How to wash your head without water: recipes at home

Thick beautiful hair is an ornament of any girl,but, unfortunately, not available to everyone. But life does not stand still. The modern beauty industry is developing rapidly, offering new effective care products. With them, almost any problem is solvable.

how to wash your head without water
Shaggy weakened hair, devoid of brilliance and volume, can easily turn into a luxurious shock and make the queen its owner. The main thing is to know the basic secrets and to use them skillfully.

Choose volume

Buying a new product for hair, choose with the label "Volume". This applies not only to shampoos and conditioners, but also mousses, foams, varnishes and other means.

We use a hair dryer with advantage

For short hairstyles it's good to usediffuser. Long hair is harder to pack. To begin with, a foam or spray for the volume is applied to the roots, and a special volumetric brush is used during drying. You can dry your hair upside down - super-volume is provided.

Correct fixation

Varnish for fixation should be very light, do not weight your hairstyle.

cocoa for hair
Not only the roots are processed, but also the inner layers of the hair, otherwise the upper ones will spoil everything with their own weight.

Do not let fall

During the day, hair can fade at the roots,look stale, lose volume. In this case, use a dry shampoo or mousse. If there is a problem with how to wash your head without water, they will help in a few minutes to refresh your hair and eliminate unpleasant moments.

More recently, these funds have been used inmostly stylists before the fashion show. Today, such an arsenal - almost every famous brand. Let's try to determine how to use dry shampoo, to whom and in what cases it is more suitable.

What is a dry shampoo?

This is a set of substances that give freshness andpurity of hair, remove excess fat, secreted by the scalp. With them the question of how to wash their head without water is simply solved. After them, the hair looks clean and well-groomed. In the composition of dry shampoos - ethyl alcohol, starch, clay, organic powder. Alcohol degreases and refreshes, and starch absorbs fat and sebum. However, if the hair is thick and curly, it is better to use mousse, which contains neither alcohol, nor starch. The latter is very difficult to remove from the hairstyle.

Can dry shampoo replace usual?

No. It's just an express wash. Such a remedy can not become an alternative to normal washing, as it does not remove dirt, dust and styling agents. It can be used for a long trip, when access to water is limited, and there is no other way to wash your hair.

my head with beer

But sometimes dry shampoo can become a kind oftherapy if hair is weakened. Daily washing, the use of various shampoos, drying with a hot hair dryer, styling can damage them, make them brittle and dull. In this case, washing should be done no more than 3 times a week, and in between use dry shampoos and their analogs.

Natural Substitutes

Dry shampoo appeared about half a century ago, andbefore our ancestors used flour, starch, cocoa for hair and even beer. For all this time the principle of use has not changed. The powder is rubbed into the roots of the hair, and after 10-15 minutes carefully combed out with a comb. It leaves dust, dirt, dry skin and other troubles. Hair becomes shiny, well-groomed and increases in volume.

To strengthen hair follicles, myhead beer. First, rinse your hair with warm water and rub the warmed drink into the roots. It is better to use dark varieties. Leave for a while, wrapping the head with a film and wrapping a towel, then wash it off. After regular procedures, the head of hear becomes thicker and longer. The beer smell quickly disappears, and the hops remaining on the hair cover the hairs, making them more elastic and dense.

Beer can be used for every wash, mixingit with shampoo. Instead of shampoo, you can use the egg yolk. Pre-beaten egg-beer mixture is applied to the hair, wrapped with a towel for several minutes, then washed off with warm water with the addition of apple cider vinegar. It gives a beautiful gloss and smoothness to the hair.

my head with flour

Strengthen your hair, make it beautiful andshiny help and mask with cocoa for the hair. Beans contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vegetable proteins. After regular use, the hairstyle attracts looks, becomes shiny, smooth and well-groomed. Damaged tips are well treated with a mixture of cocoa and olive oil. Half an hour before washing, the damaged areas are treated, wrapped with polyethylene and a towel, and then washed off with normal shampoo.

Sometimes you can hear on the forums:"If there is no water in the house, then my head is a flour." Fantasy or reality? No, it's possible. Flour acts as an absorbent. She rubbed into the roots, and then carefully combed. Blondes are easier, but girls with dark hair will have to work hard. So, we take the option of how to wash your head without water with flour. Just remember that the hair can not be damped, otherwise the effect will be reversed.

When choosing a dry shampoo one of the criteriais its price. With a lack of funds, there is always an alternative. For example, the usual baby powder for hair will help remove excess fat and grease, an unpleasant smell, make the curls shiny. And it is cheaper, and more affordable, and consists of natural ingredients. It should not be applied to the hair, but to the palm, and then rub it gently into the roots. After 10 minutes, remove everything with a comb. This method is more suitable for blondes.

baby powder for hair
If the brunette does not know how to wash her head without water, then she is recommended to mix the powder with cocoa or grated cinnamon, they are not so noticeable on the hair.

Terms of Use

Dry shampoo should be sprayed on the roots,lightly massage and distribute the entire length. After a few minutes, comb it out, removing the remnants of the remedy. By the way, the stylists have a secret: it is used to give a radical volume to thin hair. But do not abuse this and use it too often, otherwise the hair will fade and lose its softness and elasticity. We use it only in emergency cases and apply only to dry hair.

Well, on other days - a shower, water and a favorite shampoo!

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