Coloring ombre - a hit of summer 2013

The coloring of the ombre became popular in 2013, notonly on the nails, but also on the hair. Such coloring is excellent in that the color passes smoothly from light to dark, from darker to light or from one color to another. Coloring ombre can be done for long or short hair. But it is more beautiful and best this effect looks on curly or slightly wavy hair. Staining the ombre with proper styling emphasizes the winning features of the face, and also this staining looks stylish and effective. The classical ombre is a two-tone coloration, and the transition line is not pronounced. Most often, the colors are chosen natural, namely: light brown, nut, wheat, chestnut, honey or chocolate. Also, you choose where to start the ombre line and how brightly the clarification will be. It can only be lightened tips, or the line can begin at the ear level. And the transition can be either smooth or sharp. Some women are afraid to dye their hair, so they use false strands, which also give the hair an ombre effect.

staining with ombre
Stylists suggest combining the ombre with thiseffect, like bronzing, only at the last stages darken the hair at the roots. Also, the coloring of the ombre can be done on individual strands, only at the tips or made asymmetric. There is another variant of ombre, in which the hair is at the roots and at the tips of one color, and in the middle of the other, most often light-honey, brown or wheat. Also such effect can consist not only of 2 tones, but also of 3 ones. For example, a natural blonde flows to a snow-white, and then to a blue color.
hair coloring ombre

If you are not afraid to be in the spotlight andto show creativity, the line of transition from one color to another can be made more pronounced, clearer, it will add contrast and sharpness to your image. For this coloring, non-natural colors can be selected. If you want to add a zest in the ombre, colors such as crimson, pink, blue, red or purple can be used. Moreover, most often the hair at the tips is painted in bright colors, and the roots leave a natural color.

Staining the ombre at home will help make the first onecountry paint, which is created specifically for home use "Loreal Ombre." If you are afraid to dye your hair and have never done it yourself, do not worry. Using a special comb, the paint is distributed in such a way that the transition is smooth. The kit includes an oxidizer, paint, gloves, combs, capacity and instructions. To make the transition smooth, start from the bottom up, and keep the comb vertically. In just 25-45 minutes you will get a smooth transition.

Coloring hair ombre is best to look with a middle part and with slightly soft waves. Use a spray to give your hair extra shine, color and shine.

staining the ombre at home

So, you have learned what coloring ombre is and how to make it at home. Now try, experiment and shock people on the streets with your creativity.

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