Cocoa butter in cosmetology: properties, application, reviews

Cocoa butter, obtained by carefulprocessing of beans, is known to mankind for more than one century. As well as the positive properties of this product. People from the Maya tribe considered this plant sacred, because it grew magical brown fruits. They considered the chocolate tree to be magical, possessing unique properties. After all, this plant gave them an amazing healing fluid. The oil was used by men and women to heal wounds and maintain youthful skin. The oldest civilization has long since disappeared without trace from our planet, but its discovery to this day allows the ladies to remain beautiful, postponing old age for later.

Method for obtaining cocoa butter and its properties

This product of plant originobtained by the method of processing cocoa beans. They are pressed, resulting in cocoa powder and, in fact, the oil itself. It has a cream shade, the structure is hard, if pressed, begins to crumble. In this form it occurs at an air temperature of 16-18 ° C. When heated above 28 degrees Celsius, the oil begins to melt and becomes liquid, and also acquires a transparent color. When the dense texture of the product interacts with the warm human skin, it becomes supple.

What are the healing substances in the oil?

Cacao butter

All the benefits lie in the components, of whichconsists of a product. Natural cocoa butter is rich in vitamins, macro and microelements. Especially a lot of fatty acids - the most important substances involved in the normal functioning of the skin. That is why oil is so useful for beauty.

Fatty acid:

  • oleic;
  • palmitic;
  • lanolinic;
  • linoleic;
  • arachine;
  • stearic acid.


  • E;
  • K;
  • group P.

Also included in the composition are the hormones of the plantorigin - phytosterols. Together with fatty acids they normalize the skin, penetrating into the deepest layers, restoring damaged areas, nourishing and moisturizing the dermis. To give due is necessary and trace elements in the composition. Among them, such important substances as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc. And, of course, caffeine is contained in cocoa butter. All these substances have a beneficial effect on the system of the skin.

Healing properties of oil

Fruit of chocolate tree

Tocopherol is a real vitamin of beauty. For more than a decade, it has been called that name. Vitamin E is essential for the skin, responsible for its youth, elasticity and radiance. But K in the people is less known. This vitamin helps to remove the inflammatory process, and, regardless of the causes of its occurrence, starting with burns (including sunburn) and ending with the infectious process.

Vitamin P in the oil of fruit of chocolate tree helps to restore the protective forces of the dermis, due to which it responds better to the action of free radicals and carcinogens.

Each of the components in the composition of the oil contributesmite in its effectiveness. Upon contact with the skin, it immediately acts, deeply moisturizing, nourishing and softening the dermis. Due to this, it becomes more elastic, elastic, soft and acquires a fresh look.

What is important, oil is not an allergen anddoes not contain toxic substances that could cause harm. It has a lot of positive qualities and is considered almost indispensable for everyday care, especially if it comes to residents of the megalopolis, whose skin suffers several times stronger. Other properties of cocoa butter, which will be interesting to know:

  • restoration of normal skin color;
  • improvement of appearance;
  • purification of pores;
  • slowing down the manifestations of the aging process of the skin;
  • elimination of acne, acne;
  • bleaching, getting rid of age spots;
  • removal of irritation and inflammation;
  • regulation of fat balance;
  • restoration of damaged areas, wound healing;
  • stimulation of skin production of collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • protection from negative environmental influences, including from weathering and frostbite.

In which cases should you expect benefit?

Cocoa butter for leather

Even if the skin is in perfect condition, do notdiscard the use of this product. After all, one must cherish not only honor, but also beauty. Only regular and regular care at a young age can be a pledge of a good skin condition in adulthood.

The benefits of cocoa butter are obvious, and it is important to say that it is suitable for those who:

  • dry and flaky skin;
  • fatty type with enlarged pores;
  • problem skin;
  • Pale, devoid of vitality;
  • withering skin.

Oil perfectly restores, protects and treats the skin from various pathological processes. Therefore, the answer to the question of in which cases it will help is obvious - in all.

When the application of cocoa butter fruit should be excluded?

As already mentioned, the product is notallergen, but only in one case - if there is no negative reaction to chocolate. But even with its presence, you can try to apply cocoa butter in cosmetology. It is diluted with other components, avoiding use in its pure form. The composition is recommended to test, applying a small amount on the elbow fold. If the allergic reaction is absent within 24 hours, you can use.

Precautions for using oil

Cocoa bean oil in cosmetology

It is not recommended to use it too oftenwomen with oily and problem skin. It is better to reduce use to one or two times a week. It is also possible the occurrence of an allergic reaction to chocolate tree fruit due to the individual intolerance of the product. This can occur due to one or more substances in the composition. In this case, the use of oil should be discarded.

