Masks made of clay for the face: features and types

Masks made of clay for face, body or hair and skinhead - an excellent option for those who want to solve a lot of problems with the skin. In addition, they can be carried out independently at home. Make a clay mixture is very simple, and time for the procedure will take quite a bit. Therefore, even a busy business lady will be able to find a few minutes for her beloved. And the effect of them will be enormous. The skin will become smoother, smoother and, more importantly, healthier, the hair will gain strength and shine, and grow much faster.

Thus, clay is a real storehouse of usefulproperties. But it's important to choose it correctly. After all, in nature there is white, black, blue, green and other clay. And in order to achieve a positive result and solve an exciting problem with the skin, you need to choose the right one. How to do this is described in detail in the material presented below.

Useful properties of clay

One of the most versatile cosmetics- this is clay. It is widely used in the salon procedures, and in the home. And all because masks made of clay for face and body perform such functions perfectly:

  • clean;
  • moisturize;
  • nourish;
  • they saturate the skin with vitamins;
  • restore its water balance;
  • fight acne and allergies;
  • Smooth wrinkles.

In addition, one package of the drug is quite inexpensive. But enough for two or even three procedures for sure. Depending on how large a skin area requires a "miraculous" action.

how to make a mask of clay for the face

How to choose clay

We have already noted earlier that in order to solvea certain problem, it is important to make the right face mask for clay. Therefore, further, we will present general recommendations that will help you make the right choice.

If you are concerned:

  • expanded pores, black dots, uneven complexion - clay of blue or white color is needed;
  • an abundance of freckles or pigment spots - should be a mask of blue clay for the face;
  • the most serious and life-threatening problem for teenagers is acne, acne, acne, which means that white, yellow or blue clay is needed.

You can also navigate by the type of skin of the face. Those with epidermal tendency to fat content are more suitable for masks using white or blue clay, if to dryness - green or red, to irritation, inflammation, redness, is very susceptible to negative environmental factors - red. If the skin is prone to aging, wilting, flabbiness, then you need to use green, red, blue or white.

White clay

If the above advice is not enough, you need to study the properties of each of the existing clays. To only then, knowing all the secrets, to conduct the correct cosmetic procedures at home.

So, the first in our list is white clay. Most of all, it is suitable for the skin of adolescents. Because it is in this age period, the skin is prone to excessive sweating, fat, plenty of pimples and inflammations. And regular holding masks from white clay for the face will help to solve such problems as:

  • expanded pores;
  • irritation;
  • increased fat content of the skin.

In addition, thanks to the use of white clay, it will be possible to correct the oval of the face by strengthening the muscles, whiten the skin, improve and refresh it.

Black clay

Now consider the next grade. It excellently cleanses the skin, draws toxins, removes harmful substances, removes dead cells of the epidermis.

mask of clay for the face in the home

That is why masks made of black clay for the face are very effective in the treatment of allergic inflammations on the skin, including youth acne and acne.

Thanks to the constituent magnesium, calcium,strontium and iron, clay acts as a scrub. It also has an antioxidant property. Suitable for all skin types: oily, dry and even combination.

Green Clay

Another very popular and affordable in anycosmetic shop or a regular pharmacy, clay is characterized by a deep marshy shade. Its beneficial properties are well known to the owner of dry skin, which, due to lack of moisture, is prone to early appearance of wrinkles. Because the face masks based on clay green are capable of:

  • relieve the feeling of tightness;
  • soften the skin;
  • correct the oval face;
  • to get rid of the "second" chin;
  • return her former elasticity, elasticity;
  • smooth out facial wrinkles;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • restore a healthy complexion.
face mask clay oil

Blue clay

This type of clay has very similar properties to that described in the previous paragraph. After all, he also:

  • smooths the skin;
  • tones up;
  • rejuvenates;
  • normalize cellular metabolism;
  • eliminates freckles and age spots;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • regulates the outflow of lymph.

That's why experienced cosmetologists, making different masks from blue clay for the face, sometimes add a little green in them to increase efficiency many times.

However, most prefer this type of clayteenagers. Because it has anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to which it helps to heal small wounds, cracks, acne, and also to smooth out scars on the skin left after acne.

Red clay

Another fairly popular component orthe main component of various cosmetic masks. It is suitable for very sensitive skin, prone to frequent appearances of irritation and redness. According to numerous reviews, facial clay masks have such useful properties as:

  • elimination of itching and flaking;
  • removal of redness;
  • saturation of skin cells with oxygen, vitamins necessary for maintaining beauty with mineral salts;
  • activation of metabolic processes in cells;
  • deep moisturizing;
  • restoration of a clear face oval;
  • disinfecting effect;
  • tonic;
  • smoothing of fine wrinkles.
mask of blue clay for face

Yellow clay

The next grade of clay is recommended for usepeople who suffer from excessive fat and greasiness of the skin. Also suitable for combined type and prone to withering and tarnish. After all, this mask of clay for the skin of the face has a number of useful properties. For example:

  • treatment and subsequent prevention of acne, acne and other inflammations, skin irritations;
  • increased skin tone;
  • cell saturation with oxygen;
  • activation of cellular metabolism;
  • improvement of the contour and complexion;
  • preservation and extension of youth and skin health.

Pink clay

This clay will become a real wandfor a thin, very tender and sensitive to all skin. After all, it is able to gently cleanse the skin, disinfect it, dry pimples and "rejuvenate" the fading skin.

