Dark chestnut hair color

Staining in a variety of blond, chocolate andbrown is always popular. Currently, all fashionable stylists are betting in favor of naturalness and natural shades on the hair. To these tones is also a dark chestnut color. It symbolizes refinement, nobility, poise and self-sufficiency. A considerable number of women who have decided to change their appearance, choose this shade. And not in vain, because he has many advantages.

Features of color

The change in the color of the hair plays an important role incharacter, this has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists. So, it is believed that all shades of chestnut, from the lightest to the most intense dark, carry harmony and tranquility. Since the tone is located in the middle of the scale of shades, it goes to many girls. Dark chestnut color is an ideal option for those who want to become darker, but do not dare for rich, dark nuances.

Despite the prevalent stereotype, as ifChestnut tone is a monotonous dark brown color, yet it should be noted that it is customary to include all walnut and honey nuances. No less diverse and dark chestnut shade. It includes all the dark graphite, chocolate with a copper tint. When choosing a nuance, always consider the tone of your skin, because it can make it paler if it is by nature very light.

dark chestnut

To whom to face

Now dark chestnut color is actual, it givesringlets deep deep shade. Very subtle hair looks in this color, they visually seem more dense and shiny, healthy due to the fact that the color reflects the light well. Chestnut tone goes to absolutely all color types, that is, girls with both light and dark skin and different eyes color. But the most spectacular is that he looks at the owners of green and brown eyes.

An exception can be natural blondes withvery light skin color. Chestnut can make them old and make the face tired. In general, warmer shades of this nuance will fit the "spring" and "autumn" color types. But the "winter" and "fly" need to adhere to cold shades. Dark chestnut hair sometimes emphasizes skin imperfections, this must also be taken into account when choosing a tone.

dark brown hair

Black or dark chestnut?

Many girls are tempted to changecardinally, dyed your hair black. Dark shades of ringlets occur quite often, while they are associated with us with power and energy, especially in black. However, choosing between him and chestnut, weigh all the pros and cons, as noble coffee and chocolate shades look more harmoniously and effectively, especially on girls of Slavic appearance.

dark chestnut color

Dark chestnut color is perfect for womenwith brown eyes and swarthy skin, makes the facial features softer. The black tone is more aggressive, it is the color of strength and protest, rebelliousness, so it is often chosen by teenagers. In addition, black shade is very problematic to wash off. If you want to dye two or three shades lighter, to transition from black to a noble chestnut tone, you will likely have to significantly cut the length of the hair.


If you decide to color in a chestnut tone, youyou can do this with one of three kinds of dyes. It all depends on the original color, the desired shade and the percentage of gray hair. Dark chestnut color well paints gray hair, but if there are more than 80%, it is better to add a bit of natural tone, then the color will be more dense and saturated. For such hair, choose only a persistent dye.

If your hair has not previously been painted, and you want to get a chocolate shade with a pleasant copper tint, that is chestnut, you can use a toning dye.

And the last option - a toner rinse,it will suit those who decided to "try on" this tone. Such a tool spares the hair and does not prepare any surprises with unwanted shades, quickly washed off.

hair dye dark chestnut


Today,staining in the technique of bronzing on dark-brown hair. This concept means a smooth transition from dark to light. Many modern stars have given preference to this convenient and effective technique, which does not require frequent stains and gives the volume curls. The procedure of bronzing visually makes a woman younger, as a combination of contrasting colors will refresh the skin, creating gentle glare.

Dark roots, growing back, are not conspicuous, andit is very convenient. The most expensive and beautiful technique looks when made on a chocolate tone or dark chestnut (the photo can be seen below). The only contraindication to this staining can be severely damaged hair. If they have been clarified, they have a porous structure, brittle and dry, and also unevenly colored (for example, there are colored strands, coloring), the procedure will only worsen the condition of the hair, not emphasize their beauty.

dark chestnut photo

Which dye to choose

Most modern palettes from knownbrands provide a good choice of warm or cold shades of chestnut color. When choosing a dye, it is important to evaluate not only your initial tone, but also the palette. And the result depends not only on the quality of the dye, the prestige of the company, but also on the condition of your curls. The most popular is the permanent professional hair dye. Dark chestnut shade is one of the most popular, so manufacturers try to make the color more interesting, diverse. An example of this can be called the brand Estel. The range of dark chestnut nuances of this company includes: cognac, black pearl, Luxembourg garden, mocha, hot chocolate. The company has long been on the market and has won strong positions, so you can safely choose the paint from Estel.

Chestnut tone is an excellent option for those,who wants to update the color without drastic changes or just add an interesting shade, brightness to an already existing color. Choosing a chestnut, you will not go wrong! Be beautiful!

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