Face massage with spoons at home: testimonials and results

Every woman dreams of preserving youth andbeauty. For this purpose, an uncountable number of methods, tools, operations and other procedures have been developed. Many of them are effective, but the price is not available to every fair sex. But there is such a technique, which, if done, you can keep youth for a long time and at the same time not pay a penny. It is called massage of the face with spoons, it is performed both in the salon and at home.

Historical essay

The author of this technique is now known incertain circles cosmetologist Renee Koch. In infancy, his mother applied a cold spoon to the site of the bruise or bruise and in a short time the lesion resolved. Years later, Renee grew up and became a professional cosmetologist. Studying various techniques in this science, he remembered Mom's "reception" and decided to apply it in his scientific practice. The result did not keep itself waiting. By touching the spoons heated to a certain temperature, a certain effect can be achieved on the skin. So there was a famous massage of the face with spoons. Feedback about this procedure, results, varieties and other details about it read below.

what is needed for the procedure

Description of the procedure

The essence of facial massage with spoons is thatthe skin should be stroked by the back side of the spoon, applying a different degree of pressure. Note also that this technique can be used for the whole body, however, the fastest and lasting effect can be traced on the face. In order to achieve visible results, you need consistency and regularity. To massage the face with spoons at home or in the salon is necessary every day for one course, which lasts from one to two months (depending on the needs of the skin). Then the break follows and after a certain period of time the course is repeated. Please note that the complete cessation of this procedure will cause skin aging in the usual mode. Beauty and youth need to be maintained constantly.

Types of procedure

Officially, three types of massage are singled outface spoons. Each and them produces a certain effect, so before you begin the procedure, determine your needs. So, massage of the face with spoons happens:

  • Cold. It is designed to relieve edema, bruises, and in order to restore the skin its former color, tone and freshness. This procedure is relevant outside of age, it can be used both to eliminate the above-mentioned problems, and for prevention (only in the latter case it is necessary to perform it less often than every day).
  • Hot. Rarely the face is massaged with hot spoons. This procedure is more relevant for problem areas of the body affected by cellulite. In rare cases, when there are areas of obesity on the face, the spoons for the massage warm up.
  • Mixed. The most urgent procedure for women, whose skin is already beginning to age and fade. Smoothing even the deepest wrinkles, eliminating the vessel's mesh, renewing the tone of the skin - this is evidenced by the reviews and the results of facial massage with spoons. We will learn more about this below.
Massage Lines

Indications and contraindications

This procedure is one of the safestand universal in the world. In the course of it, chemical compounds are not involved, different emulsions are not used, there is even no contact of the skin of the face and fingertips. Indications for it are as visible problems (wrinkles, obesity, loss of tonus and skin color), and simple prevention. Indications as such are not present. Nevertheless, experts recommend moving the procedure if you currently have:

  • Inflammation, severe acne.
  • Herpes.
  • You suffer a cold or other disease.

What we need for the procedure

If you are determined to do face massage with spoons at home, you should carefully prepare for the procedure. What components and devices are needed?

  • Two teaspoons or dessert spoons. It is recommended to use silver or cupronickel, since the effects of steel devices will not be so fast and strong.
  • Decoction of any herb, preferably, chamomile or nettle. You can also take brewed strong green tea.
  • Ice cubes.
  • Butter. It is selected based on the type of skin. If the dermis is oily, then preference should be given to almond, sesame and hazelnut oil. With normal skin, olive, peach or apricot oil is suitable. Dry skin will become more elastic from flaxseed oil or jojoba oil.
Facial massage with spoons

A few important points

Before you begin to perform facial massage from wrinkles with spoons, consider several important details that will make the procedure easier and more effective.

  • It is best to massage in the morning, thus dispersing blood.
  • During the massage, try to move away from the whole world. Turn off the phone, close in your room, focus solely on the procedure.
  • The face skin before the massage should be completely cleaned. No makeup, no fat, no other components on it should not be. After cleaning, moisten the face with the cream that is used daily.
  • It is recommended to preheat the oil before use so that it can cleanse the skin of excess contaminants.
  • Spoons before the massage are thoroughly washed and rubbed with alcohol.
  • It is necessary to prepare two tanks with ice and hot water. In each of them there should be two spoons.
skin pre-treatment

General recommendations for the execution technique

Immediately before the massage is recommendeddo a warm-up. Applying cream on face, lightly walk on massage lines. So you will achieve an easy hyperemia, the skin will slightly redden, will be prepared for the further procedure. It should be noted that the broth, which you prepared in advance, is a supplement to hot water, which will heat up the spoons. Ice cubes are dipped in cold water. Now let's clearly consider how to do face massage with a spoon, and on what lines you should move:

