Ideas for tattoos: signs of the zodiac

Since ancient times, people believed in protective functionsvarious drawings applied to the body. A modern manifestation of this superstition is the tattoo. Signs of the zodiac pierce as a talisman those who believe in the power of astrology. From the very birth of a person patronized by some constellation. It affects the character, ability and destiny in general. Maybe that's why they are given so much attention.

tattoo signs of the zodiac
For several thousand years humanitydoes tattoos. Zodiac signs are endowed with magical properties, magnetism and true romance. It is not surprising that sketches of such drawings are very common. Virtually every culture has its own version of the horoscope and images of its representatives.

So, for example, in Ancient Egypt patronspeople were gods: Hapi, Nut, Geb, Amon-Ra, Isis, Toth, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Anubis, Sekhmet and Bastet. Within one year they succeeded each other several times. The Egyptians believed that each of them empowers a person with features of his own character and reveals the secrets of managing the processes of the universe. If you like the culture of this country, you can fill on your body the image of one of the supreme deities who patronized your birth-period.

At the heart of the Gallic or Celtic horoscopelies the belief that people were created from trees. Therefore, they were considered spirits, patrons. Druids distinguished 22 signs: linden, hazel, mountain ash, fig, willow, pine, apple, walnut, cypress, fir, maple, oak, chestnut, elm, birch and others. The period of influence of each of them is determined by the peak activity of the plant - flowering and fruit bearing - and the time of winter sleep. If you were born in early May or November, then you can perfectly decorate your body with jasmine. And those born on September 23 - a branch of olives.

tattoo signs of the zodiac
Images of tattoos (signs of the zodiac in particular)can be supplemented with a flower or animal corresponding to your constellation. Or include in the sketch element of the element that protects you. Ask to perform the mane of the Lion in the form of a flame, as it is a fire sign. Pisces can, for example, be placed in an aquarium, because they belong to the water element.

The symbolism will be helped by the corresponding colorfuture tattoo. Signs of the zodiac Gemini and Aries, for example, correlate with orange and blue flowers. And Libra - with blue, green, purple tones. Choose the hue you like and make it dominant in the image.

tattoo signs of the zodiac twins
Of great importance is where willto place a tattoo. Signs of the zodiac often pierce on the scapula, shoulder or neck. Approach the location of the application very seriously. It is worth noting that on some parts of the body, the skin has a greater tendency to age-related changes. Therefore, the drawing may deform with time. Consult with the master before you stuff anything.

If you do not want a trivial tattoo, the signs of the zodiaccan be replaced with an inscription. And that its meaning was clear only to you, choose some exotic or ancient language: Latin, Tibetan, Sanskrit. A greater effect will help to achieve the use of a beautiful font. In general, you should approach the choice of drawing consciously, so that it will please you throughout your life.

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