Design of a sharp manicure

Now the sharp manicure returns to fashion again. He just perfectly suits young ladies with an average length of fingers. On such nails, you can experiment and apply various, the most daring design ideas. But, as with any other manicure, there are some nuances. Such an acute manicure requires adjustments more often than any other. Because the sharp edge of the nail plate breaks and cuts. First time nails of this form are unusual and not very convenient for women. But after a while, it becomes comfortable. This year this form is quite relevant. Although the natural and natural appearance returns to fashion, beauty. If you make up such marigolds with bright colors, the view will, of course, be vulgar. But if you pick up pastel colors, reserved, for example, beige or maroon, your hands may look elegant enough.

Types and forms

What are the forms and forms for the nails of acute shape? Let's consider them:

sharp manicure

  1. Stylet. This is the name for today manicure for long sharp marigolds.
  2. Slightly slanting fingernails. Also one of the types of acute.
  3. For lovers of manicure Bole soft style suit triangular shape.
  4. Pipe. It is a gentle and at the same time elegant form. When viewed from the side, the nail looks triangular, and the top is oval.
  5. "Ballerina" (or the second name "pointe") - this is a clear edge of a square shape, without rounding.
  6. "Bridget". An elegant enough manicure shape, characterized by the convergence of faces at one point in the center of the nail.
  7. The Age. It looks very similar to "Bridget", but the tip is sharpened more strongly.
  8. Cat's claws are very similar to the style. But they are also bent to the middle of the palm.
  9. Blade. This form is the most extravagant of all. At a certain angle, it looks like a butterfly wing.
  10. Almond form. She is the most popular. On such nails it is most convenient to make a manicure of an acute form. In addition, this season it is in a trend. With it you can safely do excerpts.

What girls are suitable for sharp manicure?

To create an excellent manicure, you needdetermine, choose the shape and design of nails. For this you can consult the master in the salon. If a woman has thin aristocratic fingers and brushes, then such a radical option as a stylet is unlikely to suit her. In this case, the hand will look more like the paw of an eagle or a kite. This lady is better suited almond, pipe or "ballerina." A square shape with slightly rounded nails or oval is also appropriate.

Acute manicure photo

For short and full fingers classic stilettoalso does not fit. The hand will look thick. Suitable oval shape, almond. The stiletto can visually make the nails too short. A accrued cat's claws will come in handy if the nail plate is very short and small. A classic stylet looks good on fingers of medium thickness and length. Fashion manicure (sharp) is not necessarily done only on long nails. It can also be created on short ones. The design of such nails should be carefully chosen so that they do not look vulgar and vulgar. Choose only calm, warm pastel shades. At the same time applying the minimum of decorative elements and rhinestones. It is necessary that the sharp manicure does not look cheap. The biggest drawback of such nails is that the edge is very thin and can quickly break. With them it is difficult enough to initially do any familiar actions (change clothes, print on the keyboard, wear regular gloves, change contact lenses for the eyes). This form of manicure is too attractive to others. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the skin of the hands with special attention.

How to qualitatively give the correct sharp shape to the nails?

To make the shape perfectly smooth,you need to buy special files for sharp nails. The best option is to buy two. That is, ceramic, glass. It is desirable that one was with a large one and the other with a fine coating. To nails do not separate, they need to be filed with the right technique. In any case, do not saw them in different directions.

sharp French manicure

And do not cut the nails with scissors tothe structure of the fibers was not disturbed. Push the cuticle off with a wooden stick. Before this, always lubricate the place near them with a softening oil. If you do a manicure on long, sharp nails yourself, then you need to gently cut the plate, because you can easily remove the excess. You should start with the central finger. Then you need to find its middle and cut it to the desired shape. Do not forget that the other fingers are slightly tilted to the sides, and you need to file them in the direction slightly to the side of the central finger. The thumb is filed clearly in the center. The sharpness of the nails should be slightly rounded to avoid injury. Before you start creating a design, you can ask fashion trends and novelties in a manicure of this style.

manicure on long sharp

Independently very difficult to sharpen evenlyall the nails. Especially they quickly break down and need to grow them anew, and it's not so fast. To give an acute shape, you need to file about a third of the entire length. Therefore, it is necessary to take care all the time that the nails are less fractured, strengthen them. You can make marigolds stronger with the help of specialized drugs and cosmetics. And also to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals foods - nuts, dairy dishes, fish and so on. It is also effective to make useful vitamin baths.

