Keratin hair straightening - fashionable and beautiful

Keratin hair straightening - moderna procedure that allows you to change the image. In just one session, the master straightens the bored curls for a few months and smoothes the unruly hair. It is also important that special means make hair beautiful not only externally. Smooth, healthy, full of strength and useful keratin hair - a dream that has become a reality.

Useful or harmful

Widely popular among fashionistas was the Brazilian keratin hair straightening. The basis of the remedy for such straightening is natural keratin.

keratinous hair straightening

By the way, 90% of this substance consists of our hair. There is one more obligatory component - formaldehyde. Many will be outraged - in fact it is harmful to health.

There are no grounds for concern. If before a pungent odor and even smoke were almost normal phenomena when doing straightening, now it is out of the question. In modern means, formaldehyde is contained in such a minimum dose, which corresponds to the norm and is absolutely safe. Keratin itself and added therapeutic oils have an extremely beneficial effect on the hair.

Keratin hair straightening - nowrescue for dry curls. Lifeless, damaged by curling and staining strands after such a procedure are restored, gaining lost strength. Forget about brittle and split ends. Hard curls, unruly locks will be straight, smooth and shiny, as never before. Keratin will protect hair from many negative factors.

Keratin hair straightening in details

 Brazilian keratin hair straightening

The straightening procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of the hair. To do this, use a special shampoo, which eliminates varnish, grease and other dirt.

Next, hair is dried, combed andStrands are applied to the strings for straightening. Dry again, and then begin to carefully iron out the hot styler-iron. The secret is simple: keratin itself is a protein that becomes hard under the influence of high temperature. At the same hair, enriched with keratin and ironed iron, securely fixed in a straight line.

Lasts keratin hair straightening for about twohours. It is extremely important to follow certain rules after the procedure. Most importantly - during a certain time (about 3-4 days), hair is forbidden to wash, podkalyvat, use gum. You can not wear hats either.

keratin hair straightening at home

Any wetting or wrinkling of strands during72 hours is not allowed. If, after all, this happened, the deformed strand should be returned smoothness, "ironing" its styler. After a few days, the keratin will solidify thoroughly, and the hair can be laid and braided.

It should be noted that in order to maintain the silky smoothness and shine of the hair in the future, you need to use special grooming shampoos, as well as serums and conditioners.

Using a series of cosmetics to makeself-keratin hair straightening at home is quite possible. Sets are sold in specialized departments, and then - the matter of technology. Choose a quality product! Carefully study the instructions! Be careful with chemicals!

Better - trust in this delicate matter to professionals.

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