Tattoo of owls: species and meaning

Tattoo of owls is quite in demand amonglovers to fill sketches on the body. Most people consider an owl a rare bird, which, as a rule, is associated with wisdom and discretion. Depending on where the picture is located, its value can change. Let's take a closer look at this.

Image symbol

Among the peoples of different countriesambiguous attitude to this bird. For the first time the negative appeared in the Chinese. Just there, a bird that used to hunt at night, was considered the embodiment of fear, evil forces and everything supernatural, which only the human imagination can do. In Japan, birds are treated as a harbinger of trouble and trouble. In addition, it is known that in the European states the owl was considered a symbol of witchcraft and an indispensable feature of witches. Of the birds caught, they made stuffed animals, the purpose of which was to scare away evil.

In addition to the negative attitude, which over timewas formed among Asians, there are a number of countries where the owl is the embodiment of wisdom and longevity. For example, Americans thought so, as well as representatives of Indian tribes. Owl feathers were used as the main object for protective amulets and amulets.

Ancient Romans and Greeks treated the bird assymbol of sciences. They were sure that it was the owl who was the faithful companion of the Goddess of knowledge and sciences. In addition, the Greeks adhered to the idea that the feathered bird sees the future. Most likely she was credited with such an opportunity due to the ability to navigate in the dark. In Russia, the owl has always been positioned as a symbol of wisdom, science and intelligence. Not so often, but in the territory of the post-Soviet space there is an attitude towards the bird, as a symbol of spirituality.

owl in the spring

The meaning of a tattoo "owl"

Currently, among the admirers of tattoo culturethe sketch with the image of the bird is not negative. Advanced in this area, people believe that the main meaning of the tattoo of an owl is wisdom, knowledge, farsightedness, erudition and erudition.

There is an opinion that the owners of such sketches are notadhere to any principles, are free from certain moral obligations, and also are independent of public opinion. In addition, the night bird is positioned as a symbol of hope for people who are unable to find their way. Owl is also an indicator that one should constantly expand the existing boundaries of personal consciousness.

Styles and technique of performing a real image

Basically, the tattoo with the owl is applied in the currenttoday is a bright style, where the bird is taken, as if from a fairy tale, with deliberately large eyes. In addition, the sketch can be executed in dark color. In a more real and truthful form, which, as a rule, is more preferred by the stronger sex.

a cartoon owl

A popular bird isanimated style, as well as owls, painted in the style of biomechanics. In addition, you can meet a bird feather tattoos in ethnic style, which, with its outlines, will remind the products of the Indians.

Technique for drawing a tattoo can also vary. There are masters of tattoos that apply patterns with a needle: piercing the skin and, thus, stuffing the selected sketches with paint. Known and another way. Images are applied to the skin using henna or other persistent pigments.

Features of the implementation

The owl's tattoo design features its value in combination with other objects that can be stuffed side by side.

owl with a key
  • Owl with a clock is the designation of infinity, the development of life, and also a sound reflection on the subject of being. Such sketches indicate the value of time and the desire of a person to spend any minute wisely.
  • A bird with a suven, as a rule, is stuffed by mothers or fathers, wishing, therefore, to express their quivering attitude towards their own baby. If desired, the name or date of birth of the child is next to it.
  • The tattoo of an owl and a dream catcher is a good defense against the evil eye. In addition, the dream catcher can save from the nightmare, and the owl ask the sleeping person the right direction of the flow of dreams.
  • An owl with a key helps to discover new knowledge and gain wisdom. Also such a sketch may indicate a desire to hide some secrets.
  • A bird with a rose is considered quite in demandsketch. As a rule, to create a stylish duet, they prefer a burgundy rose, which embodies spiritual harmony and steadfastness. You can find a combination of an owl with a golden rose, which means achieving perfection or with a white flower that is associated with purity and devotion.

A bird with spread wings symbolizes freedom and longevity. Freedom for the ability to fly, and longevity due to the fact that the owls live very long.

Girl tattoos

The universality of the value of the picture providesthe ability to apply it as a live image to both the strong and the weaker sex. However, it is worth noting that the pictures will most likely look different.

Girls, as a rule, prefer bright,you can even tell fairy tale motives in choosing a tattoo. In addition, the goal of tattooing in both sexes varies considerably, which ultimately affects the choice of the image and its final result.

wrist tattoo

The most popular places for drawing

A female owl tattoo can be applied to any part of the body. Depending on where it is stuffed, the very meaning of the picture changes slightly:

  • The tattoo of an owl on the arm symbolizes wisdom.
  • On the leg - the owner is inclined to make informed decisions.
  • Tattoo on the neck - adherence to the main purpose.
  • Back indicates a love of night life.
  • The tattoo of an owl on the wrist, shoulder or chest demonstrates femininity.

However, it should be noted that this is only a general transcript. Nobody canceled the right to contribute to the image, something personal and understandable only to the owner of the picture.

tattoo on the leg

Tattoos of owls for men

Bird pictures filled with men look morerealistic and truthful. The strong sex is characterized by calm black and white tones, which on the body, as a rule, look, as if taken from reality.

When choosing a place to sketch, men choose such parts of the body:

  • Back. Like the weaker sex, it speaks of a love of night life.
  • The owl tattoo on the arm or shoulder is suitable for intellectually developed and determined young people.
  • At the foot of the tattoo is filled with representatives of the stronger sex who aspire to become leaders and realize the values ​​of life.
  • The neck determines the man reserved in words and deeds.
tattoo on the neck

As it became known, the performed tattoo withdrawing of a bird, does not always have the same value. Often, only the sketch holder can give an accurate interpretation of the owl's tattoo. However, sometimes there are cases when there is no symbolism, and the tattoo performs only an aesthetic function.

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