"Clinic" (cream): review, description, types, composition, application features and reviews

The Clinique brand was born in 1968. Owners of the already famous at that time brand Estee Lauder offered Vogue editor Carol Phillips and dermatologist Norman Orentrek a unique concept of the dermatological line of skin care products and decorative cosmetics.

The first product was the famous "3-stepsystem ", developed by Orentrekom. Due to its effectiveness, skin care from "Clinics" attracted the attention of beauticians and charming customers.

Norman Orentrek also became the author of "ComputerClinique "- this diagnostic tool in the form of a questionnaire made it possible to identify the needs of a particular type of skin. According to the founder of the brand, the main problem for customers in choosing cosmetics was the lack of knowledge about their own type of skin. The method, invented many years ago, is still used in all branded stores.

clinic cream

It is interesting!

"Clinic" (cream, make-up remover,serum), regardless of the type of product, does not contain fragrances and is thoroughly tested for allergy. Clinical tests are conducted under the supervision of experienced dermatologists. 600 volunteers participate in the tests, and the test substance is applied 12 times consecutively. If at least one of the 7200 results shows an allergic reaction - this product of the brand does not enter production.

Salicylic acid, the unique properties of whichwere known for a long time, became a proprietary ingredient in Clinique. On its basis, brand dermatologists offered girls and women sparing exfoliating remedies for all skin types.

One two Three

The base of the large collection "Clinics" is the "3-step system", created almost fifty years ago. This simple care is designed for three types of skin - oily, dry and combination.

  1. At the first stage, liquid or solid Soap Facial Soap is used for cleaning.
  2. In the second stage, the exfoliating lotion removes dead cells.
  3. At the third stage, the skin needs moisturizing, which is best handled by the "Clinic" - face cream or gel.

For all skin types

Our first review opens with Moisture SurgeExtended Thirst Relief - long-acting moisturizing gel. Specialists of the Clinic claim that the special formula does not just feed for 12 hours, but also takes into account the change in humidity and external temperature. Special technologies help the skin to adapt and increase the ability to retain moisture independently.

cream clinic reviews

The product is suitable for any type of skin. You can use the gel as a base or additionally moisturize your face during the day without disturbing the make-up.


According to the customers, the gel perfectly copes with peeling, redness and irritation. Ideal for winter care, does not leave a film and a sticky feel.

As for the minuses, in the "Clinics"(cream) in the second place is present dimethicone - a derivative of silicone. Not all women are ready to use this product as a basic care also due to the lack of a sunscreen. However, in the role of the base for make-up, the tool looks very good.

For combination and fat

The following remedy is for oily and combination skin. Moisturizer Cream "Superdefense Clinic SPF 20 Daily Defense Moisturizer" promises restoration, protection and nutrition.

A special formula of the cream activates the skin's ability to independently combat the first signs of aging. Antioxidants and patented enzymes in the composition reduce damage from ultraviolet radiation.

night cream clinic reviews

Superdefense SPF 20 Daily Defense Moisturizer is suitable for daily use. In the morning after the cleansing procedure, a gentle cream should be applied to the whole face, except the area around the eyes.

Tips for use

This cosmetic product found its customers, but the universal "pet" never did. Cream "Clinic" reviews are called a bit heavy for the oily skin to which it is intended.

Girls and women pay attention to a dense texture, because of which the product is absorbed for a long time. Advice: the cream is better "warmed up" with fingers and a very thin layer, patting, apply on the face.

However, the advantages of the cream were noted:

  • economical consumption;
  • presence of SPF-filter;
  • moisturizing;
  • feeling of comfort after use.

Autumn-Winter Care

For dry and combined (prone to dryness)skin was developed "Clinic" - a face cream - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream. In all weather conditions, it will strengthen the protective barrier of your skin, moisturize, make it radiant and fresh.

