Nails design "Cat's Eye" gel-varnish (photo)

Well-groomed hands with beautiful manicure areAn indispensable component of the ideal image of a modern woman. The beauty industry, specializing in the direction of nail service, offers all kinds of care options.

Cat's Eye

Manufacturers of this type of goods incooperation with designers do not stand still and constantly create new products for an interesting and fashionable nail decor, helping to supplement the image chosen by a beautiful lady. Such products include the magnetic gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye". He instantly began to enjoy great popularity with the fair sex. The secret of this varnish is the use of tiny particles of metal and a special magnet, with which you can create a nail design "Cat's Eye".

cat nails design

Under the action of a magnet, metal particles inthe composition of the varnish is attracted to one place, forming a volumetric luminous strip. There is a flickering effect that looks like a cat's eye. He got this name for the similarity with the eyes of the cat family. The stone has a clear glowing highlight in the form of a strip and really resembles the eye of a fluffy predator.

One of the advantages of this varnish is its simplicityits use. Professional masters of the nail service believe that the beautiful design of nails with the varnish "Cat's Eye" can make every woman, even without having the special talents of the artist.


For the masterpiece you will need a varnish, a speciala magnet, a base, a degreaser and a UV lamp. Gel-lacquer can be sold complete with a magnet or separately. Also, there is nothing to worry about if there is no magnet of the same manufacturer for the color you like. You can pick up another company, the quality of the picture is not affected. Now it's possible to create a variety of nail design. Gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye" has a wide range of colors. Therefore, pick your liking will not be difficult. Particles of metallic dust contained in the gel-varnish, reflecting light, create a beautiful iridescent 3D-pattern. Even using one shade, you can get an excellent nail design "Cat's Eye".

It is no wonder that the producers of naildecor, appreciated the popularity of magnetic lacquer, created magnets of various shapes. Now the flare can be, for example, in the form of a flickering star or iridescent waves. The advantages of magnetic gel-varnish can also be attributed to its durability. So, creating an excellent picture on your nails, you can enjoy the contemplation of it for much longer than with conventional lacquer.

nail art cat's eye photo

How to create a fashionable nail design at home

Before you start creating a masterpiece instyle "cat's eye", it is necessary to prepare. If a manicure was done for a long time, it should be freshened, remove the old coating, remove the coarsened skin and cuticle, give the nail plates the same shape and length. In a word, we should prepare a canvas for the future picture, the quality and beauty of the future work of art will depend on the degree of its preparedness. Next you need to choose the nail design "Cat's Eye", a photo of some of them are presented in our article.

After the nails are fully prepared, theirit is necessary as it is necessary to degrease and to put a special basis for a varnish. It will smooth irregularities and provide the necessary adhesion to the nail, as well as help to avoid excessive exposure to nail polish and pigmentation.

Then you need to dry the base under a special ultraviolet or LED-lamp, used for drying and disinfection, within a few minutes.

Creating the design of nails "Cat's Eye", you canslightly increase the effect by applying a dark-colored gel-lacquer base. This will make the picture more saturated. After application, the layer should be dried using a manicure lamp.

nail design with cat's eye lacquer

Second phase

Direct application of magnetic gel varnishmay require some skill and hardness of the hand. First, you need to choose a comfortable posture and make sure that when applying a varnish, the hand will not tremble with tension. Then you should thoroughly shake the varnish and start applying it. Typically, the gel-lacquer has a dense structure. Therefore, one layer will be enough. If it is liquid, it is necessary to apply it in several layers and dry the lamp before the last coating.

A feature of the magnetic varnish is a clusterunder the influence of a magnet of metal particles in one place. This possibility is provided only by fresh application. If the varnish starts to dry, the picture will be blurry or not at all. Therefore it is necessary to work with each nail separately. It should be noted that the design of nails "Cat's Eye" green is especially popular. The color is reminiscent of the cat's attentive and observant gaze.

nail design cat's eye green

The third stage

Finally, it was the turn to the magnet. Create an unusual pattern with it you need very carefully. First, decide on the point on the nail plate, where the magnet pulls the highlight. Then it should be brought to the nail as close as possible, but so that it does not touch the painted surface, hold it in this position above the nail until the particles form the desired pattern, and dry under the lamp beams.

The final stage

To diversify the design of nails "Cat's Eye" (the photo you see in our article) can be with the help of various ornaments, rhinestones, golden sand or pattern.

It will not be superfluous to apply a layer of a special coating to protect the manicure from external mechanical damage.

design nail gel varnish cat's eye

Tips to help keep a manicure for a long time

And, of course, it is necessary to remember the general rules,which will help to keep a manicure for a long time. Doing homework related to chemicals, you should always use rubber gloves. They not only save the manicure, but also relieve the gentle female hands from harmful chemical effects. Mechanical damage to the varnish can be avoided without exposing the nails to excessive stress, and using in-home auxiliary tools. Since the manicure using gel-lacquer is done with the use of a UV lamp, in the first days after the coating, one should avoid the action on the nails of high temperatures.

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