How to decolorize hair with hydrogen peroxide? Home beauty salon

Discoloration of hair is their lightening up toto the maximum extent possible. As a rule, this procedure is necessary when there is a desire to repaint itself in a new color, if the strands have already been painted. Most often, discoloration is carried out using hydrogen peroxide. However, this procedure can be done at home. So, how to decolour hair with hydrogen peroxide?

how to decolour hair with hydrogen peroxide

Just like the usual hair coloring,discoloration brings them harm. Therefore, the procedure should be carried out approximately on the third or fourth day from the moment of washing the head. Why so? All is extremely simple: for such an amount of time on the hair and scalp appears a natural protective fatty layer. For the same reason, just before the procedure, they should not be wetted either.

than it is possible to discolor hair

The first stage of how to discolor hairhydrogen peroxide, is, in fact, the preparation of a solution. For this purpose we need dishes. It should in no case be metallic, as a result of the combination of oxygen and metal may cause an undesirable reaction. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide directly depends on the structure of the hair. The desired shade is also important. For porous thin hair, the concentration will be lower (3-6% solution), and for thick and strong - slightly increased (8-12% solution). For conventional use 6-12% mixture.

To obtain a 3% solution, perhydrol is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 9, for 6% - in a ratio of 2: 8, for 9% - 3: 7, for 12% - 4: 6.

From the length and thickness of the head of hair will depend on the right amount of mixture. As a rule, 50-60 grams of solution is sufficient for medium hair.

To enhance the effectiveness of the drug, in 50-60 ml add 5-6 drops of ammonia. To thicken the composition, you can pour a little alkaline shampoo or liquid soap into it.

Cooking solution is best before the procedure itself. Also, experts advise mixing a little more funds than necessary.

So, we have come to the most important: how to decolour hair with hydrogen peroxide? First of all, it is necessary to lubricate the forehead in the area of ​​the roots with petroleum jelly or fat cream. Further, we will definitely need gloves. Apply the solution, starting with the occiput, making prodrugs. If the hair is short, you can use a cotton swab. Apply the product from the roots. But long, unpainted hair stains from the tips. At the end of the procedure to ensure access to oxygen strands should be carefully combed. But wrap the head with a towel and polyethylene should not. First, the process of discoloration should be controlled, and secondly, after warming up, the composition can burn both the hair and the skin.

how quickly to discolor hair

Reflecting on how quickly to discolor hair,It is important to consider that dark curls to lighten up much more difficult. It is best to do this in several receptions with an interval of 6-7 days so that they have time to recover a little. But red hair is almost impossible to make light - "fox" shade remains, no matter what.

In how to decolorize hair with peroxidehydrogen, it is extremely important to monitor the duration of the procedure. In many ways, it will depend on the structure of the strands themselves. Remember that it's always better to hold a little less than you need, than to over-rest the solution and burn your hair. Check whether they are not damaged, you can, combing the strands periodically at the temples. As a rule, the whole procedure takes about 20-30 minutes.

After lightening, the hair should be washed softshampoo or non-alkaline soap, apply a special balm for damaged (colored) hair and / or a nourishing mask, and rinse with water that is acidified with lemon juice or vinegar.

Peroxide is the simplest tool in the list,than it is possible to bleach hair, however after procedure for them it is necessary to look after carefully: to protect from sun rays, to do nutritious masks, from time to time to wash with an egg yolk, curdled milk or sour milk.

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