"Dardia" - cream for effective care of sensitive skin

Dry and sensitive skin is one of enoughcommon problems both among adults and children. That is why it is important to choose a remedy that can not only remove the problem once, but also provide high-quality systemic care for a long time.

"Dardia" - cream, which is well-establisheditself due to the qualitative composition and effective elimination of dry skin. It has the property of keeping moisture for 24 hours. The range of care products "Dardia" consists of a complex: cream, milk and balm. Each remedy complements each other, giving a balanced solution in the fight against dryness, providing an attractive appearance of the skin immediately after the first applications.

Dardia Cream

Line of caring cosmetics "Dardia Lipo"

All means are varietiesemulsion. They stabilize the lipid metabolism of the epidermis. Have a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin. The agents create an additional water-holding layer on the surface. It consists of lipids that attract and retain water. In addition, the composition indicates such components: glycerol, urea, triglycerides, lactate. They also prevent evaporation of moisture. Cream and milk are water-oil emulsions, and the balm has an anhydrous formula.

As a result of clinical studies,it is proved that the products of "Dardia" have a pronounced moisturizing effect on the skin. The effect of its application is much longer, if compared with similar tools of other manufacturers. Due to the lack of fragrances and allergens, cosmetics are suitable for sensitive and reaction-prone skin. In production, only high-quality raw materials are used. It undergoes thorough cleaning and quality control. You can easily get the products of "Dardia" without any problems. The cream is sold in the pharmacy not only as a cosmetic product, but also for the prevention and treatment of dermatitis in adults and children.


The agent has an anhydrous composition, contains 5%urea. Due to this, it has the additional ability to moisturize. The formula is thick, dense. It is recommended to be applied to the areas of hands, feet and elbows. Prevents evaporation of moisture in these areas. Balm soothes, moisturizes and softens the skin. Does not leave a sticky effect and greasy film. It is odorless and pleasant to use. It is better to apply the product at night, as it is absorbed sufficiently long due to the dense texture. You can consider it as an alternative to petroleum jelly. "Dardia Lipo" is a cream that has the same caring properties. But it is more practical in daily use. It will be discussed further.

cream for sensitive skin


Possessing a sensitive and prone todryness of the skin is a unique tool. Glycerin and lactate in its composition deeply moisturize the skin, and triglycerides maintain a balance of lipids. "Dardia Lipo" is a cream that can be applied to the most sensitive area around the eyes. It softens, soothes and moisturizes the superficial and deeper layer of the epidermis. Apply twice a day or as needed. It has an average consistency, it is easily distributed and absorbed quickly enough.

Body Milk

Provides optimal comprehensive care forthree-dimensional areas of the skin. Due to the light texture it is quickly applied, easily distributed and well absorbed. Provides moisture up to 24 hours as a result of the formation of a protective barrier on the surface of the epidermis. Emulsion ("water in oil") does not leave a sticky effect after application. Can be used daily. Recommended intensity - twice a day on clean skin. "Dardia" (cream in combination with milk) can provide quality daily care on an ongoing basis. Dry and weather-beaten skin will change after a few applications. The off-season, as well as the period of summer beaches and vacations - is an ideal time for the first testing.

dardia lipo cream

Indications and features of application

The ruler has two main directionsuse: as caring cosmetics and as a therapeutic and prophylactic in combination with other drugs to combat common skin diseases. In the first case, they maintain a healthy state of the epidermis, disrupted by seasonal environmental factors. In the second - they treat atypical and allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, xerosis, etc. In the case of diseases it is better to consult a dermatologist and do not prescribe therapy yourself.

The products of the range are intended exclusively forexternal application. "Dardia" - cream and milk - are applied to the previously cleansed skin twice a day. Balsam is recommended to use only if necessary. Before application it is better to consult with the dermatologist, especially in case of systemic treatment, but not prophylaxis. The balm is intended for dry skin areas. Priority zones: elbows, hands and feet.

dardia lipo

Cream for sensitive skin shouldmeet a number of requirements and criteria. The products of the "Dardia Lipo" line are characterized by high-quality composition, hypoallergenicity, absence of dyes and fragrances. They have a significant number of positive reviews, are sold in pharmacies. They are prescribed not only as carers, but also preventive medications. Choosing a brand for daily care, you will get a guaranteed quality result. In case of treatment and prevention of skin diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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