Facelift at home - it's real

You are already over forty, but in the shower you are stillTwenty years old. Thanks to modern creams, the face looks fresh and attractive, and there are almost no visible wrinkles on it. The only thing that gives age is the face oval: pendulous cheeks and chin. And you want him to be as youthful as a youth - elastic and fit! This is the dream of many women. Is it possible to have a home face lift without using a plastic surgery? What is needed for this? And is this procedure dangerous for health?

facelift at home

Facelift at home. What do we have to do?

Align the oval of the face of the house without the help of a scalpel -this is quite real. But for this you will need maximum perseverance and patience. It is not in vain to say that beauty requires sacrifice. But this alluring game, believe me, is worth the candle. Modern cosmetology offers many ways and techniques to make your face young and fit. First you need to choose the right cosmetics for you: lifting cream and cream pilling, as well as a mask. They will help to deeply cleanse your skin and make it more elastic.


 home face lift
Lifting contours of the face, eye area, cheeksand the chin of the mask will help to increase the elasticity of the skin, thereby making it younger. They are prepared with the use of raw egg yolks, special cosmetic clay and mud of the Dead Sea or paraffin. In addition, you will need gelatin, natural honey and mashed potatoes. Before applying them, the face should be lubricated with moisturizing cream. Masks are done regularly, twice a week, and they are effective only if there are initial signs of a sagging oval.


Facelift at home providesalso uncomplicated gymnastics for the facial muscles, which must be done constantly (two to three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes). Correctly selected exercises for face lifting, upper eyelids, chin and cheeks will return to you the lost oval, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce its flabbiness and restore muscle tone. But they need to be done regularly.

Such exercises include stroking upskin of the forehead, and cheeks and chin - towards the ears. Pressing the cheeks with their hands without releasing air from the mouth will make them more elastic. Movements to the sides of the protruding lower jaw with a slightly opened mouth or pronouncing "a" with a tongue outward will correct the contours of the lower face. To improve the work of the sebaceous glands,

exercises for face lifting
Use a special device - "Darsonval"which will help smooth out the available shallow wrinkles. One of the latest innovations in cosmetology is cannabis massage. With the help of a special device, which can be purchased in stores through the Internet, a facelift is carried out at home without the assistance of cosmetology salons. A can of massage gives a quick necessary effect, improves blood circulation, eliminates wrinkles. And it also improves skin nutrition and gives it a healthy appearance. And the device is inexpensive.

Thus, facelift at homeis quite real in the present times. All described methods and methods are simple, absolutely harmless and affordable. So, before you put a lot of money and risk your health, lying down on the surgical table, think carefully. To restore the beauty and youth of the skin is possible at home, without the intervention of a cosmetic surgeon. Be only persevering and patient. Success to you!

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