What is a haircut with hot scissors: tip and procedure features

In 2003, one German company wasthe innovative technology of hair cutting is offered, which not only "seals" the visited tips, but also treats them. Soon this procedure became available to us. Now it is very popular in various beauty centers. It's about a salon service, like cutting hot scissors. Feedback on its results can be found in this article. This procedure has become popular with many famous beauties. They were followed by other women who regularly took care of their appearance.

What is a haircut with hot scissors?

shearing hot scissors review

And now tell in detail about what isshearing with hot scissors. The feedback of each client about this procedure is extremely positive, many speak about the complexity of its implementation. The fact is that in order to make such a haircut, you need a special scissors, equipped with a temperature regulator. Of great importance is what you have curls: thick or thin, dense or thin. The master in the salon selects a special temperature regime for each type of hair individually. It is very important. Before the beginning of the process, the hair is twisted into flagella, and only then their hair is cut. At the same time their tips seem to be "sealed". The result of the procedure is a neat haircut, smooth tips, the hair along the entire length is elastic and shiny.

Features of the procedure

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This procedure has several features:

  • shaving of the tips of hair is a painstaking activity, it takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours;
  • before haircut, the hair is twisted into small flagella and only after that shear;
  • can only be performed by the master who has passedtraining of this technology, if the haircut with hot scissors, a tip about which you will find in this article, is performed by an unqualified hairdresser, then, probably, your hair will be harmed;
  • in order to benefit from this haircut was maximum, it is necessary to spend at least 3 sessions with breaks per month.

Price of the service

We must admit that a haircut is worth a haircutwith hot scissors. The price of the service is from 380 to 2900 rubles. It all depends on the length and condition of the hair. If you just want to straighten it, then it costs, of course, cheaper. And if you want to make a trim or a model haircut, then it will cost several times more. The highest price for exclusive treatment of long hair with preservation of their length.

Reviews about the service

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And now let's see what they say aboutprocedure those women who have already tried it. Many of them note that the hair after it really becomes smooth and shiny, their tips are even, as it were "polished". Thus, the curls have a positive effect of cutting with hot scissors. The flagellum, which is twisted by the master, allows you to get rid of split ends along the entire length. Therefore, reviews of clients who have noticed improvement in the appearance of hair, it is possible to believe. There were, of course, and dissatisfied, who spoke negatively towards this technology. Most likely, they were disappointed with the price of the service. Apparently, for this money they expected a more noticeable effect.

We came to the conclusion that the haircut was hotscissors, the tip of which can be read in this article, really helps to care for split and weak hair. However, do not think that this service will solve all your problems with curls. In order that they are always beautiful, you need a permanent home and salon care.

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