you need to think carefully. Listen to the advice of the master in the salon - he will tell you the most successful place where the skin will not stretch and deform the pattern.

bear tattoo on shoulder
Do not immediately brag about tattooing beforeall familiar, it is better to wait a certain period, until everything heals. Believe me: on the non-inflamed and calmed skin the image will look much more beautiful. To ensure that the pattern does not fade with time and does not begin to wear off, it is better to choose a portion of the body that can always be covered with clothing to prevent prolonged exposure to sunlight, since they have the property of destroying the paint.

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