Application in cosmetology

Cocoa butter found application in severalbranches of medicine. For example, it is used to prepare a cough remedy, helps restore immunity, normalizes the digestive system and even helps to get rid of gynecological problems. But the widest application has deserved it is in cosmetology. Today, oil is used not only in pure form for permanent care, but also in a variety of masks, as well as for the preparation of creams that have different properties. The product is sold as a bar or liquid extract in pharmacies and cosmetology shops. Pieces before adding to the formulations or using in pure form you just have to melt in a water bath or soften in your hands.

Use of oil for facial skin and methods of application

Mask for face with cocoa butter

First, it can be used in its pure form inas an alternative to permanent care cream. It is used to nourish and moisturize the skin of the face, lips and eye area. When peeling, it is recommended to apply it on the face before make-up. Also cocoa beans oil is great for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Secondly, it is based on an excellent cream that will give odds to many expensive products. For example, here is such an excellent recipe:

  • 25 g of chocolate tree oil;
  • 5 ml paraffin and lanolin;
  • 15 g of Vaseline.

All the ingredients put in a bowl and melt onwater bath, stirring constantly the mixture. When there are no whole pieces left, add 45 ml of rose water that does not contain alcohol. Mix the mixture well, mix it with a mixer until it cools completely. Pour into a convenient jar, and the cream for daily care is ready.

Thirdly, on the basis of oil, many different masks are prepared, each of which has its own purpose. For example, to return the skin tone, it is necessary to mix:

  • 6 ml of liquid oil extract;
  • 5 ml of chamomile oil;
  • 7 ml of aloe juice;
  • 1 cucumber, grated.

The mask is applied to the cleansed skin for half an hour.It helps to smooth wrinkles, moisturize, nourish and lighten the skin, in which all ingredients are directly involved. And to eliminate excessive dryness of the dermis, a mask with cocoa butter, the recipe of which includes only two products, is suitable. It will take 6 ml of liquid extract and 9 g of chopped parsley. This mask is also applied to the skin for half an hour.

For owners of fatty skin type, idealthere will be a composition whose main properties are aimed at regulating the work of the sebaceous glands, purifying and narrowing the pores, and removing gloss. The list of ingredients includes such products:

  • 9 ml of kefir or sour cream;
  • 1 egg white;
  • 40 g of oil extract.

Protein whisk, and then add the rest of the ingredients to it. Such a mask should operate for 10 minutes.

Cocoa butter for body

Cocoa butter for body

This product contributes to the clarification of cutaneouscover, and therefore help to make less visible stretch marks. Also, chocolate tree oil can make a healthy competition with anti-cellulite drugs. It is allowed to apply to the whole body or parts of it, which are most often overdried, for example, feet and elbows. However, the distribution over the entire area can be costly, since it will take a lot of oil, and not quite convenient, so it is recommended to dilute it with other oils or add it to your favorite cream.

Other medicinal properties of cocoa butter are directedto get rid of stretch marks, increase skin elasticity, elasticity and attractiveness. Such a simple recipe will help: 50 g of melted cocoa butter mix with 1 teaspoon of grape seed oil, mix and apply to problem areas. With the regular use of the composition, one can count on a qualitative restoration of the skin of the body.

In addition, with the help of oil, you can achieve a uniform tan. It protects the skin from the negative effects of sunlight, and also prevents the risk of burns.

Does it make sense to use hair oil?

It is not only possible, it needs to be used forrecovery of hair! Cocoa butter for hair promotes their recovery, stimulates growth, gives shine, making it stronger and healthier both inside and outside. So the healing properties spread not only to the skin. Shevelura after a few receptions will become much larger, which can not but rejoice the fair sex.

How to use cocoa tree fruit oil for hair?

Mask for hair with cocoa butter

It is possible to use it in its pure form asmeans for scalp massage, as well as in multi-component masks. Self-massage is an ideal option, because when the oil is rubbed, the blood circulation becomes active, the hair follicles get enough oxygen and nutrients, which makes them stronger and promotes rapid growth.

There are excellent recipes for masks.The butter of chocolate tree beans is most often mixed with egg yolk and various oils, for example, olive, burdock, castor and so on. To nutrition of hair, kefir is still very suitable. It is recommended to use masks in courses for 20-30 days, 2-3 times a week. The duration of action is not less than an hour. It is desirable to wrap the head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel to achieve optimal conditions for the work of the ingredients (many of them work better in warmth).

What are the responses to the oil on the Internet?

About this product, young girls and womenthe older ones leave exclusively positive opinions. In the reviews about cocoa butter they write that this is really an indispensable and very effective tool in the fight against the most unpleasant problems like skin withering, wrinkles, pimples, dryness and excessive fat content. Women note that with regular use, it is very soon possible to get rid of small wrinkles, including facial wrinkles, which often appear even at an early age. The skin becomes more beautiful, smooth, healthy and tender. And this is not all a myth, but a reality that is close.

More information about this unique product can be obtained from the video.

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