"New Cheek" tattoo, or How to make life brighter?

Tattoo is a symbol or drawing on the bodyrights. Each of them has its own meaning, but there are cases when it is clear only to the owner. Tattoo on the skin as an art form was known to mankind since ancient times. In those or other times, different images were popular. Today at the height of fashion is a tattoo in the style of "new skulls". About what the drawings mean, how they appeared and who are their biggest fans, we'll try to tell in our article.

new skull tattoo

How did the direction of the "new school" come about?

Tattoos in this style appeared in the mid 80'syears of the last century. At that time there was active propaganda of the rave movement, and it was necessary to create a style in a tattoo that would clearly support this style. As a result, a bright and bright direction appeared, which not only became one of the characteristics of its epoch, but also did not lose its positions in our time. Ed Hardy became the discoverer and the founder of the direction of "new skulls" (tattoos). At first it was only his trademark symbolism, and in 2004 the Ed Hardy trade brand was created.

Indication of the nature of the direction

The style of tattoos New School in translation means"new school". But everyone is accustomed to writing the word "Newskul" incorrectly. This art pretty much resembles a comic or cartoon style. In its basis - very clear and sharp contours, which are evident from afar. A characteristic highlight of the style of "New School" (tattoo) is the fact that most of the ideas in it are built not on the painted areas, but on the voids. In size, empty areas do not take up less space than shaded areas, and their importance is just as important. This detail distinguishes the style from other types of tattoos.

tattoo in the style of new cheekbones

In the drawing of tattoos "new-cheekbones" does not existno significant restrictions on shades. If it's catchy and bright, then everything can be done within this style. "New School" is a complete freedom of creativity without any restrictions. Here, masters can accelerate, as they say, to the fullest.

Style Subspecies

  • The style of "new-cheekbones" during its existence had time to "get hold of" some subspecies. For example, one of them, "wild", implies images of graffiti-like fonts.
  • "Acid" and "ecstasy" are in some ways insane images. This subspecies of "new school" tattoo is an extreme and psychedelic direction.
  • "Cyberpunk" is a futuristic, gloomy direction. Its essence is a game with high technologies in all sorts of ways.
  • "Comics" - when comic book characters are transferred to the skin.
    tattoo style new cheekbones

Of course, there are other variations, compoundsstyles and the most daring experiments. Elements of psychedelia, humor and absurdism can organically combine in the "new school" (tattoo). Thus, this direction can be offered to those people who are not afraid of unusual experiences.

The meaning of some images in the style of "new skulls" (tattoo and their language)

Before drawing a picture on the body, you need tolearn their language. The style of the tattoo "new-cheekbones" is the most diverse and vivid images. Some of them represent an incredible interest, for example, a tattoo in the form of a butterfly is the most common among the fair sex. It is a symbol of an easy, spiritual or beautiful life. This is a commemoration of happiness, freedom and immortality. Butterfly tattoos are always elegant, unique and elegant.

No less interesting drawing on the skin is a dolphin. Such tattoos can inflict on your body those people who are known among friends as positive and kind people. The image of the dolphin is treated as the sea, ocean, waves, swimming and everything that is connected with water. If this animal is chosen by a woman, then you can be sure that before you a creative nature, possessing female curiosity, affectionate and trustful. The dolphin on the body of a man is associated with speed and strength.

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