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Correctly designed eyebrows - one of the most importantstages of daily make-up. They give the face expression and serve as a "frame" of our eyes. Over the past few years, trends have changed, and makeup artists recommend changing pencils to special shadows. The advantage of the latter is the ability to create well-groomed and luxurious eyebrows by applying a pigment that is close to the natural color of the hairs.

Following the fashion to maintain maximumnaturalness, many of the fair sex are limited only to adjusting the shape, forgetting that with the help of decorative cosmetics you can visually improve the proportions of the face, correcting some imperfections. To achieve this effect will allow special eye shadow for the eyebrows.


Leading place among all the merits of the productby right belongs to perseverance. Shadows can have a gel, dry and powdery texture, but in any case they do not have additional moisturizing and nutritional components that "smear" the makeup. But the composition contains substances that support the stability of the pigment, so makeup is not smeared and persists for a long time.

Simply and quickly - with these words you candescribe the work of shadows. Practically in all sets there is a special bevelled brush for applying the product. With her help, even an inexperienced girl can create an individual image, emphasizing the shape of her eyebrows. Unlike the usual pencil with shadows, you do not have to worry about the perfect sharpening, to bring out the thin strokes that imitate the missing hairs.

Recommendations for selection

Famous cosmetic brands have long been pleasedWe have a wide assortment, from which it is sometimes difficult to choose the right color. When choosing shade shades for eyebrows makeup artists recommend following the rules:

  1. Brunettes with fair skin are perfect for dark gray and brown palette. With a swarthy, excellent choice will be a product of black color, which will give the curve an elegant shape and brightness.
  2. Owners of copper and chestnut hair professionals are advised to purchase a remedy with a rusty hue.
  3. Blonde should not be fond of darkshades. Their choice should stop on brown shadows for brows with varying degrees of saturation. Ashen blondes are recommended gray tones, while make-up artists remind that a clear outline drawing visually old face.

How to use eyebrow shadows

Before applying the pigment, it is recommended to make a correction, remove excess hairs and give the desired shape. Then you can proceed to the process itself:

  1. Comb your eyebrows in one direction, using a special brush.
  2. Choose the right shade and apply to the entire surface, paying attention to the voids.
  3. Re-comb the hair, not forgetting to remove excess pigment.
  4. For expressiveness, you can emphasize the growth line haylayterom.
  5. Record the result with wax.

More information on how to paint eyebrows in shadows, will tell and show the makeup artist Irina Grinchenko (video below).

The choice of make-up artists

While manufacturers are engaged in the production andfilling the shelves of cosmetics stores with their products, the girls are at a loss: how not to get lost in the sea of ​​offers and find the best eye shadow for your eyebrows? To help those who have not yet decided on the purchase, came visagistes, who compiled a list of the most sought-after brands with quality cosmetics.

Brow Shader - the pallet from MAC offers shadowsa certain shade and a highlighter in order to achieve color accents. The texture of the product is dense, but it is not dry, which allows it to easily lie down on the skin and not crumble during the day. A saturated pigment will create a clear outline, correctly outlining the bend and shape. Reviews of eyebrows for eyebrows from MAS emphasize that they are resistant, do not "swim" and are not smeared. At the same time, the product is easily removed with a make-up remover. In addition, there was an economic cost. Even with regular use, the pallet will last a long time.

MAC Brow Shader

Pegard Fatal - a compact set from "Letual" -Includes 3 shades and wax for fixing the result. Also included in the set is a brush: on the one hand - chamfered villi for applying pigment, on the other - a brush for combing the eyebrows. Advantage of the pallet is the ability to mix the proposed shades. After experimenting, you will achieve almost any color. Another plus of the shadows from "Letual" is the ability to make the hairs dark and saturated, or, on the contrary, as natural as possible, that is, light ones.

Eyebrow shadows from RiveGauche.Just note that the pallet is unlikely to fit brunettes. The fact is that the set consists of two shades that can not be confused. As a result, the color is not too saturated. But the blondes and brown-haired women will like the palette, as the pigment perfectly harmonizes with their hair color. The set consists of a pallets modeling wax, small tweezers and a brush.

Eyebrow Shadow Rating: Leaders in the Budget Segment

Each of us wants to look beautiful, and the lack of money to buy luxury cosmetics is no reason to get frustrated. Sometimes a quality product can be found on the shelves of mass-markets.