  • Movement first - from the nose to the temples, then along the line of hair growth to the center of the forehead.
  • Movement the second - from nostrils we pull to temples, and further on cheeks.
  • Movement is the third - in the upper and lower eyelids from the center to the edges of the eyes.
  • Movement four - from the bottom of the neck to the center of the chin.
Direction of massage lines

Exercises for the eyes and eyelids

  • From bruises and swelling. Two spoons are cooled as much as possible and applied alternately to the lower and upper eyelids for 4-5 seconds. In Exercise 5 approaches.
  • To eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes.Cooled spoons are applied to the corners of the eyes. Now, as if moving along a wavy trajectory, we transfer them to the temples. In this area, we press the spoons 3 times and then transfer them wavy movements, but already to the ears. After holding the devices there for 5 seconds, we return to the inner corners of the eyelids. You need to do this 3 times.
  • Getting rid of facial wrinkles.It will take 4 hot spoons and 4 chilled. We should start with the first, each of the devices placed in the corners of the eyes. Then, "drawing" three circles, we transfer them to the temples, where we hold for 4 seconds. We perform 3 approaches with hot spoons, and only one cold one.

Straighten the forehead

Facial massage with silver spoons is the firstturn anti-aging procedure. Get rid of wrinkles, without touching the forehead can not, because most women in this area appear the first signs of aging. Frontal wrinkles are divided into two types - longitudinal (parallel to the line of the forehead) and folds between the eyebrows. To eliminate the former there are three techniques:

  1. Hot spoons are dipped in oil and placed at the base of the eyebrows. Then, in a circular or wavy motion, they move to the temples, where they linger for a couple of seconds. The exercise is repeated 10 times.
  2. We take one hot spoon, apply it to the temple and spiral movements through the entire forehead we move to the opposite temple. Then we do the same on the other side. Approaches should be 10.
  3. First we put two hot spoons to the center of the forehead, and then zigzag move them to the temples, where we press them 6 times. Repeat the procedure with cold spoons. In total we carry out 8 approaches.

To smooth out the ill-fated interbroken crease,only one exercise was invented, but it is very effective. We put the heated spoon on the problem area and press it 6 times. Then we pull the device up the forehead to the hair growth line. The next approach is performed with a cold spoon. In total it is necessary to make 6 approaches.

exercises for tightening the cheekbones

Sculpting cheeks and cheekbones

For this procedure, hot spoons are used,which are also dipped in oil. Just note that if during the exercise the oil is completely absorbed, it should be applied to the instruments again. Then perform the following manipulations:

  • Spoons lead from the center of the chin to the lobes of the ears.
  • From the upper lip to the ears.
  • From the center of the nose to the temples.
  • At the end we place them again in the center of the chin and through the cheekbones we bring up to the temples.

This complex should be repeated 10 times. It should be remembered that there is no place for excessive pressure, all movements should remain light and sliding.

Smoothing of nasolabial folds

This defect is almost the most deplorablefor most women. Nasolabial folds make the face sullen and sad, "throwing" an extra ten years. Moreover, this unfortunate place of accumulation of a tonal basis. Appear such wrinkles can even at a very early age - at 30, and sometimes in 25 years. To get rid of them you can use the following manipulations:

  • Heated spoons hold spiral movements from the center of the upper lip to the lobes of the ears. The exercise is repeated 5 times.
  • We inflate the cheeks and start patting them with heated spoons for 10 seconds. Then a short break and repeat the manipulation. There should be 5 replicates in total.
  • The mouth should be opened in the shape of the letter "O", and place the hot spoons on the wings of the nose. Now, in a circular motion, we transfer them to the corners of the open mouth and back. So you need to repeat 3 times.
Exercise from edema and bags under the eyes


According to reviews, this massage has helped millions of women.Cosmetologists position it as a budget, but very effective anti-aging procedure, with which you can smooth facial wrinkles within one month. In order to get rid of the more noticeable defects caused by the aging process, several courses must be completed. In no case should you stop doing such a massage, otherwise you will return to the original data. As for edema, bruises and bags, they literally dissolve after the first procedure. Especially if you combine this massage with a special ointment, the effect does not have to wait. Teach yourself to follow the skin daily, and old age will not become a hindrance for you.

Facial massage with spoons. Reviews

Whether or not this technique helps, ifto carry it home at home? According to many women who have touched this art form, it is important to accurately "catch" the technique. If you do the exercises correctly, the effect will be rapid and lasting. Thirty-year-old ladies massage helps to smooth out frontal wrinkles. Also, the massage perfectly copes with the nasolabial fold, pulls the line of cheekbones and makes the oval of the face more clear. Reviews of face massage with spoons at home also indicate that long and thorough procedures smooth out much deeper wrinkles. Very old faces acquire more distinct outlines, become more expressive.

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