The cream of yellowish shade has a low-fat texture, it is well distributed and quickly absorbed. Make-up can be applied in a few minutes.

face cream clinic

According to the customers, the product perfectly nourishesskin and is more suitable for autumn-winter care. The composition is similar to other products "Clinic" - the cream contains silicones, glycerin, preservatives and alcohol. For the sake of fairness, we note that the declared plant extracts are also present in the composition of the remedy, and numerous clinical studies still inspire confidence.

Care + rejuvenation

The skin around the eyes is most vulnerable to exposure to sunlight. Over the course of four years, the Clinic specialists perfected a cream around the eyes, and as a result we saw the Superdefense SPF 20.

A special formula provides a full-fledged anti-aging day care:

  • prevents the appearance of signs of aging;
  • protects against stress, UV and dehydration;
  • is a good combination in combination with the eponymous protective cream.

foundation cream clinics

The way it is used is: Apply light patting movements to the clean skin around the eyes.

Customer opinion

According to reviews of beautiful womensex, the cream is very quickly absorbed and adjusted to the tone of the skin. Thanks to the light-reflecting particles, small sosudiki and "blue" under the eyes are well disguised. And, finally, sun protection for the gentle area around the eyes is simply irreplaceable.

Unfortunately, the expressed effect of a rejuvenation even at long application "Clinics" a cream for blepharons does not give.

It is worth paying attention to the method of application specified by the manufacturer. The texture is quite dense, so do not smear the cream.

Fighting hyperpigmentation

Dark patches and age spots - hyperpigmentation - are one of the signs of aging. Most often occur on the site of healing acne, or due to damage to the skin by sunlight.

The first in the collection of the brand appeared the Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, and after the achieved success, the specialists developed a "Clinic" foundation.

Even Better Makeup SPF 15, thanks to the uniquecombination of ingredients, smooths the tone and gradually eliminates pigment spots. The complex of vitamin C gives the person a healthy radiance and freshness. In addition, dermatological foundation contains white birch, grapefruit peel and mushroom yeast extracts.

moisturizing cream clinics

The product is available in eight shades:

  1. Alabaster 01.
  2. Ivory 03.
  3. Cream Chamois 04.
  4. Neutral 05.
  5. Honey 06.
  6. Vanilla 07.
  7. Beige 08.
  8. Sand 09.

Miracles do not happen?

Even Better Makeup SPF 15 - very populara voice-frequency cream "Clinics". Customer reviews confirm almost all the properties claimed by the manufacturer. The only thing this product can not handle is post-acne traces.

The tonal cream gives an even semi-matt coating -from medium to dense. Do not roll down on the face, do not clog pores and does not emphasize peeling. The texture is very light, it adapts to the skin tone, which makes it look natural. In addition, the base lasts all day, does not disappear and does not flow.

Total control

Owners of oily skin with inflammation dreamabout "disguise". However, the uncontrolled use of make-up can only exacerbate the result. The real salvation for many girls and women was a foundation "Clinic".

Reviews advise to try Anti-BlemishSolutions Liquid Makeup, a gentle formula that is designed for skin prone to inflammation. A special set of ingredients reduces the production of sebum and maintains a level of hydration.

clinics eye cream

The natural coating gives a well-groomed and fresh look, which lasts for eight hours. The base is available in six shades:

  1. Alabaster 01.
  2. Ivory 02.
  3. Neutral 03.
  4. Vanilla 04.
  5. Beige 05.
  6. Sand 06.

Anti-Blemish Solutions - a unique tonalcream "Clinics". Customer reviews recommend it exclusively for oily and prone to oily skin. The base slightly dehydrates the inflammation, smooths the tone and gives an easy "puddle" effect. With the release of sebum this product manages, but it is best to have matting wipes at hand.

Advantages of the cream that have been noted:

  • convenient bottle;
  • uniform coverage;
  • acceptable price;
  • contributes to the healing of inflammation (due to salicylic acid in the composition);
  • light texture.

Unfortunately, there were some shortcomings, too.Tonal cream emphasizes peeling, with increased fat content of the skin can "roll down" in nasolabial folds or shine after a while after application.

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