1. Eyebrow Design Set.

Shadows from the famous brand Pupa took the leading position in the ranking of inexpensive means. Using the modeling wax eyebrows can be given the correct shape, and the powder fills the spaces between the hairs.

Main characteristics:

  • country of origin - Italy;
  • packing size - 8х5х1 cm;
  • weight - 1.1 g;
  • a set of eyebrow shadows includes an applicator, tweezers, a mirror, powder and pigmentation wax.


  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • nice texture;
  • the presence of a bevelled brush.


  • women with rare eyebrows require additional pencil adjustment;
  • unstable.

2. Eye Brow Powder.

Shadows from Artdeco can be used not only for modeling eyebrows, but also for correction of tattooing. The product is created by a special formula, which allows the tool to stick to fatty skin.

Main characteristics:

  • country of origin - Germany;
  • weight - 0.8 g;
  • the size of the package - 2х1х4,5 cm;
  • texture - crumbly.


  • economical consumption;
  • an acceptable cost;
  • natural appearance.


  • in the complete set there are no brushes;
  • for firmness, you will need to use a make-up base.
    eye brow powder artdeco

3. Eyebrow Styling Kit.

A set of compact eyebrows from Divageconsists of only two shades: dark and light. The set includes a bevelled brush, on the back of which there is a brush. To emphasize the shape, you can additionally use a pencil. Do not worry, the makeup will not make it more heavy, since the shadows look as natural as possible.

Main characteristics:

  • the country of origin is China;
  • weight - 6 g;
  • the size of the package - 8x5, 5x2 cm;
  • the set includes a mirror, a two-sided brush, a palette of two shades.


  • availability of additional accessories;
  • low cost;
  • natural effect.


  • crumble, you have to periodically make up the makeup.
    eyebrow shadows

4. Eyebrow Stylist Set.

A set of shades of two shades from the Essence brand is convenient to use, as low pigmentation will not allow you to overdo it with saturation. As a result, the eyebrows acquire a natural smokiness.

Main characteristics:

  • the country of origin is China;
  • weight - 2 g;
  • packing size - 9х4х1 cm;
  • the set includes 3 stencils, a palette of two shades, a bevelled brush.


  • the pigment falls well on the hairs;
  • economy;
  • low price.


  • large packing size;
  • hard brush.

5. Eyebrow Set.

Shadows from Catrice will come in handy owners of wide brows. But women with sparse hairs need to acquire an additional brush with more rigid villi.

Main characteristics:

  • country of origin - Germany;
  • packing size - 7х4х2 cm;
  • weight - 4 g.


  • firmness;
  • economy;
  • acceptable price.


  • are absent.


Over its 120-year history, the Avon brand has grown from a small office to a large cosmetic concern that conducts trading operations in 60 countries around the world.

One of the main discoveries in recent years has beenrelease eye shadow for eyebrows called "Perfection." Based on the number of positive reviews on thematic forums, the product is among the most common decorative tools not only in Russia but also in the CIS countries.

So, the shadows help to correct the shape andmake the color more saturated. The composition is absolutely safe, it does not cause irritation, redness and other allergic reactions. The set includes a case with a small mirror, shadows-powder, a two-sided brush and a wax that covers the hairs exactly, without the formation of lumps, while not spreading over the skin. Avon offers two palettes: a lighter one for blondes and a dark one for brunettes and a brownie.

Shadows for the eyebrows Avon

Despite the listed advantages, the shadows "Perfection" have several drawbacks:

  • few shades;
  • the product is easily washed off, therefore, after visiting the pool or sauna, do not forget to tint your eyebrows again;
  • too hard brush. Many customers because of the inconvenience of using it had to replace it with a softer one.


Eye shadow for OriflameA set consisting of three color options: from light to dark. Together with the palette, the set includes two beveled brushes with white and black pile, as well as a modeling wax for fixing and laying unruly hairs.

The buyers highly appreciated the quality andresistance, noting that the product does not crumble and does not lubricate during the day. Another plus of eye shadow for eyebrows from Oriflame is additional accessories - everything necessary to create a quality make-up is collected in one package.

How to use:

  • take a brush with a dark pile and mix 2 pigments until the desired shade is obtained;
  • With light movements without strong pressure, spread the shadows over the hairs;
  • To fix and give the eyebrows a clearer shape, use wax. Apply it quickly with a brush with a light pile.


