Stylish touch or how beautiful to remove the bangs

A bang goes to so many women. However, there is not always the mood and desire to make a beautiful styling, which will become a real masterpiece. If the hair is not very clean or laid not in the most ideal way, then bangs will be the first accent, knocked out of the total mass. And then it remains to decide for yourself how to beautifully remove a bang. We offer several options for styling bangs, and you choose the one you like best.

How beautifully to remove a bang in a hairdress

Home hairdresser
First you need to determine how long the bangs are. If it does not reach the eyebrows, then removing it will be quite problematic. In this case, it will be possible to wet the damp hair with a styling agent and comb it back. Having dried up, they will keep the original shape and you will be able to get smooth hairdresses of strict, classical outlines. If the bangs are of medium length, then the options become much larger. You can remove the bangs in the weaving of the French braid. Laying it around the head, we braid the bang and cover the hair with a means of fixation. If you loosen the strands that form the outer circle of the braid, the effect will be more natural and the sticking out strands hide the short bangs. She, too, will eventually start to break out of the general look of the hairstyle.

How beautifully to remove a bang with the dismissed hair

You can create a masterpiece called "hairstyle for 10 minutes." For this you

Hairstyle for 10 minutes
You will need to wash your hair, applystyling and slightly dry hair with a hairdryer. Then, using a curling bar, twist the ends, giving them a different direction. We try to make the ends look outward. Just wind and bangs. Let's cool down, and then gently straightened fingers curls, a wide comb give the desired shape and fix the hairdo with a varnish. We should get the effect of blowing in the face of the wind. The hair is slightly twisted and the ends are wrapped outside. In this case, the bangs fit very organically into the overall style of the hairstyle. You can also use a decorative bar or rim. Using hair clips, he lifts his hair with his forehead and fastens them. Especially spectacular, this hairstyle looks like a curly curls. With the use of the bezel on loose hair, a bang of any length is very easily retracted into an elegant hairstyle.

How to beautifully remove a bang in the evening hairstyle

How to beautifully remove a bang
Evening hairstyles can be made both with a bang, soand without it. Do not leave it just brushed. In this case, it can spoil the whole effect of hair styling. If you decide to put the hair in a bundle, then you should also put the bangs. There are two options: smooth laying or using a curling iron. How to style your hair smoothly, we covered in the first paragraph. If you plan to make a fluffy romantic bunch, then you should wash your head, apply the styling agent and dry it. Then, with the help of a curling iron, form curls and lay them in a soft bundle, without tightening or deforming them. Twisted bangs on the curling robe also in the form of a curl gently weave into a bun. Do not over tighten it, trying not to damage the form. We process the finished hairdo with hairspray. That's it! You made a wonderful home hairdresser!

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