Shellac nail cover: color palette, application technology, advantages and disadvantages

Those who do not like to walk without varnish on their nails and inAt the same time, it is not possible to permanently repaint them, we can advise you to take advantage of a more stable shellac coating. The palette of its colors allows you to choose an acceptable everyday option and create a bright solemn image in the light of personal preferences.

The most popular shades

shellac palette
In the summer, when many office workersare in holidays, bright colors are very in demand. In saloons in great demand, all shades of pink, yellow, green, turquoise and crimson. Before a long trip to the resort or just to the sea, most fashionistas try to put shellac on their hands and legs. The color palette, as a rule, is selected under a bathing suit or simply taking into account the wardrobe. However, pastel colors in the seasons of holidays are almost not used.

As for spring and autumn, here, on the contrary,women forced to comply with the dress code, apply a jacket or just soft colors. Those who work without restrictions in the choice of clothing, cosmetics and accessories, often use red or dark shades of shellac. The palette on nails at times differs from color of a vial or flask (it is connected with their opacity). So the shade should be chosen, given this feature.

shellac palette on nails

Hypothetically, shellac can be appliedindependently at home. The only nuance that must be taken into account is the high cost of all necessary materials and a lamp, with which the coating dries up. The fact is that shellac becomes hard only under the influence of ultraviolet light. And this means that without a special lamp can not do. As a rule, it quickly pays off, thanks to the high cost of the coating itself in the cabin. But this is not all costs. It is necessary to purchase a base, as well as a finishing coat, which makes the manicure durable, and also resistant to damage. And, of course, you need a few shades of shellac. His palette constantly changes, new fashionable colors appear. However, their cost does not always make it possible to buy new products for home use. After all, the bottle is designed for a fairly large number of coatings, which is acceptable for the interior and not very profitable for personal use.

As for the technology itself, then everythingquite simply and logically. For the beginning of the nails should be degreased with a liquid to remove the varnish, and wipe dry with a napkin. Then they apply a base and dry the lamp for 2 minutes (each hand separately). As a rule, there is a special timer for this. The next 2 layers are the colored cover of the shellac (the palette allows you to choose one or several shades). Each must be dried in the same way as the base. Completes the manicure finish layer, which must necessarily be applied to the entire plate, as well as to the end of the nail, to seal the color. Then the hands again go under the lamp. The final touch - with the help of a liquid to remove varnish and napkins wash off the sticky layer. Further on hands it is possible to put a cream, and on area of ​​a cuticle - butter or oil.

shellac color palette
Disadvantages of shellac coating

The palette of colors of this cover in the period of itsappearance on the market was quite scarce. So there was no special choice, unfortunately. Manufacturers of gel-varnishes have fixed this deficiency for a long time, so you can buy virtually any shade. Of the minuses are, perhaps, the difficulties associated with removing the cover (for this usually a finger with cotton wool soaked in a special liquid is wrapped in foil, which is not very useful for the skin), and also because monotony bothers many. Who quickly grow nails, there is still a problem with the need to change the coverage often. Otherwise, those who use this tool, they are happy.

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