Cream shadows are the best that could bethink up for the formulation of eyebrows. Perhaps, there is no such girl who has not heard about the shade of Permanent Taupe from the collection of Color Tattoo. If in the beginning they were considered to be a bestseller for making a matte make-up, then it was the brand's fan to use it for another part of the face ... for the eyebrows!

The shadows from Maybelline are so pigmented andDense, that in texture resemble clay. Therefore, use the product very carefully: a small amount of dial on the brush, then blend on your hand and step by step transfer the pigment to your eyebrows. The result is simply amazing!

5 reasons why customers choose Color Tattoo:

  1. Uniqueness. The shade under number 40 Permanent Taupe is suitable for both brunettes and blondes. The main thing is that blonde girls gain little pigment and properly shade it.
  2. Thanks to the dense texture, the shadows create a tattoo effect, which means that you can draw absolutely any shape with their help.
  3. Feathering is easily controlled. If you "punch" the hand, then learn how to stretch the color: from a light shade to the nose to a clear line from the bend of the eyebrows to the tips.
  4. The formula envelops the hairs and a littleraises. Thus, the result is not flat, but thicker and more voluminous. In addition, the texture perfectly fixes, so you do not need additional use of wax or gel.
  5. Incredible durability is the main plus of ColorTattoo. The buyers have tested on their own experience that the pigment is not afraid of moisture or heat. Eyebrows retain their original appearance for 10-12 hours.
maybelline color tattoo 40 permanent taupe


  1. Too matte result, because of what there is no effect of naturalness. To solve the problem, you can put a little fixing gel on top of the shadows.
  2. If you overdo it with the pigment, the finish will turn out to be too bright.


The Brow Artist set is implemented in two colorvariants: dark and light brown. Inside the package you will find tweezers to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, wax to fix the hairs, a small mirror, a brush and a brush. The dry texture of the product allows you to achieve the desired tone step by step, guarantees an economical flow and a stable long-term result. Reviews of the eyebrows for the eyebrows marked the ideal structure, thanks to which the product perfectly masks the empty areas between the hairs and fits well on the skin. In addition, the set of Brow Artist is equipped with the following accessories:

  • 2 brushes with chamfered villi for easy distribution of the pigment;
  • a double-sided mirror with a magnifying effect helps to perform eyebrow modeling as accurately as possible.

To fix the information received, we recommendwatch a video lesson from the leading make-up artist of the company "Loreal" in Russia - Nicky Kislyak. In addition to demonstrating the product itself, it will teach you how to paint eyebrows with shadows and teach the rules of modeling and creating an ideal bend.


One of the most popular products in the budget segment, in which affordable value is combined with good quality. Inside the compact, convenient case are:

  • 3 different stencils;
  • 2 shades of shadows;
  • small beveled brush.

Thanks to its light and incredibly soft texturethe product fits well on the skin, stains the hairs and makes the eyebrows more expressive and maximally natural. Finish turns velvety, but not too saturated. To facilitate the creation of the correct form, the manufacturer added to the set of 3 stencils - a pleasant concern for those who have little experience in the art of make-up.

Let's talk about the novelty

Liquid eye shadow appeared on the market at allrecently, but already had time to find their admirers. Professional make-up artists note that one of the discussed cosmetics is incredibly durable and suitable for creating make-up in any style. What's the secret?

The main component of the product is the availability ofthe composition of alcohol, glycerin and water. The high content of these components makes the texture look like a cream, which is why their resistance is determined. Those who have already tried the novelty, claim that even after several hours after the application they retain their original saturated shade.

bobbi brown

How to use eyebrow shadows with liquidtexture? The procedure is simple and very similar to the previously described tips. The only nuance: immediately fix the result with wax, so that the product does not have time to spread.

Pros of liquid eye shadow for eyebrows:

  • presence of wax, useful vitamins and unsaturated acids;
  • possibility to use in summer;
  • A wide palette of shades, allowing you to choose the best option for both daytime make-up and evening.


  • a lot of cheap fakes;
  • mandatory use of wax - otherwise the product will flow;
  • It is difficult to determine the real color of the product while it is in the package. This shade depends on the type of skin, the texture of the skin and many small details.

The brightest representative of this categoryare liquid shadows from Bobbi Brown. Long-Wear Brow Gel on the basis of beeswax guarantees a firm, but at the same time flexible fixation. Thanks to a saturated pigment, you can create different images: from natural to rich bold colors.

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