White mask of clay for face: how to cook

Beauty and youth of face and body are not only a giftfrom nature, but also the work of human hands. No matter how attractive you are, over the years the muscles will sag, lose its elasticity and radiance of the skin, covering itself with a network of wrinkles and pigmented spots. Of course, in the event that all the processes of aging start out and stop watching.

Use of the mask

white mask
One of the most effective ways to save andprolong the charm of its appearance - carry out a variety of cosmetic procedures. The most popular of these are masks. Among home means of beauty, they are most often used by women to care for appearance. For example, the so-called "white mask". Usually, kaolinite, or kaolin-white clay, is taken as the main components of the drug. It has very high healing properties: warming effect, adsorbing, enveloping, tonic, antiseptic and many others. White mask of kaolin - first aid with the first wrinkles, with various acne eruptions, peeling or when the skin loses its tone. Thanks to the warming up, the blood flow improves, the oxygen supply to the tissues is increased, and the skin becomes healthier and fresher. White mask from clay sucks out toxins from the skin and lymph, "takes away" pathogenic bacteria and other harmful elements. Thanks to her irritation comes down, itching, pustules and even puffiness decreases. Perfectly cleans the white mask of black dots - the gums. It contributes to the healing of the skin after cosmetic cleansing. And, naturally, pulls up the face oval, significantly smoothes wrinkles. By the way, dear ladies, good help will be for you this tool in the fight for healthy, lush, without any dandruff, hair!

Mask on herbal decoction

what is the name of the white mask
So, what is the name of the white mask - we found out: kaolinic. It remains to read some recipes for its preparation. The simplest looks like this: take a spoonful of dry chemist's chamomile or marigold, pour 200 g of hot (about 90 degrees) water, cover and let it brew for about an hour. Then strain. Pour a small amount of broth into a ceramic or glass, plastic vessel (only not metal), pour the clay in such proportions that you get a slurry of home-made sour cream. Place it on the cleansed face, not touching the area around the eyes. Sit in an armchair, the head is easy to fold and relax all facial muscles. Talking, smiling and even changing facial expressions is forbidden! When the clay dries, use a sponge to remove it with warm water. Then lubricate your face with a moisturizer or baby cream. If the mask based on white clay will be used by you regularly - 3 times a week - the regeneration of tissues will probably accelerate, the skin will be cleansed, saturated with useful microelements and it will look really cool.

Kaolin and hydrogen peroxide

white clay mask
How to make a white mask, so it brightens,helped to make unnoticed unnecessary pigmentation, gave the skin elasticity? The recipe is the following: buy carbonic magnesium in the pharmacy (do not worry, in cosmetology it is widely used in the production of powder), talcum, borax, 3% hydrogen peroxide and, of course, cosmetic clay. The ratio of ingredients for 1 serving is: talcum - 3 g, magnesia with borax for 4 grams, kaolin, respectively, 5 grams, and the peroxide itself is as much as to make a thick gruel. Apply the mask with a broad brush on your face and neck, soak for 10 minutes and rinse. Longer holding is not recommended so as not to burn the skin. Rinse with herbal decoction and apply cream. Especially good is a mask for people with sensitive skin, including those with age-related changes, and for those with fat skin.

Mask refreshing and toning

how to make a white mask
Literally miraculous will be for you a mask(white) for the face, if you cook it from clay and cucumber juice. Like all genius, it is extremely simple. Slice a fresh cucumber into a small grater. Strain through the cheesecloth to get pure juice, and dilute it a little kaolin. Consistency is still the same: so as not to drain. Apply the mask on your face and soak in a relaxed state for about half an hour. Then use a tampon to remove. After the first time you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive result. Just do not stop, and do a series of procedures to consolidate what has been achieved!

Long live youth!

mask for face

To re-feel young andbeautiful, owners of fading skin will be useful excellent tool of the simplest improvised means: a teaspoon of honey, a dining room - warm milk (to dissolve honey) and clay. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until uniform, apply on face, soak for 20 minutes and rinse. Your face will become velvety, fresh, extremely pleasant to the touch. And what else do we need, the fair sex, right?

The life-giving power of the egg

Egg from ancient times was considered a symbol of life. Therefore, the mask of clay with yolk is extremely useful as an excellent source of nutrition and skin rejuvenation. True, it is suitable only for her fresh egg. Separate the protein from the yolk. The proper ingredient is well beaten, let it warm up at room temperature. Put in the clay. Stir thoroughly until smooth. Spread your face and neck and calmly, relax for half an hour. All masks from clay, including this one, cause a feeling of tightness, some burning. Do not be scared, it should be so. Then remove the hardened clay with a damp sponge, wash with herbal decoction and use your usual cream. You will be pleased with how the skin will feel and look.

Take into account, lovely women: natural cosmetics - your best and reliable partner in the fight against time and old age!

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