Photorejuvenation, reviews and recommendations

Photorejuvenation of the face (reviews differcontradictory) is the most promising, in its way even unique, method. It consists in a complex corrective action on the skin. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that even after the first exposure the skin looks refreshed, elastic and younger, its color improves, excessive dryness is eliminated. Its indisputable dignity is a non-traumatic and sparing influence. Photorejuvenation of the face (feedback will help to get better acquainted with the procedure) - this is a modern technique, preceded by surgery or acting in addition to it. This method came to us from the West, where he underwent lengthy dermatological studies and performed well.

The basis of this procedure is the use ofhigh-frequency pulsed light radiation on the skin areas of the patient, while the skin is not injured, that is, the burn is eliminated and there are no obvious reddening and peeling on the body, which is possible with other methods of action. In the apparatus, which performs photorejuvenation of the face (reviews are also on the neck, neck, and feet), a computer is installed that is responsible for cooling the light beam, as well as for all processes occurring during the procedure.

Penetrating through the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin),the light flux penetrates deep into the skin layers, reaching the dermis. In this layer are collagen fibers, blood vessels, cells responsible for pigmentation. As a result, the collagen layer is quickly restored, the complexion acquires a fresh healthy appearance, the elasticity of the skin increases markedly. This method is used to remove all kinds of pigment spots (age caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, freckles), red vascular network, spots, acne, expanded pores.

Facial photorejuvenation (reviews you will find on the web withoutlabor) takes place within 30 minutes. Other parts of the body may take up to 1 hour. This procedure does not prevent immediately after the termination of a normal lifestyle. Begin to undergo photorejuvenation sessions is recommended not before reaching the age of 25 years.

The course of procedures consists of 3-6 sessions. After the procedure, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on the skin to prevent repeated manifestations of pigmentation, flabbiness and premature aging of the skin.

Photorejuvenation of the face (contraindications will promptspecialist) should be made only by specialists taking into account your individual characteristics. Any interference with the human body has limitations and contraindications. One such restriction is the age criterion. An organism that has not reached the age of 25 is not suitable for this method.

Photorejuvenation of the face (contraindications should beto consider) also it is impossible to spend to women during pregnancy and a lactemia. In addition, this method should not be used in women suffering from cancer, diseases associated with poor blood coagulability, diabetes, psoriasis, photodermatosis.

Laser photorejuvenation is the same as laserpeeling or evaporation. The problem skin is evaporated with a laser beam, and a new one appears in its place - smooth and velvety. There are several types of laser. The procedure using erbium laser helps fight wrinkles on the face, hands, décolleté zone and neck. Carbon dioxide - designed to remove both wrinkles and warts, birthmarks, scarring, enlarged sebaceous glands. Selective green laser significantly improves the texture of the skin, even its color. Infrared laser penetrates deep layers of the dermis, affects collagen, increases elasticity.

Laser photorejuvenation involves a temporaryinterval of 30-45 minutes with partial processing, and for the entire site (oval face) - about 2 hours. The skin of each patient reacts differently to laser intervention. Most often, this results in a thermal burn, accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the form of redness, itching and slight swelling. After 5 days, the skin begins to peel off. The bandage bandage is applied to the treated areas, after removal of which, the correct drug treatment should be used to avoid the appearance of the scab.

The new, rejuvenated skin requires more attention and additional care. A protective and moisturizing cream is needed.

People with darker skin existprobability of dark pigmentation. For this, before and after laser photorejuvenation, it is necessary to perform a number of procedures with the aid of a bleaching reagent. Previously, before the passage of photo and laser correction, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

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