machine for creating curls BaByliss Pro MiraCurl - an innovation in hairdressing art!

Many of the fair sex dreamabout beautiful ringlets. Now, in order to get excellent curls you do not need to go to the salon, because the market has a unique car for making ringlets BaByliss Pro MiraCurl. Thanks to her, the dream becomes a reality, and at an affordable price. Having bought this innovative invention now, you can save your time and money in the future. BaByliss Pro will help on any holiday or an important event to look at all 100%, please yourself and admire others.

babyliss pro miracurl
Due to the numerous functions of the Babyliss Pro MiraCurl curls making machine, it is quite simple to use. And having chosen the right time and temperature, you can create curls of the desired form and shape.

Functionality of the perfect fusion

Temperature control gives three modes of operation (190, 210, 230 °). The presented range allows to wind both thin and weakened hair, and dense.

babyliss pro
Time adjustment allows you to configureduration of the locks in the ceramic chamber. The longer the hair is in the chamber, the more expressive will be the curl. For 8 seconds you can achieve soft waves, withstood 10 seconds, you can get light ringlets, and for steeper curls it takes 12 seconds.

On the curling iron is a function of silent operation. Selecting it, you will have to independently control the duration of the wave.

The BaByliss Pro MiraCurl curling machine is also equipped with an adjustable laying direction, which allows you to create the desired shape and volume of curls.

Chic locks just quickly and permanently

babyliss pro miracurl
Only three stages and the ideal result is obvious! So, let's begin.

Step 1. Wash, dry and comb well. Select the direction of the curl, set the temperature and time. Separate a small strand of hair (about 3-5 cm), place it in BaByliss Pro MiraCurl, retreating from the roots 4 cm. The strand of hair should be kept tight and guide it exactly in the center of the curl. The machine should be positioned so that the visible ceramic part of the camera is pointing towards the head. This will help a special mark on the body of the device.

Step 2.To close the knobs of the curling iron, the hair will automatically go to a special chamber for styling. If this function is enabled, slow sound alerts will follow, their number depends on the time of installation: 3 signals - duration 8 seconds, 4 signals - duration 10 seconds, 5 signals - duration 12 seconds. The stacking process can be considered complete when 4 rapid audible warnings are issued.

Step 3. Open the knobs. This will release the curl. Then you can remove the machine. It is important to know that if you take out a curling iron with closed handles, then the strand will be straight.

And now you can admire the luxurious curls. The result is preserved for a long time, the hairdo can be additionally fixed with a varnish.

Good to know

The machine for creating curls BaByliss ProMiraCurl is made of glossy plastic, complemented by a rotating wire. If the device is offline for one hour, it will automatically turn off.

The kit includes a special device, withBy means of which it is possible to clean the chamber for laying the curls. Do this regularly, to avoid the formation of deposits and the accumulation of remnants of the remedy on the inner walls of the chamber.

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