How to pluck your eyebrows at home?

If you want to know how at homepluck your eyebrows, remember that, first of all, you must find the right tool for performing such a procedure. It is best to buy tweezers. Make a clever choice will help you several tricks.

The tips of the tweezers should fit together wellfriend when pressed. Make sure that they are not too sharp, so that you can pull out the hairs, and not break them. If you want to achieve the ideal shape of the eyebrows, get tweezers with a bevelled edge. It allows you to easily pull out hairs one by one. In order to quickly finish the adjustment procedure, buy a tool with a wide grip.

If you are interested in how in the homeconditions to pluck your eyebrows, first of all you have to find their ideal shape, which can be guided by the procedure. Take a ruler or pencil, attach to the wing of the nose, and also to the inner corner of the eye. Point the intersection with the eyebrow. Before her hair can easily pluck. This point means the ideal beginning of the eyebrow.

Look forward, while applying a pencil or ruler to the wing of the nose and the far edge of the iris of your eye. Note the intersection point, it will be the bend point.

Now you almost completely know how tohouse conditions to pull out eyebrows. It remains to perform the last action to correct the line. Attach the ruler to the wing of the nose and the far edge of the eye. The intersection point is the end of the eyebrow.

You can also skip these steps, immediately proceeding to the basic procedure. This step is not for you if you think that the classic shape of the eyebrows does not fit your face.

Many also want to receive information about,how to painlessly pluck your eyebrows, especially if the procedure is carried out for the first time. Everything is very simple. It is enough to steam out the skin of the face, and lubricate it with an moisturizing cream an hour before the correction procedure. Make sure that it is completely absorbed, otherwise it will be difficult enough to pluck your eyebrows. When removing hair lightly stretch the skin, it will also help reduce pain. Usually unpleasant feelings bother the woman only at first. In the future, you will not feel anything, if, of course, you carry out this procedure on a regular basis.

Before adjustment, disinfect welltweezers. This measure is necessary in order not to infect the infection and microbes. Correct eyebrows tweezers, following the direction of hair growth. So you will further reduce the pain, the procedure will be easier, and the hairs will be pulled out, rather than broken. If necessary, you can make corrections on the top edge. However, in this case, remove the hairs to a minimum, otherwise you can give the face an unsightly appearance.

How at home to pluck your eyebrows, havingtoo dense look? It's also very simple. It is enough to comb the hairs down and to cut their tips with small scissors. Try to do it as carefully as possible in order not to leave a bald spot. You can also adjust individual long hairs.

Try not to make the eyebrows too narrow. This form gives the person an unpleasant expression, it is not relevant at this time, and it is difficult to fix it with an unsuccessful result.

Now you know how to pluck your eyebrows correctly. It remains to perform the final actions. In order to reduce the irritation of the skin under the eyebrows, apply to it a lotion that does not contain alcohol. You can also attach a cotton pad with a weak chamomile infusion to the reddened area. Remember that after eyebrow correction for several hours, it is not recommended to wash, otherwise there is a chance of provoking inflammation.

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