Secrets of style: Kate Middleton's hairstyles

Kate Middleton is a charming duchessCambridge, the wife of Prince William. She is known throughout the world not only as a member of the royal family, but also as a true embodiment of elegance and style. This young woman manages to always look on top, dispensing with extravagant accessories, frank dresses and vulgar outfits.

Kate Middleton's Hairstyles

Every Kate's entrance into the world is a real feast of good taste and impeccable sense of style. Amazing in its simplicity and hairstyle Kate Middleton, repeat which is entirely within the power of every woman.

Evolution of images

Duchess - the owner of fine chestnuthair. Radical staining is not her element. This stylish young woman prefers naturalness, her curly locks below her shoulders look very well-groomed.

Kate Middleton's Hairstyles

  • In 2004, Kate - the owner of slightly curlythick hair of a natural chestnut shade, which she preferred to wear loose. And the makeup of the future heiress of the royal throne of Great Britain was appropriate, natural, bright colors the girl did not use, only slightly tinted her eyelashes and applied a light shine to her lips.
  • 2005 year. Kate has a long bang that falls over her eyes, at which time she curls her hair with beautiful large curls. Also, the girl makes a ponytail or pulls the hair back using rims or sunglasses. It looks a bit sloppy, but it's natural and at ease.
  • 2006-2008. The future duchess began to wear loose hair, just below her shoulders, which curled freely. She makes a straight or oblique parting.
  • 2010 year. Kate's hair becomes even more stylish, she dyes her hair in dark chocolate, gets the look of a real socialite. The length is still just below the shoulders, the locks, as before, are dense and shiny. The bride of Prince William wears like straightened hair, flowing cascade on the shoulders, and large elastic curls.
  • year 2012. The hair of Middleton again became chestnut, slightly curled at the tips. Often the duchess's hair was decorated with an original hat.
  • 2015-2016 The Duchess decided on a new hairstyle, growing a long thick bangs, which, if necessary, was removed under the bezel.

Kate Middleton: a new hairstyle

Radical experiments with hair to a member of the royal family are not to the point, but Kate manages to always remain fresh and well-groomed, look fashionable and stylish.

Wedding hairstyle

In 2011, the wedding of Kate and PrinceWilliam. And the new duchess looked especially good, not least thanks to her hair combining simplicity and elegance. The girl did not do dodgy packing, preferring a dense flowing hair, flowing graceful curls on her shoulders. And the bride's head was crowned with a luxurious diamond diadem. Such a styling so amazed the public with discreet elegance that so many women began to go to the hairdressing salons, asking them to make a style similar to the wedding hairstyle of Kate Middleton.

Wedding hairstyle Kate Middleton

How to make a hairstyle yourself?

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been a model forimitation, so many women try to copy its styling. The table shows the main hairstyles that this elegant woman uses for everyday life, and the secrets of their fulfillment.

Hairstyles from Kate Middleton in independent performance


Execution features

French weaving

The use of studs and lacquer strong fixation will help for a long time to keep the styling.


Wrapping an elastic band, fastening the tail, a string of hair, you can get a completely unexpected effect.

Loose hair

Having made an oblique parting, you can create a completely new image.


If you apply a hair spray, you can avoid the appearance of a gun.

Headbands of hair

By braiding the hair in the braid and fixing it on the hair, you can make an original everyday hairstyle. Such a rim can be strengthened on the back of the head or on the forehead.

The original image can be created if, following the example of the Duchess, you put on a neat hat. Graduation at the ends of the haircut will help to make hair look well and natural.

Kate Middleton new hairstyle

Kate Middleton's Hairstyles for Special Occasions

As a real princess, Middleton looks beautiful and stylish in any situation, but it is especially good at various ceremonies and events.

kate middleton changed her hairstyle

What kind of stacking does this stylish lady do for celebrations? Below are listed several options:

  • Bunches, both simple and intricate, decorated with elements of weaving.
  • Original harnesses from hair and weaving.
  • Malvinki.
  • Large elastic curls, laid on the back of the head with an original weaving or baskets.
  • Curly, loose curls paired with a lush volume at the roots.

wedding hairstyle kait middleton

Also often she decorates the head with an original accessory or a stylish hat.

Kate Middleton: a new hairstyle

In 2017, our heroine appeared in anotherimage. Kate Middleton changed her hair, not changing her impeccable sense of style. Now on the head of the duchess flaunts a fashionable lengthened bob-kar (long bob), like Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez. The hair color did not change. Kate Middleton's keen beauty experiment, the new hairstyle of the beautiful duchess, changed her appearance a little, only slightly updated the image.

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