Clothes "Monster High" for girls: good or evil?

Any girl dreams of becoming like her favorite doll. If Barbie was formerly the favorite of all princesses, as well as our Russian Masha and Dasha, now everything

clothes Monster High for Girls
great popularity is gaining a series of toys"Monster High". Yes, to the horror of many parents, these unusual, to put it mildly, dolls cause a storm of emotions, both in teenagers and in younger schoolchildren. Of course, the best gift for such fans will be clothing "Monster High" for girls. In order to please the children, parents buy up not only these dolls, but also all kinds of accessories, wigs, backpacks, pencil cases, and everything that there are photos of these strange heroes of our time.

Where did they come from?

For many, and to this day remains a mystery,why the preferences of children and adolescents changed so much. Indeed, more recently, the girls wove pigtails to princesses in long dresses, rolled in strollers of dolls and were afraid of werewolves and vampires. But, apparently, the world has changed a lot. It is werewolves and vampires who become romantic heroes, according to which the girls dry, and the dolls look like zombies, painted in a gray-blue color, have fangs and wolf ears. The prototype of the dolls are the heroes of horror films. Maybe that's why the clothes "Monster High" for girls are not sold in all stores? Maybe there is still hope for the best?

Clothing for courageous girls

Despite the fact that the toys of this series are designed for children over 12 years of age, clothing

baby clothes monster hai
"Monster High" for girls is sold from 116 sizes. And this means that manufacturers of such strange suits count on the fact that their customers are four-year-olds.

A set of clothes "Monster High" will cost the parents ina round sum, but, undoubtedly, will be an excellent gift for the fans of this cartoon. Trying on such an outfit, your daughter will easily find a resemblance to your favorite heroine, but is it worth imitating monsters and zombies? This is the choice of parents and their children, but if there is such a product on the shelves of children's stores, then there is a demand for it.

Abundance of goods and freedom of choice

Children's clothing "Monster High" is only part of thewell-promoted brand. Each hero has a thoughtful history, a pet (not distinguished by beauty), a diary. All stories are embodied in the animated series.

Clothing "Monster High" for girls can becomean excellent carnival costume, for example, for Halloween. Maybe, for school discos, it will turn out to be quite an acceptable dress. For completeness and reliability of the image, you can choose a wig, which is supplemented with wolf ears, a distinguishing feature of schoolchildren from the school of monsters.

Clothing "Monster High" is not only carnival costumes. These are socks, pajamas,

monster high clothing set
Longslives with applications on the theme of monster girls. Towels with the symbols of your favorite heroes will please a young lover of zombies and werewolves, and backpacks and pencil boxes will make hiking in the school more entertaining, because it is always nice to have accessories with your idols.

This fascination with monsters can not but be terrifying. If you think about it, the change of heroes and heroes towards negative heroes is simply surprising. But schoolchildren continue to buy pens, exercise books, pencil cases and backpacks depicting monsters, teenagers look millions of times over a saga about vampires and try to imitate them, and the older generation can only be horrified by the emerging trend.

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