We choose a cream from wrinkles: reviews and advice of cosmetologists

Sooner or later, each of the women has a period when she turns her eyes towards such cosmetics, as a cream from wrinkles.

anti-wrinkle cream reviews
Reviews cosmeticians say that in this issuethe main thing is to choose the right product. And, by the way, the most expensive goods do not always win here. Just need to consider some points that will help to choose the effective tool.

How to choose a good anti-wrinkle cream: expert reviews

As a rule, we are accustomed to hear that the verythe best product should be worth it. Therefore, it seems to many that it is impossible to purchase an effective wrinkle cream at a low price. Reviews that only doroguschie jars from famous companies are able to give you a return to youth, a little cunning. After all, we must understand that even a properly selected complex for the care of aging skin will not give such an effect, as promo promises to us. Experts believe that in most cases skin youth is caused at the genetic level. However, we can influence the physiological processes if we help ourselves with such simple things as the rejection of bad habits, the right approach to nutrition and the rhythm of life, as well as a cream from the first wrinkles.

cream from the first wrinkles

Experts argue that theit is necessary to start beforehand, even before the first signs of skin fading appear on the face. Moreover, almost every company represents its products for different age categories. This makes it as easy as possible for women to choose the right remedy. But is it really enough to know the skin type, age and everything? Not so simple: you need to pay special attention to the composition, choosing a cream from wrinkles. The reviews of cosmetologists show that only those firms that provide the consumer with a detailed list of ingredients are worthy of your attention.

What ingredients should be present in wrinkle creams?

good anti-wrinkle cream reviews

Elastin and collagen fibers arenatural springs, which make our skin elastic. With age, all the physiological processes in the body are in slow motion. This also applies to the synthesis of fibers responsible for elasticity, including hyaluronic acid. Therefore, if the lack of these components provokes skin aging, then rejuvenating agents should contain these substances in their composition. Also look for coenzyme Q10 in the list of components. This substance, which ensures the normal functioning of all cells of the body, including in the skin.

The company "Vichy" has already won the trustconsumers thanks to the quality of their products. At the same time, it is located in the middle price segment. Many women have already tested the anti-aging cosmetics line "Vichy LiftActiv". The drug provokes more intensive production of collagen, thus ensuring its elasticity, and also tones and nourishes the skin. It is recommended to use both day and night cream against wrinkles. The reviews of many women indicate that after several weeks of applying the "LiftActiv" series, the skin is significantly smoothed out.

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