Acrylic and gel

If there is no desire to wait long while the nails grow,or by themselves they are sufficiently weakened and prone to brittleness, it is possible to build nails with acrylic or gel. If you choose this method, you can easily choose any design. Thus without worrying about that the nail will break, after all if what, the master at once will restore it. You can make an original drawing, a French manicure or some other. If you need to make such nails for a celebration or for the sake of experiment, then it's worth trying overhead options. Since they can be removed at any time.

Acute french manicure

Modern French manicure (or French, asit is also called) is just perfect for sharpened marigolds. Now you can make such a design not only with conservative white and pink tones, but also with a whole palette of shades, different colors. You can choose a duet for any taste. The main thing to choose carefully, so as not to bend the stick and not look vulgar.

Various toms

Now consider the most trendy options for the jacket:

  1. French manicure with painted flowers. He is very relevant and makes sharp marigolds visually softer.
  2. Fashionable jacket with mixed varnishes (matt and glossy). Colors can choose any that you like, most importantly, that they are in harmony with each other.
  3. For summer time of the year or some merry event, a party, you can make a colorful jacket. That is, the fingertips to paint with different colors.
  4. If the nail was enlarged with gel, the sharp tip can be left completely colorless, transparent.
  5. If an event is expected such as a wedding, the classic French manicure will be an excellent choice, where the white tip is decorated with sequins, a picture on a theme, rhinestones.

manicure on long sharp nails

At the moment, a sharp manicure is stillremains very popular. Therefore, designers try to offer and come up with more and more different versions of it, interesting ideas. If you paint the entire nail in one color, then choose a matte and deep lacquer colors, saturated. In order to emphasize monochrome, you can put on your hands, hands, fingers, palms temporary patterns or tattoos such a popular today's henna. This technique is called "mehendi".

In the style of "Labuten"

Very much in demand also todaysharp nails in the style of "Labuten". The top of the nail is painted with black lacquer, and the bottom - with red. There is an option softer. Then the top is painted with beige, and the lower part of the nail is all the same red.

To make up this way nails are possible and theirforces, and not just in the cabin. To do this, stick the adhesive tape on the pads of your fingers and paint the inner side of the nail plate red. Wait until it is dry. Then you can remove the adhesive tape. After this, it is permissible to paint the top with black lacquer.

Trend Ideas of Design Innovations for Acute Manicure

Now consider the trendy ideas of an acute manicure:

fashionable manicure sharp

  • To create oriental design, userhinestones, shiny foil, velvet spraying. Experiment also with black glitter and gold base. So the nails get a fascinating oriental look.
  • Floristic patterns are still as relevant. Sometimes, in order to realize the whole idea of ​​such a pattern, you need to compact the nail a little with aquarium molding, so that it does not break and does not crack.

acute manicure

  • Black manicure with cat coloring is very bold and extravagant. Suitable exclusively for courageous and daring girls, who simply love to be in the spotlight.
  • Classics are always in fashion, so a rich red lacquer - at the peak. Perhaps its addition to the moon manicure. It will look great if the dress style is retro.
  • Lace as an additional print will help complement the image in a romantic style.
  • Ombre. Gradient extends any of the selected shades of lacquer.


This season, every girl can find her own design of an acute manicure. Photos of some ideas for clarity are presented in the article. We hope that the above recommendations will help in choosing!

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