Israeli cosmetics "Solemere": reviews, description and composition

Ecology, stressful situations, wrongnutrition, negative influence of the environment - all this is very bad for the internal organs of man and as a consequence - on its appearance. Constant rashes on the skin, inflammation, pustules and much more not only causes anxiety, but also reduces self-esteem due to unattractive appearance.

Cosmetics with minerals of the Dead Sea widelyspread throughout the planet. With its help, women and men practically in all countries of the world get rid of dermatological problems and maintain water and lipid balance at the cellular level. One of the brands is "Solemere". Cosmetics from Israel reviews deserve both positive and negative, as is usually the case, but is it worth buying it? Is it worth paying attention, because the brand is new, and they are just beginning to talk about it?

Cosmetics "Soleomer"

About the brand

Cosmetics "Solemere" is produced in IsraeliE. L. Erman Cosmetic Manuf. Ltd., which, in turn, is one of the three largest religions in the country. The very brand is known very little today, as it is young and only begins to earn its reputation. Nevertheless, it has already begun to be discussed both from the positive and from the negative side. But to imagine a poor-quality Israeli cosmetics is very difficult.

"Soleomer" (cosmetics from Israel): reviews

Features and benefits of cosmetics

O₂XEED ™ is the newest complex developed by scientists. It includes natural oils:

  • Inca-inci. This exotic plant contains a large amount of "vitamin beauty", as is often called the element E, and fatty acids.
  • Lemon. It prevents the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers, so that the skin remains elastic, the aging process slows down.
  • Turmeric. The oil is rich in acids Omega-9, 6, 3, as well as vitamins E, PP, K.
  • The orange. Obtained from orange crusts by means of cold pressing, this oil preserves all such useful substances as vitamins (C, A, B), and elements (calcium, zinc, iron, potassium). It replenishes the deficit of collagen, perfectly moisturizes and maintains the water balance in the norm throughout the day.

But the main one is the component containing dissolved ozone, - perfluorodecalin. It is thanks to this feature that the cosmetics "Solemere" was called oxygen.

Undoubted advantage is its 100%naturalness. It is equally important that in the production process experienced technicians use modern technologies. Using such cosmetics, you can be sure that the cells are updated, because the signs of aging disappear, and the condition of the skin and hair improves.

Cosmetics "Soleomer": composition

What is the result?

Cosmetics "Solemer" from Israel was tested, and according to the results of clinical studies it was possible to conclude about its effectiveness. How does this brand's face and hair work?

  • moistening of the dermis increases;
  • wrinkles contract;
  • pigmentation decreases;
  • restores the natural tone of the face, improves skin condition;
  • hair becomes smooth, their structure is restored;
  • there is a natural shine;
  • the level of moisture becomes higher, the hair is softened.

Are there any downsides?

The first negative - the price, because oxygen cosmetics"Solemere" is quite expensive, and not every woman can afford it. The second is that it is not common. You can buy it only in beauty salons, as the producers themselves say. The third is deception. You can often find ads for sale on the Internet or in the market, in some perfume or cosmetic store. And the price is, as a rule, attractive, several times lower than from the company that produces it. With such proposals, there is no need to rush, scammers often profit from Israeli cosmetics brands, offering to buy even on credit. For today it is known that there are no official shops selling products of "Solemer" on the Internet. For reference: the only correct name is Soleimer.

Oxygen cosmetics

Cosmetics "Solemere": composition

The first and main component is dissolvedoxygen, so necessary to the skin. It penetrates into the dermis and the structure of the hairs immediately after the cosmetic is used for its intended purpose. Thanks to this, cells begin to work independently, and all useful substances are absorbed much faster and better.

Each of the natural oils that make up thecomplex O₂XEED ™, has a positive impact. In addition, hair care and skin care products have special components that help to achieve this or that purpose (to strengthen the roots of the hair, to smooth wrinkles).

