Parabens: what is it?

Now the twenty-first century: time of new opportunities, technologies, means. At the moment there are so many new things that our ancestors would have imagined at the time of the nineteenth century. Now it is impossible to imagine your life without phones, computers, the Internet, and also such means as shampoos, creams, lotions, cosmetics. Only we do not always think about the harm and benefit of these drugs. Parabens - what is this and should we fear them? What to beware and what is better to buy?

parabens what is it
Parabens - what is this?

For us, first of all, we must deal withwhat is harmful, and what is useful. Parabens - what is this? So, to this question we are answered by specialists. Parabens are a certain class of chemical compounds that can be found in some natural plants. For example, even in blueberries there are several kinds of this substance.

composition of cosmetics
Why are such substances included in the body care products?

Parabens - what is it and where can they be found? Parabens are part of the body care products and many other products. As a rule, parabens can be found in shampoos, shower gels and bath products. These are the cheapest preservatives that help extend the shelf life of the product. These substances effectively fight with bacteria, mold, which primarily cause damage to the goods, and are too dangerous for kids. Parabens there are several types, and each of them helps to prevent the development of this or that dangerous substance, so in shampoos, for example, they are added in several pieces.

The danger of substances such as parabens

Parabens - what is it and are they harmful? In each plus there is a minus. Typically, doctors say that such substances can provoke a decrease in reproductive performance in men. Some parabens are more dangerous, and some are less, and yet they do not influence the body in the best way. For example, research scientists have shown that propylparaben, as well as butyl paraben are the most dangerous. It is also believed that preservatives in cosmetics cause cancer. So it or not, for certain it is not known, but nevertheless it is necessary to be afraid of it. In addition, scientists and physicians found that parabens mimic female hormones and, when ingested into a male body, destroy the male reproductive system. Currently, experts are conducting research in order to confirm or deny the fact that parabens are harmful to health, and also to find out how these substances penetrate the skin.

preservatives in cosmetics
Parabens and cosmetics

So, you already learned the answer to the question: "Parabens - what is this?" Now you should know about their relationship with cosmetics, as well as the effect on the body, control and safety of use. The composition of cosmetics, as a rule, is quite complicated, and often it includes harmful substances. Of course, we can not say for sure whether parabens are harmful in these remedies, we can not, but we must warn them. So, be wary of such substances in the makeup: propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben. In the EU countries there is control over the use of parabens in cosmetics. Manufacturers add them only in the allowable concentration. Also, some brands produce natural products where parabens are not used: they are replaced with safer substances. But in America there is an organization that conducts a qualitative assessment of the components that make up the makeup. Carefully study the composition of what you buy, give preference to natural remedies, and you can be confident in your health!

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