"La Cree" (cream): customer reviews, instructions and prices

Skin is the integument protection of the body from the adverse effects of the external environment.
The most suffering from aggressive externalfactors, pathogenic bacteria, chemical compounds, mechanical injuries, tender and sensitive children's and women's skin. As a result, redness, itching, burning, inflammation and rashes appear. These symptoms not only cause serious discomfort, but also spoil the beauty of the female body.

la creme cream price instruction

To protect the skin from such effects andrestoration of the already damaged skin, the Russian pharmaceutical company ZAO Vartex has released a drug "La Cree" (cream). Customer feedback and professional presentation of the drug are given below.

Description of the preparation: consistency, odor, color

The cream itself is light, gentle, not greasy. Well absorbed after application, does not leave a feeling on the skin of the film. The color is light brown, which is due to the high concentration of plant components. Natural extracts of plants give the cream a specific herb-herbal odor.

Active ingredients and their effects on the skin

la creme cream instruction

Let's explore in more detail "La Cree" (cream). The instruction for its use contains information on the chemical composition of the preparation, which contains:

  • Extract of licorice (1%). Has anti-allergic effect, relieves inflammation. It envelops the damaged area of ​​the skin, protecting it from the adverse effects of external factors.
  • Bisabolol (0.2%). This is the active substance of the drug chamomile. It removes inflammation, itching and burning sensation. Is a conductor for other components.
  • Extract of violet (0.2%). Very well removes almost all types of allergies. Soothes irritated skin.
  • Extract of string (0.05%). Simultaneously heals wounds, destroys pathogens. Relieves unpleasant sensations of itching and burning. The ability of this extract to improve the absorption of the concomitant components increases the effectiveness of the preparation as a whole.
  • Panthenol (5%). Promotes skin regeneration. It feeds and moisturizes.
  • Avocado oil (3%). Effectively localizes rashes and eczema. Restores the skin. Softens the skin.
  • Extract of walnut (0.7%). Due to its presence, the cream has an antimicrobial effect, while being non-toxic to the skin and mucous membranes.

The chemical composition indicates natural"La Cree." The cream has its own analogues, these are preparations: "Gistan", "Desitin", "Pantoderm", "Bepanten", "De-panthenol", "Mustela Stelatopia". The listed products do not contain hormones and are adapted for the tender skin of babies. However, before applying them, you should carefully study the annotation, consult a pediatrician and try the cream on a small area of ​​the skin to assess possible allergic reactions.

What is the purpose of the cream?

la creme cream analog

Elimination of allergies, diathesis, eczema, variousrashes on the skin, dermatitis, intertrigo, healing of small lesions, removal of redness and itching, including from insect bites, are the areas of application of a cream with a therapeutic purpose.

For cosmetic purposes, the drug is used to eliminate dry skin, moisturize and nourish it. The regenerating effect of the components has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect.

It is very good if in the first aid kit there will be "La Cree" (cream). The testimonies indicate that the remedy perfectly copes with sunburn.

Can I use La Cree for children?

Cream la Cree for newborns

Pharmaceutical manufacturers say that it is possibleuse the cream "La Cree" for newborns. In the treatment of diaper rash, allergies and irritations, the child's tender skin is advised to lubricate 1-2 times a day. It is not recommended to apply it under diapers, because there is an undesirable thermal effect.

Many mothers say that the cream leaves a faint trace on the baby's diapers and clothes. But the dirt is easily washed.

Application of the drug in pregnancy and lactation

cream of the Cree during pregnancy

Hormonal restructuring of the woman's body atpregnancy is often the cause of peeling, itching, redness and rashes on the body, especially in the abdomen, legs, elbows and face. Sensitivity to various chemical elements or to food, even habitual, can develop. All this can trigger the occurrence of allergic reactions, exacerbation of dermatitis.

A woman in a position in need of very carefulselection of medicines. Although the cream "La Cree" during pregnancy and breast-feeding instruction is not prohibited, the final verdict about the harmlessness and expediency of the drug should be made by a doctor.

User Reviews

For most buyers, the resultthe use of this remedy is obvious: the allergy passes quickly, symptoms such as burning and itching disappear, and redness and swelling are removed. Damage quickly heals. Dry skin of the hands becomes smooth and elastic, looks very nice. But there are users who criticize "La Cree" (cream).

Reviews, of course, should not be the mainfactor in the decision-making, whether to use the tool or not. Especially if the remedy is from a number of pharmacological preparations. It is important to view the expert and carefully study the annotations by the patient himself with the purpose of identifying components for which there is an individual intolerance.

Methods of application

la crème cream reviews

You need to squeeze the cream out of the tube on your finger ina small amount. Apply a thin layer on the problem area of ​​the skin with light circular motions. The drug has a light airy consistency, low-fat, so that without problems and quickly absorbed.

Because of the characteristic color, it can leave unobtrusive marks on clothes that are easily removed by conventional washing means.

Apply "La Cree" (cream), reviews of experts aboutwhich is positive, optimally twice a day until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms and skin regeneration. Since the cream does not contain hormones, it is suitable for single use (for example, mosquito bites) and for long-term use (for example, in the treatment of sunburn).

Contraindications to the use of this drug is not established. An exception may be the individual intolerance of any of the constituent components.

la creme cream price instruction

Form of issue and price

This drug is available in aluminum tubes weighing 30 g. It can be stored at room temperature for 2 years. The pharmacy is dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

"La Cree" (cream), the instruction, the price of whichare indicated on the package, it costs already up to 200 rubles. Pleasure is not cheap. Especially considering that 1 tube contains only 30 g of cream. Such prime cost consists primarily of expensive natural components. The nature of the cream and its beneficial effect on the health of the skin pays for the financial costs.

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