An important lipid component of the cell membraneare ceramides. Cosmetics "Solemere" also contains these substances, due to which the cosmetic product becomes highly effective, because the action of all other elements also increases.

Israeli cosmetics

Means for care of a skin of the face

The action of the line for the face is aimed attoning and moisturizing the skin, increasing elasticity, purifying and fighting with aging, improving the color and saturation of each cell with oxygen. In the range of care products are the following drugs:

  • to remove makeup from the eyes;
  • Foam for cleansing the skin;
  • mask;
  • tonic for moisturizing;
  • gel for toning the skin around the eyes;
  • night regenerating cream;
  • lifting-essence;
  • serum;
  • day time moisturizer;
  • capsules with hyaluronic acid.

Means for care of hair

A common problem today is fragility and excessivedryness of hairs. Cosmetics "Solemere" moisturizes and restores the structure, heals the split ends, prevents loss, protects the scalp from external factors and nourishes it. Shevelura will become smooth, docile and silky due to the use of:

  • masks for food;
  • oxygen shampoo;
  • a preparation for strengthening roots in the form of drops;
  • Spray, protecting from high and low temperatures;
  • elixir for silkiness;
  • oxygen conditioner;
  • Serum formulas for the treatment of split ends;
  • drops for keratin reduction;
  • oxygen spray for volume.


"Solemere" (cosmetics): price

Here it is - one of the biggest drawbacks -the cost. And many users believe that it is groundlessly overstated. Another part of women claims that the price-quality ratio is ideal. Nevertheless, not every girl can afford to buy a treasured suitcase with a full set, which is necessary for the care of face and hair, or to undergo a procedure using such means.

How much does Solemere cosmetics cost? Reviews in different regions say about one figure - about 5000 rubles for 1 product at its purchase, and about 15 000 rubles for the procedure in the beauty salon.

But it is worth mentioning the opinion of cosmetologists whoconsider it an ideal professional cosmetics for home hair and skin care. There is an opinion that almost all problems with the appearance of a woman occur for one reason - because of a lack of oxygen. Therefore, contained in a dissolved form in these products and supplemented with oils and ceramides, it simply can not but have an effect. Although experts agree and the fact that the price is too high. And what kind of Israeli cosmetics "Solemer" reviews deserve more? Let's find out.


No matter how strange this may sound (after all, the brandonly recently appeared in the field of cosmetology), but the cosmetics "Solemer" reviews are predominantly positive. Those women who tried the procedures with these funds, and those who bought cosmetic sets in the cabin for home use, after a few months saw and even felt the result of the "work" of the products.

Some girls write that the effect of the applicationmeans "Solemere" is visible only after a few uses. Particularly praise cosmetics women over 35 years of age, claiming that thanks to her they look much younger than their true age.

saltmere cosmetics price

According to users, it is impossible to namelack of price and the fact that cosmetics can not be found in a regular store. In their reviews, girls write that they buy season tickets to beauty salons specifically to use oxygen means. And in the future, when the effect is noticeable, they buy it for use at home.

But not everything is as smooth as we would like.It is known that cases of fraud have become frequent, when under the name of a well-known brand and for a tidy sum they try to sell a completely substandard product containing a large number of harmful substances instead of the formula patented by the present manufacturer. Or, conversely, cosmetics at a price much cheaper than you can buy it in Israel. What testimonies are true - positive or negative - is difficult to understand, but it's worthwhile to warn yourself.

Natural cosmetics are always much appreciated,especially in our days, because the skin and hair constantly face unfavorable factors of the environment, which have a detrimental effect on the cellular structure. The unique complex O₂XEED ™ in modern Israeli cosmetics "Solemer" replenishes the lack of oxygen, vitamins and trace elements, improving the appearance of a woman and rejuvenating the dermis in a short time. The means of this brand can be called real wizards in the beauty industry, which will help to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible, because it is so important for a girl to feel welcome, beloved and attractive.

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