Beam for the beam. Instructions for use

hair roller
Hairstyle "Volume beam" is now very popularboth among young girls, and among women. Its distinctive features are simplicity of performance and elegant appearance. For those who do not yet know how to make a three-dimensional beam, but really wants, this article is intended. In it we will tell you how you can make this hairstyle and what you need to use for this.

Beam cushion

What does he look like? Roller is a volumetric elastic that resembles a bagel made of foam rubber. The roller is produced, as a rule, in two colors: black and light. Dark is suitable for brownies, brunettes, and light - for blondes, black-haired girls. Beam cushion is sold in stores with jewelry, hairpins and other specialized stores at an affordable price. If desired, instead of it you can use the most common sock, whose color, even remotely, is similar to the color of your hair. We cut off the spout and twist it until we get a bagel. Are there differences between the home-made roller and the specialized roller? Certainly there is, but it is not great. The sock will lightly weight the beam, unlike its foam rubber counterpart.

How to use a roller for a beam?

how to use a roller for a beam
There are two ways in which you can make a beam. Let's consider each of them in more detail, but first we will decide what is needed for the construction of this hairstyle.

What is useful?

  • comb for hair;
  • several elastics;
  • a beam for a beam;
  • invisibility;
  • hair clips;
  • hair spray.

How to make a beam with a roller. Option 1

First, comb your hair well andwe collect them in the tail with the help of elastic bands. The tail can be made both high and low. At its level will be your bundle. Once the tail is ready, put the hair upright and take the roller and pass the tips of the hair through it. Further, holding a donut in his hands, as if, we twist it in such a way that the hair is fixed on it. We carry out these manipulations until we reach the base of the tail. Do not despair if from the first time you do not get a bunch, everything comes with time. When the hair is ready, we take the invisible and with the help of them fasten the beam with the rest of the hair and remove the strands that have been knocked out. Next, the hair is sprayed with hairspray, which will help keep it for a long time.

How to make a beam with a roller. Option 2

how to make a beam with a roller
We comb our hair and collect them in the tail. Next, put on a rubber band and put it on top of the hair, so that it is completely hidden. We stretch the elastic from above. A bundle with the ends sticking out of it is obtained. We twist them around our mound and fix them with the help of pins, you can use ordinary hairpins, invisible or decorated hairpins. Finally, we spray the hair with a varnish.

General recommendations:

  • Do this hairstyle only on clean hair.
  • Decorate the bunch with ribbons, ribbons and beautiful hairpins.
  • Be sure to use a hair fixer.

So, now you know how to use a bead for a beam. We hope that the information obtained will be useful for you, and you will learn how to make beautiful and voluminous haircuts.

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