"Dermazol" (shampoo): reviews, instructions, price, analogs

Dandruff is far from attractive. Regardless of the reasons for the appearance, it looks, to put it mildly, repulsively. To all other spoils your appearance, gets on clothes and causes irritating itching. To get rid of it it is possible in many ways, including folk. However, it is best to use time-tested medications that can save you the consequences of this trouble. To such means it is possible to carry safely "Dermazol" (shampoo). Reviews about it, as well as instructions for use, analogues and prices, we will consider in this publication.

dermazol shampoo reviews

General description of the preparation

Shampoo for dandruff "Dermazol" is anot cosmetic, but a specialized medication designed to combat various types of fungi on the scalp. It has a wide range of effects and is used as a normal shampoo, according to the instructions.

Produced in plastic bottles, volume 50and 100 ml, neatly packed in cardboard boxes with the inscription and the address of the manufacturer. Sometimes in urban pharmacies you can find small sachets of 8 ml. They are carefully folded into a box in which 20 such sachets are placed.

Outwardly, the remedy looks like a gel-like pink substance resembling a normal shampoo. It has a neutral smell and is not too foaming when applied to the head.

dermazol shampoo instructions

What is in the composition: the main active substance, additives

"Dermazol" - shampoo, reviews about which you will findin this article, is recommended by trichologists and dermatologists of the Russian Federation. Its main active substance is ketoconazole. It is this substance that perfectly copes with any fungal infection of different levels of complexity. It helps to get rid of streptococci and staphylococci.

After getting into the field of fungal activity giventhe substance begins to prevent the multiplication of harmful organisms, as well as the structure of their cell membrane (needed for the growth and growth of the colony). Finally, under the pressure of ketoconazole, the fungus weakens and dies. That's how "Dermazol" (shampoo) works. The instruction, which is inside the box, also describes other auxiliary substances:

In this case, zinc, like ketoconazole, is actively fightingwith the consequences of the fungus, and aloe helps moisturize the curls and does not allow them to overdry. Also in the shampoo is lauryl sulfate and sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, purified water, propylene glycol and other substances.

dermazol shampoo price

Dermazol (shampoo): instructions

In each package with this therapeutic shampoo is the instruction. According to her, for the treatment of dandruff, you must perform the following actions:

  • Shake the contents of the bottle.
  • Disclose hermetic preparation.
  • Drink plenty of water with running water.
  • Apply about 10-15 ml of shampoo on hands and massaging movements to transfer them to the hair.
  • Leave on head for 4-5 minutes.
  • After this time, rinse thoroughly with water.

As you can see, "Dermazol" shampoo is used(reviews about this tool can be found only in a positive way) instead of an ordinary soap for washing your head. Therefore, after it is washed off, do not use any additional rinse aid, mask or balm. At the end of the procedure, just wrap the hair in a towel and gently blot several times. Then let your hair curl.

shampoo for dermisol

What kind of unpleasant phenomena shampoo treats?

If you believe the words of users, not only from dandruff will help get rid ofDermazol (shampoo). The reviews also tell about the successful treatment of such ailments as a multicolored and pityriasis of the head. According to users, he copes quite successfully with mycosis of the superficial layer of the skin, and also heals from seborrheic dermatitis or a specimen.

How often should I use?

The frequency of using such a tool as"Dermazol" shampoo (many people's reviews confirm this), directly depends on the variety of the problem. For example, if you have difficulties with pityriasis, then the full course of treatment with this shampoo is 5 days.

When the main problem is seborrheicdermatitis, it is enough to wash your head with this medication only 3 days. It can also be safely used for preventive purposes, in order to avoid repeated incidents of fungal infections. For this, the agent is used not more than once a week. How much is "Dermazol" (shampoo)? The price for it directly depends on the manufacturer, as well as the policy of the pharmacy network or any other point of sale.

How much is the drug?

The cost of the drug is also affected by its packaging andweight. For example, the substance in a 50 ml bottle can cost you from 180 to 200 rubles per bottle of Dermazol (shampoo). The price of a capacity of 100 ml, respectively, will be about 220-250 rubles. When buying packages with sachet, prepare to pay approximately 350-400 rubles.

dermazol shampoo analogues

Do the drugs have analogues?

According to user stories, this toolquite effectively. With its help in just a few days you can get rid of long-running dandruff and other fungal head skin lesions. However, this tool can not always be found in pharmacies. What to do if you can not find "Dermazol" (shampoo)? Analogues are those drugs that come to the rescue in the absence of the main agent from the fungus. For example, one of the most famous analogues of this shampoo is a series of products called Nizoral. It is produced in the form of a therapeutic shampoo and cream. Also "Ketoconazole" (capacity 60 ml), "Perhotal" and "Sebozol" has perfectly proved itself.

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