Shugaring in microwave with citric acid

In the modern world, beautiful is considered to be a smoothleather. Unnecessary hair on the body can be removed with a razor, wax strips or other methods. This is a painful procedure, after which the skin reddens and inflames. In cosmetic salons they do photoepilation, but this service is available to a few.

shugaring in microwave oven

An inquisitive female mind came up with another inexpensive and effective way. This is shugaring - hair removal with a thickened sugar mass. The procedure can be done in the salon or at home.

Shugaring - the best hair removal

Epilation with caramel mass has certain advantages over other methods of getting rid of hair:

  • paste does not cause an allergic reaction, because it consists of their natural components;
  • Shugaring is suitable for all skin types;
  • epilation with sugar mass is not as painful as the procedure with wax strips;
  • Shugaring in a microwave is prepared from inexpensive and accessible ingredients;
  • the remnants of paste on the body are easily washed off with water;
  • after the procedure, the skin retains moisture and becomes softer.

If the treated skin is properly tended, then it will remain smooth and silky for a long time. On the body there will be no ingrown hairs, because the sugar paste gradually destroys the hair follicles.

Ingredients for shugaring

To make the skin smooth, you do not need to buy ready-made pasta. Prepare shugaring in microwave is not difficult. To do this, use natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice or acid. To get a product that looks like the one that is sold in stores, you need to take sugar from the middle fraction. The quality of the mixture is affected by the water composition, its hardness and mineralization, so it is better to use the purified liquid. If desired, it is replaced with a decoction of chamomile or calendula.

shugaring in microwave recipe

Caramel mass for hair removal can be prepared on a plate in a saucepan with a thick bottom. But if the house has a microwave oven, it is much more convenient to prepare shugaring at home conditions in the microwave. Pasta recipes differ only in the ratio of components.

Why do I need citric acid

Citric acid is added to give the finishedpaste viscosity and ductility. It is an ingredient that stabilizes the mass of molten sugar, since its acidity does not change. Shugaring in microwave with citric acid is prepared quite quickly. Such a composition makes the hair thinner and lighter, so they are not so noticeable. Sour environment destroys bacteria that are on the skin, reduces the likelihood of various rashes and inflammations.

Instead of acid, lemon juice is sometimes added. It can have different concentrations, because of this, the finished product will have different ductility. Lemon juice is considered an allergenic product, it can not be used by people who do not tolerate citrus fruits, so it is better not to make such a replacement for obtaining a quality product. In some cases honey is used instead of lemon juice to make shugaring. Microwave citric acid does not hurt, but sensitive skin - you can. Therefore, it is replaced by beekeeping products. Honey nourishes the skin and makes it more smooth and tender.

Cooking recipes

Recipe for sugar mass to be selectedindividually. Girls who will often do shugaring in the microwave will quickly understand which composition suits them the most. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the hair will not grow within a month.

pasta for shugaring in a microwave oven

To prepare shugaring in a microwave (recipe with citric acid), you need to take:

  • 6 tbsp. spoons of sugar;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of purified water;
  • 1 teaspoon of acid.

You can do shugaring in the microwave (a recipe with lemon juice) and in another way. In a glass or ceramic container put:

  • granulated sugar - 10 tbsp. spoons;
  • juice from half a lemon, which must first be filtered;
  • purified water - 4 tbsp. spoons.

According to these recipes the caramel mixture is prepared at once.

Preparation of sugar mass

The product of the desired consistency may not work out for the first time. During cooking, the mixture must be constantly stirred, otherwise it will stick to the walls of the dishes. When they are brewing shugaring in microwave oven, the cooking time is selected depending on the capacity of the oven.

First, all the components are laid in a glassdishes and mix well. Then the container is put in a microwave oven for maximum power, the timer is set to 1 minute. At the end of this time, the sugar mixture is hindered and put back into the microwave, the furnace power can be slightly reduced. This procedure is repeated every 15-30 seconds, until the sugar is melted, and the mass does not acquire an amber or light brown color. After cooling, the paste should have a cognac shade. During cooking, there should be no smell of burnt sugar.

shugaring microwave lemon

So, we prepared a shugaring pastain the microwave. It is used to remove fine hairs on the legs and tougher ones - in the bikini area. To get a dense consistency to remove stiff vegetation, it is cooked a little longer. Soft and plastic paste for the procedure on legs and other places is cooked faster.

Sugar mass is better not to be cooked a bit, thanto digest. If the finished composition has too dense consistency, it is added a couple of spoonfuls of water and put for a short while in the microwave. In the liquid paste you need to pour a little sugar and also place in the oven until it is completely dissolved.

Contraindications for shugaring

We found out that shugaring in a microwave ovencook easily. In addition, it has many advantages over other methods of hair removal. However, it can not always be carried out. The procedure is contraindicated if:

  • abrasions, wounds, various rashes;
  • sunburn or traces of chemical peeling;
  • eczema, psoriasis, various types of dermatitis, herpes;
  • vascular thrombosis, varicose veins, edema of the lower leg and foot;
  • allergies to pasta ingredients;
  • epilepsy, diabetes mellitus.

shugaring in microwave with citric acid

Before proceeding with the procedure, you needwait for the restoration of the integrity of the skin. You can not do shugaring in places where new growths have appeared on the body, such as birthmarks, warts, various kinds of papillomas.

How to make hair removal

When shugaring in a microwave prepared, embark on the process of hair removal. The skin is first cleaned with a tonic and sprinkled with talc or flour to prevent micro-injury if the compound is cooked incorrectly.

There are two methods of hair removal - manual andshroud. The first method is used when the paste is very dense. From the cooled down mass tear off a piece the size of a nut and start kneading in hands until it becomes plastic. After that, the paste is rolled into a ball and rolled to the places where it is necessary to remove the hair. The caramel mass is glued to the body against the growth of the hair, and after a few minutes it is torn off in the direction of their growth. Together with the paste will be removed hairs with root bulbs.

shugaring at home in the microwave

When the bandage method of removal is applied to the skina soft paste with a shovel, then apply a strip of linen or cotton fabric and sharply tear along with the caramel mass. This method resembles waxing, but it is not so painful. After the procedure, the remaining caramel paste is washed off with water and applied to body milk or a soothing cream.

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