But, besides this, in the process of exposure to the mask, real magic happens:

  • Restored disturbed by the negative impact of the environment and improperly selected cosmetics functions of the tissues and cellular exchange;
  • the epidermis receives a lot of useful microelements, vitamins, minerals, including oxygen;
  • the processes of aging, withering of the skin, early appearance of wrinkles are inhibited;
  • the pigmented spots turn pale and eventually become completely invisible;
  • the skin is cleansed and a protective barrier remains on it, which prevents the penetration of harmful toxins and radicals.

How to make a mask of clay for the face

Some people think that to make a clay mixture formask is not difficult. And in fact, the procedure itself is quite simple. But it has its own nuances. For example, in order to obtain a conventional mixture, it is necessary:

  1. Dilute the appropriate skin type and its problemclay powder cool boiled or filtered water. We should clarify that cool water is important, not hot. Because when exposed to the latter, the clay will lose half its useful properties. And the result from the procedure is almost not there.
  2. Stir thoroughly, rastering all the lumps.So that the composition was a consistency like thick sour cream. Otherwise the mixture will drain. In the end, and the effect will be little, and clay drops slap all the sections of the house where the beautiful lady decides to walk, waiting for the time necessary for the mask to expire. That, in fact, that's all. We have finished the preparation of a conventional mask of clay for the face at home.
face masks based on clay

How to increase the efficiency of a clay mask

Now let's talk about how to make it even more useful and effective. After all, in fact it is very simple. For this it is enough to add a little to the prepared mixture as described above:

  1. Herbal infusion.For example, for the healing of wounds and the treatment of acne and various allergic irritations and redness of the skin, a decoction of nettle is suitable; for rejuvenation - from rose petals or rose hips; to eliminate pigmentation spots, lightening of freckles - from chamomile.
  2. You can also dilute the clay mask with freshly squeezed juice made from various vegetables and fruits. The main thing to remember is that some of them can dye the skin.
  3. Still very much improves the properties of clay products such as sour cream - for dry skin, milk for normal skin and low-calorie kefir - for oily.
  4. In addition to them, you can use regular tea -black or green at will. However, it should also be remembered that black tea can give the skin a light brownish tint, similar to a real tan.
  5. And, finally, salon masters recommendadd to the clay solution various essential oils. For example, ylang-ylang, geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, orange, rose, jasmine, incense and others. With clay and oil, facial masks can delay the aging process of the skin, tighten it, smooth wrinkles (even very noticeable), overcome acne, cure boils, abscesses, eczema and psoriasis.

Technology of the procedure

Now you can go directly to the implementation of the cosmetic procedure:

  1. When the clay mask is ready, you need it right away.apply on face or body. However, do not do this massaging movements, rub the mixture is also strictly prohibited. It is better to prepare in advance a small flat brush, like the one that is usually produced by dyeing hair. Only half already. And, neatly dipping it into the clay composition, applying light smears to the clay solution on the skin.
  2. At the end of the application procedure should lie downand, closing his eyes, rest for ten or fifteen minutes. The main thing is not to allow the mixture to turn into a crust - dried up. This is permissible only in the case of skin prone to fat and excessive perspiration. Because, when dried, clay absorbs excess fat and fat.
  3. When the time has passed, you need to wash the clay.It's as easy as that. It is enough to wash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream. If the skin is oily, you can do without it.
mask of clay for the skin of the face

Follow the procedure should be approximately once in7-8 days. If the skin is oily, you can often, if dry - on the contrary, the time interval between the masks should be increased. In this case it is very important to focus on your own health, because there are no strict contraindications for clay. There is only an insistent recommendation: do not apply facial clay masks to the area around the eyes. Because in these places the skin is very thin and receptive. And clay has a drying property.

Option mask for the lazy

This is before our grandmothers and even mothersIt was necessary to select the right clay independently, and then to mix in the necessary proportion. This happened, because the clay on sale was exceptionally powdered. That is, it could not be bought ready, it required additional manipulation. At us all is much easier. With the development of various technologies and the huge breakthrough that cosmetology and medicine have done, modern girls and women have an excellent opportunity to buy a quality product that is immediately usable.

This "miracle" was opened to us by the company "Loreal".She presented us with a mask for the face "Magic of clay", which, in addition to the properly selected clay powder, also includes coal, kaolin and other components necessary for skin beauty. By the way, a well-known and well-proven company on the market has released a whole line of products. It also has the means to care for the face, body and even hair. Therefore, every lady, whatever problems with her own appearance she does not have, will be able to find what, without unnecessary effort, pain and exorbitant monetary costs will make her truly perfect.

mask of white clay for face

What other cosmetic problems will help solve clay masks?

Maybe someone will seem strange, but the masksfrom clay are effective not only in the struggle for healthy, fresh and young skin of the face and body. In addition, they help in the treatment of damaged, thin, brittle hair, and also greatly affect the acceleration of their growth and the elimination of split ends. It is for this reason that a huge number of modern fashionistas do not spend a lot of money on painful salon procedures. They choose natural and home-made cosmetics. One of which is clay.

Prepare a mask for hair is also quite simple.But since the clay mixture itself is thick enough, it must be diluted. For example, ordinary sunflower oil. From the calculation: four tablespoons of oil for two of the same clay mixture.

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