Perfume Shiseido Ever Bloom: reviews

Perfume Ever Bloom Shiseido for Women, reviews aboutwhich will make up your mind and decide on the choice of each new fan of fragrance, has long become a bridge that connects the east and west in one composition. He belongs to the flower group, emphasizing the tenderness, delicacy and restrained beauty of the female image.

shiseido ever bloom eau de toilette reviews

Transparent bottle shimmering in shadespink, from the pastel light to the rich tone in the lower part, creates a romantic mood even before the application. For many women perfume has become a symbol of natural attraction, soft seductiveness and enchantment. A stubborn train awakens only pleasant memories.

History of Perfume

Perfume House Shiseido (Japan) launchedthe new Ever Bloom in October 2015. The source of inspiration for the composition was a black and white photo of the camellia, made by the founder's son, Shinzo Fukuhara, in 1940. Shiseido Ever Bloom, reviews of which depict the image of a universal female fragrance, was created by Orelen Gishar. It was a real masterpiece for a young beginner perfumer. The author wanted to release a natural, airy, floral perfume, which is a "balance of strength and fragility". The face of the advertising campaign of the fragrance, which was launched under the slogan with an intriguing mood "Because beauty is already in you", was Tess Hellfay.

Composition of the composition

The combination of white flowers and musk creates, rather,linear, rather than pyramidal texture of perfume. The upper chords are represented by a combination of violet, jasmine, lotus and Bulgarian rose. Heart notes are dipped in the charm of gardenia, the colors of the Tunisian orange and the molecules of the silkolid. The base is musk and the tree of hinoki.

shiseido ever bloom reviews

Shiseido Ever Bloom (reviews give us about thisfull representation) is not disclosed as the usual structure of fragrances suggests, but in the order: top, base, heart. Violet, lotus and rose are complemented by the color of orange, gardenia, silkolide molecules and musk. Despite the presence of the latter, it is smoothed out by other floral accents, only slightly shading them.


Shiseido Ever Bloom (reviews allow you to makesimilar conclusions) has a unique resistance. A few hours after the first application, it is still as expressive and complete. Users recommend it as an ideal fragrance for a cool summer. In this temperature regime, he most fully reveals his composition, not giving out "suffocating" sweet notes. Not bad perfume is suitable for the off-season, for spring and warm autumn. A trail can be given the following definition: long, sonorous, without pronounced musky notes. In winter, the perfume will seem sweet-sharp and remind of the summer with its floral character.

Created mood

In descriptions and user reviews, alreadytried on the image, you can find the following definitions: thin, delicate, sweet, sonorous, clean, "compote", delicate, harmonious, bright, original. Opinions are diverse, but it is easy enough to summarize the mood that he creates as light, airy, romantic. Perfume will be appropriate for both daytime and evening fashion. This expresses its universality.

ever bloom shiseido for women reviews

It will suit both young and young girls, andwomen aged (under the mood). A sturdy long train is a distinctive characteristic of this perfume. It lasts for several days on clothes. Perfume Shiseido Ever Bloom (reviews again confirm this) do not have a pronounced musk accent, which many people experience before the first purchase. His presence is smoothed with notes of jasmine and orange.

Shiseido Ever Bloom, Eau de Toilette: reviews

Opinions about toilet water priorityPositive, passing into ecstatic. It is called original, unlike a number of other "sweet" flavors. Despite the fact that the toilet water belongs to the flower group, it has no cloying, annoying, suffocating assertiveness. Not a single note is annoying in this coherent composition. The stability of the fragrance is worth mentioning separately: it will give you a romantic mood for a long time, with every hour revealing everything from a new and new side, with it you will hear many compliments to your address.

Cons of perfume

Of course, about this product opinions toodiverge. Among the minuses of toilet water in the reviews are the following: high cost, sharpness, pronounced sweet notes, "shampoo", sharp "chemical" accents of the composition. Some call the fragrance "primitive floral", "like a sweet compote." It remains only to try it yourself to draw conclusions.

perfume shiseido ever bloom reviews

Picking up a new perfume for seasonal autumn-winterimages, pay attention to Shiseido Ever Bloom. Reviews about him draw a picture of a universal female fragrance for a wide variety of occasions. Despite its "flower sweetness", in cool weather, the perfume is revealed as more pure, clear and fresh. To all fans of soft, feminine and romantic fragrances, it is worth choosing it as one of the worthy alternatives to the off-season.

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