Body decoration - tattoo on the back

Tattoos, or as they are shortly called - tattoo -this drawing of a very persistent pattern on any part of the body by means of local light trauma of the skin patches with the imprinting of the pigment under it. Refers to the decorations of the human torso.

tattoo on the back
Usually a tattoo, its shape, type and type are determined either by the customer or by the conditions of the society. Each of them has its own characteristics that distinguish it from others. Different methods of application.


The back tattoo is an integral part of thisart. Initially they were made mostly by men. In the Indian tribes, tattooing pointed to the social situation. And only many years later they just began to decorate their body. Today, girls are doing tattoos on their backs. Women, of course, look prettier and more elegant than men's.

women's tattoo on the back
The most popular are tattoos inform of an inscription. They are made not only on the back, but also on the neck, arms, legs and chest. And if earlier various quotations and winged expressions were used as a successful addition to the drawings, now, the inscriptions have become an independent kind of nacolock. However, the tattoo on the back with a graphic image is still not losing its popularity. Nakola in the form of a picture remains the leader among others, represented on the back. Most recently they were made small and not very noticeable, now sometimes they cover the whole back, from them create whole huge compositions.


The most popular among girls aretattoo on the back in the form of wings. Treat them in different ways. If next to them to place the initials of the deceased person, it will mean that he is among the angels and protects the owner of the tattoo. Wings signify purity, wisdom, protection, generosity and love. Some associate them with religion, and in ancient Egypt they were a symbol of sublimity, greatness.

Many people put a certain meaning in the tattoo on the back. Inscriptions are the simplest expression of this. Sometimes do paired tattoos with the name of a loved one or a loved one.

Good options

Nakolov on the back of the vine, you open up the widest possibilities for flying fantasy. It depicts both simple, existing, and unusual, fictitious flowers.

tattoo on the back of the inscription
Often depict hummingbirds - very small,A delicate and fragile bird, each wingspan of which looks very refined. The tattoo on the back in the form of barbed wire is very popular. Often roses are weaved into it, as well as a grapevine or something else that softens the pattern and gives it elegance.

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