Tattoo - a pattern with hidden magic

Perhaps you already heard the word "tribal" somewhere. Literally it means "tribal" or "tribal". And by and large this is a special style of tattoo - a pattern. Uniform, executed in black ink drawings. They adorn the body of both men and women.

tattoo pattern

Polynesian Footprint

In this style of very much from the traditionalnative painting of the indigenous Polynesians. In their culture, the sacral component of the tattoo is still strong. The pattern is a kind of magic, a connection with the ancestors. The lines of the ornament are the life path traced and imprinted on the body.

Coming to the tattoo parlor with the desire tobody Polynesian ornament, read the hidden meaning of the main lines. You, of course, can not believe in mana, in magic, in connection with the genus, but you will be calmer with the knowledge of what exactly is applied to your skin.


Celtic ornaments can also be attributed totribal tattoo. The pattern, intertwined in complex spirals, loops, knots and crosses, is traditionally at the peak of popularity among fans of natural painting. Along with geometric lines, vegetable patterns are often found here: twigs, leaves, flowers. Behind these cleverly intertwined lines is hidden a deep meaning. Here are the symbols of eternity, the alternation of the cycles of life and death, and the striving for spiritual perfection.

tattoo designs on the shoulder
There are several main motives,leafing through Celtic sketches of a tattoo. Patterns can be folded into labyrinths, knots, braids. Remind crosses, hearts or sun. Implementation of complex drawings can only be done by highly skilled craftsmen. Therefore, in detail, talk to the interior artist of the ornament, ask him to show his photographs of the finished works.

Picking up a tattoo

The pattern is often taken by the master for eachspecific client, taking into account its anatomical features. Ornament can even correct the figure. For example, visually emphasize the biceps or hide any flaws (scars, traces of old unsuccessful drawings). But there are especially popular places for tattoos. Patterns on the shoulder customers order most often. Although no less beautiful look geometric drawings on the legs, or forearms. Sometimes elbows, brushes or feet are decorated.

Traditionally, Tribal is performed in black. Occasionally there are works made in the style of the transition of shades - from black to gray. One thing remains unchanged - the image should be clear, with a tight padding. A separate group are the patterns in the biotate technique. This is a thin ligature on the hands or on the feet, applied by henna.

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