How beautifully to pull out eyebrows, without running to the help of a cosmetologist

Eyebrows are a very important element of the face. Appearing as a very inconspicuous part of it, the eyebrows form the appearance, giving the person a certain expression and appearance. Wrongly chosen color and shape can negate all efforts to create makeup. And, on the contrary, beautiful neat eyebrows will transform the most simple and discreet face.

how to beautifully pluck your eyebrows

Mandatory condition - the frequency of the procedure for plucking eyebrows. Do this if necessary, every time you have extra hair.

To determine the correct form, one canplucking eyebrows in the beauty salon, and afterwards continue to perform it yourself, adjusting the shape. But this is not an obligatory condition. Knowing the rules of how to beautifully pluck your eyebrows, you can do it without the help of a beautician.

For the procedure of plucking eyebrows will needvery little: tweezers, a mirror in which both your eyes can be reflected simultaneously, and some alcohol lotion. The important thing is the light that illuminates your face. It should be a lot, otherwise there is a possibility of missing some hairs.

Before turning to the question of how beautifulpluck eyebrows, remember the right movements, with which we will produce the necessary actions. Plucking is done with confident sharp gestures exclusively in the direction of hair growth. You need to pull out one hair.

eyebrow plucking
Before you start, you need to treat your hands, eyebrow area and lotion tools to avoid the chance of germs entering the wounds formed at the site of the torn hairs.

In order to minimize the pain in the processpulling out the skin of the eyebrows with the free fingers of the hand. In addition, you can pre-steam it with a hot compress. To remove the sharp pain, the attached ice cube can help. There are also ready-made agents for anesthetizing the process - special creams and lotions.

Now, having learned all the subtleties of preparation, andthe process itself, we will discuss how to beautifully pull out eyebrows, determined with the correct line. For convenience, you can use a pencil, the track from which you can then delete. We will determine the points that will be prompted to us, how to correctly pull out the eyebrows - the photo shows the location of each of them.

how to pull out eyebrows correctly

  1. The first point is the beginning of the eyebrow. To determine its location, you need to lay a straight line from the wing of the nose through the inner corner of the eye. Where the line intersects with the eyebrow, and there will be a start point. All hairs that go beyond it must be removed.
  2. The second point is the end of the eyebrow. To determine it, you need to draw a line from the nose wing through the outer corner of the eye. With hairs that extend beyond it, it is necessary to do the same as in the case of the first point. If the natural eyebrow does not reach the end point, it needs to be finished.
  3. To determine the third point, which will be the highest point of the eyebrow, you need to look directly at the mirror. The line should be laid from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the pupil.

Here is the outline that will tell howbeautifully pluck your eyebrows. It remains to remove everything that is knocked out for the selected limits. It is believed that one should get rid of hairs that grow only below the level of the eyebrow. This is true, but one should not take it as an axiom. If the upper part of your eyebrow needs correction, follow it.

Do not overdo it, you risk plucking superfluous. At the end of the process, comb the eyebrows in the direction of the forehead in order to see long hairs that can break out of the common line at the most inopportune moment. Trim them, and you will see how neat and beautiful your eyebrows will become.

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