Hairstyle on a quick hand on long hair. A few simple ways

If you own a long head of hair, thenprobably wondered which hairstyles for long hair exist. Their great variety. After all, from long hair you can make anything: tall tail, beautiful and three-dimensional bundle, various braids and so on. We will talk more about this in more detail in this article.

Hairstyle for a quick hand on long hair

Hairstyle for a quick hand on long hair - Bantik

We will need: an elastic (it is desirable, that its color was as much as possible similar to your hair color), invisible, varnish for fixing hair.

What are we doing:

  • we collect hair in a high tail;
  • we pass the hair through the elastic again, but not to the end, so we get a bunch, with the tips of the tail protruding from it;
  • divide the beam into two equal halves with the help of the tip of the tail, which we fix by invisibility - we get a bow;
  • sprinkle your hair with varnish.

Hairstyle on a fast hand on long hair - Volumetric bundle from a fleecy

We will need: comb with denticles (with the help of it we will make a fleece), hairspray, invisible.

What are we doing:

  • we separate the strand on the vertex and make the hair;
  • for this, small strands are placed vertically andwith the help of a comb with denticles we make from the roots of the movement from top to bottom, after this we sprinkle the strings with varnish in order to preserve the result obtained for a long time;
  • the brushed top of the head is fixed with an invisible to get a bundle;
  • The rest of the hair is divided into two parts and braided in pigtails;
  • Pigtails on one side are transferred to the other side on the head, the same is done with the pigtail on the other side of the head;
  • turns out a kind of bezel from the braid;
  • the tips of braids are removed with the help of invisible;
  • hair sprayed with lacquer.

Hairstyle on a fast hand for long hair - bagel of hair

We will need: comb with frequent denticles (to create a fleece), hairspray, elastic, invisible.

What are we doing:

what hairstyles to long hair

  • we separate a lock on the vertex and make a haircut, which is fixed with a hairspray;
  • we collect hair in the tail on the side;
  • we curl the hair in the tail in the horn, parallel raising them over the elastic band;
  • fix the hair with invisible objects and spray with varnish.

Hairstyle for a quick hand on long hair - Tail with weaving

We will needI: invisible, comb, elastic, hair spray.

What are we doing:

  • we separate a small strand of hair from the forehead and braid it from it;
  • The rest of the hair and the end of the pigtail are collected in a tail of medium height;
  • from the tail we select a small string and with it we hide the elastic band, wrapping the hair around the latter.

Hairstyles in summer for long hair - low beam

Summer is a time when hair, and especiallylong, bring a lot of inconvenience and I want to fix them in such a way that they do not interfere, but at the same time looked beautiful and effective. The next haircut will help us to do it.

Summer hairstyles for long hair

We will need: elastic, invisible, hair spray, hairpin with a flower (optional, for decoration).

What are we doing:

  • we collect hair in a low tail, without tightening the elastic very tightly;
  • push the elastic down a bit and on the place where it was, divide the hair into two parts, until an opening is formed between the head and tail;
  • we pass the tail through this hole;
  • divide the hair in the tail into three parts;
  • the tip of the first strand is inserted into the hole and does not pass, but we fix it by invisibility;
  • we carry out similar actions with two other locks;
  • the result is a bundle;
  • sprinkle your hair with varnish and, if desired, decorate with a bow or flower.
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