Bant of hair: do yourself

Bant of hair - simple and effective hairstyle,able to fit into any style. He can decorate the evening image, while this hairstyle can be done independently and quickly enough (in contrast to other evening hairstyles).

The bow can be located on the vertex, on thenape, side, hair can be loose and collected, it can be large and small. In any case, the bow is done equally. Below you will see different images with this simple hairdo.

How to make a bow of hair (outline):

  1. We gather hair in a bun on an elastic band, without pulling them out to the end.
    bow of hair pattern
  2. The resulting bundle is divided into two parts - they will be the future "petals" of the bow.
    a bow of hair
  3. We attach these two parts with invisible objects in such a way that they become flatter and well-behaved.
    bow from hair photo
  4. Now you need to make a "knot". We take the remaining strand of hair and wrap it under the elastic band. Also fasten the studs.
    bow of hair how to do
    a bow of hair
  5. The ends can be left, and then you get a laid-back bow of hair. A more strict and solemn version is possible - smooth hair and no protruding tips.
    a bow of hair
  6. After that, you need to sprinkle the finished bow with lacquer so that it keeps the shape. Or you can use any suitable smoothing or styling product in the process of performing a hairstyle.

Who will use a bow of hair? The photos below clearly demonstrate that such a hairstyle can represent in a favorable light any face oval and any traits, the main thing is to make a bow on the basis of the hairstyle that you are wearing. You can wear it with a bang or without, leave the hair loose, or comb it smoothly. It can be appropriate on smooth and wavy hair. This option can be impeccably elegant. Or - a little hooliganist.

The bow is made of long and semi-long hair. But girls with short hair can wear such a hairstyle (you can make it out of false hair, buy a ready-made bow in the color of your own curls or build up your hair).

Now we will give a photo review of the most varied variants of this hairstyle.

1. Elegant. The hair is combed smoothly, the bow is neat, is located behind. This option will emphasize the beautiful neck and chin line. Hairstyle should be very neat! No escaping hairs!

a bow of hair

Another variation of this hairstyle is the image of ParisHilton. Only here the bow is higher, adding to its owner of growth, and the general appearance - more solemnity. Great evening hairstyle!

bow from hair photo

2. A stylish bow of hair. It is complemented by a bright make-up, carried out from the side, processed by means for styling, giving a lacquer shine. This option looks not only feminine and elegant, like the previous one, but also extravagant and ultra-modern.

bow of hair pattern

bow of stylish hair

bow from hair photos

3. Romantic option. The bow of hair, laid in waves, looks especially feminine.

bow of hair on long hair

a bow of hair

bow of hair on long hair

4. Playful version. Smooth half-long and long hair with bangs in themselves look good. But this hairstyle is devoid of "zest". A bow of hair will add to her fuss and flirtatiousness. He is able to replace a variety of accessories and will transform even a very simple image!

a bow of hair

bow of hair with long hair

5. A bow of hair for every day. It is not necessary to achieve a glossy shine of hair, it is enough to gently comb your hair. The creation of such a hairstyle does not take much time, but it will make it possible to stand out from the crowd of girls with banal "horse tails".

a bow of hair
Thus, having mastered the simple sequence of creating a bow from the hair, you can make a variety of hairstyles, appropriate in a variety of cases.

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